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Note: The story starts a few month after Hichigos powers got sealed in my FF 'Hollows Heartbeat'

"I don't like this."
Ichigo blinks at the sudden comment of the albino next to him.
"Everything about these Fullbringers."
"So you don't want me to get my powers back, is that it?"
"No that's not. I think this matches to perfect. First you loose your powers and than like,- oh my god-, there are 6 people who really want to help you and who really want to get rid of their powers."
"Sometimes there are miracles."
"Your whole life would be a miracle, if that would be the case. In my opinion there's someone behind the curtains. It's just like with that Aizen bastard."
Ichigo sighs and strokes trough his orange hair, leaning back against the sofas back.
"You should worry, when the time will be right for this. Now I'd like it if you'd be happy that I get my powers back."

One year later

"Hey Hichi. Shall we go and visit everyone over on Soul Society?"
The albino comes out of the kitchen, with a piece of toast in his mouth he mumbles.
"You can't wait to see them again, can you?"
Sparkling hazel eyes look at him from the living room.
He chuckles and swallows the last bit of the toast.
"Fine than. So we need to get to Urahara, right?"
The two leave their bodies and head over to the shop of the ex-Shinigami.
Inside the little store Urahara greets them.
"Oh, what rare guests in my little shop. And what a surprising sight, to see you like this Kurosaki-kun. How did you get your powers back, if I may ask."
"That's nothing of your concern, right now. But would you please let us use your Senkaimon. I want to know what happened in Soul Society."
"Well, I guess i would have no choice either way. Follow me please."

Urahara opened the Gate and the two look alike went through it.
They left it, at the western Rukongai and headed straight for the Squads quarters.
During their walk, people who crossed their way used to stare at the two.
Ichigo and Hichigo reached the area in with the Gotei 13 had their quarters and Ichigo stopped as soon as they crossed the gate separating it from the Rukongai.
"Wait Hichigo. Lets go somewhere else first."
He waved the Hollow to follow him and shunpoed to the Kuchiki's manor.
Reaching the main entrance he tried to walk past the guards, but they  stopped him.
"Who are you? What do you want here?"
Ichigo cleared his throat and answered.
"My name is Kurosaki Ichigo and this is Shirosaki Hichigo. We want to visit the head of the Kuchiki household and his sister."
"Your arrival will be delivered to them. Please wait here."
After some minutes the two were brought to a spacious room, next to the manors garden.
Ichigo remembered he stayed in this room after the winter war.

Fast steps closed up to them and an old and still familiar voice shouted.
"Ichigo! I can't believe it you really are it!"
"Yo. Rukia."
The raven girl now stood right in front of them.
Her eyes were sparkling and a big smile spread across her face.
"I don't get it how you managed this, but I am happy you're back."
A second person neared, more slowly but a high anticipation flowing from the steps.
Kuchiki Byakuya arrived at the scene.
"So you are a Shinigami once more, Kurosaki Ichigo. How did you get your powers back this time?"
"I got help from some guys, you know. I wont say any more. Byakuya, would you mind telling me instead what happened here?"
Rukia and her brother sat down before the two young men and Byakuya began talking.
"It hasn't changed much since the war has ended. Aizen was banished for 20.000 years and the 3rd, 5th and 9th Squad still are without a captain.
The captain Commander tried to force Abarai and Ikkaku to become captains for the Squads, but they refuse."
"And there's no one else for this job? What's with Hinamori? Did she survive the attack of Toshiro. And she was the Vice of the 5th Squad, wasn't she?"
"The girl survived indeed. But she put down her duty as second in command. So the 5th Squad is without any lead in the moment."
There spread a deadly silence after Byakuya ended his report.
Until Hichigo sighs declaring.
"Haah, looks like your hero got his powers back just due the right time, ne? I guess when the old geezer Yamamoto  hears Ichigo came back to the Shinigami he will come to him on his knees, begging him to be the captain of one of these Squads."
Rukia frowned and glared at the Hollow.
"Though I don't like the choice of your words, you'll may be right. Nii-sama will tell the Captain Commander about your visit. So Ichigo you should think about this. It would be a great honor to become a captain, without ever belonging to one of the Squads."
Ichigo closed his eyes and leaned back thinking about it.
"Na, even if he asks me, right now I would refuse."
"Why Ichigo?"
"Because I have a life on the other side. And in this life I want to finish High School first. It's just half a year though you should be ok with that."
The four discussed about the theme for some time on, until Ichigo said he wanted to visit some more people and maybe fight the one or other of them.
And he did. In the 11th Squads dojo he fought Kenpachi until they blew the place up, changing the location outside than. The fight ended in a tie, so they decided they'd do a rematch someday.
When the day turned to it's end Ichigo and Hichigo left Soul Society again, promising they take care of Karakura town.

While they walked through the Precipice World Ichigo brightly smiled all over his face.
Hichigo who noticed the high spirit of his love chuckled.
"I really thought you'd keep your gloomy face like forever. I'm happy you smile again."

Chapter 1
If you want to know how this story will go on please follow me to

Twinberry Shinigami
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