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Day X

Hell, how long had he been chained down in this cramped room now?
He couldn't tell, but he knew that it was about time, the bastard would show up.
His gut told him.

"Hoh? Why does my pretty pet look so down? Did you miss you Master?"
"Screw you! Why keep you doing that over and over? Why not killing me already?"
"Heh! Showing your claws again, Grimm-kitty? Why, you ask? I wonder."

Grimmjow tugged on his chains and glared into the shadows, where his tormentor hid, with his azure eyes.
His ocean blue hair hung in strands in his pretty face.
His 'Master' came out of the shadows and knelt down before him, stroking the blue hair back, to reveal Grimmjows full face.
"I am a very selfish man, Grimmjow. I will keep you here as long as it feeds my needs."
The man stood up again, grinning into the blunettes face.


If you want more, go over to
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Moonlight Memories

I hope you'll like the last part of my ichixhichi fic-trilogy, If you have read it so far.
If you don't know what I am talking about, this are the names of the trilogy parts:

Hollows Heartbeat

Twinberry Shinigami

You can find them all on
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Loving the start of it already looking forward to the rest :)
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