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I'm a few days overdue but Merry Christmas, everyone! Here's a little something from Minato ;)

Merry Christmas!
Just a little bit about the dolls that appear here all the time :)

Doll Family


・Maki Tsuyoshi / 薪 剛 - Volks Maki Tsuyoshi (SD13)
・Maki Rie / 薪 莉恵 - Volks SDGr Okita Souji (SDGr)
・Maki Hibiki / 薪 響 - Volks School D (SDGr)
・Maki Shigure / 薪 時雨 - Volks Kanon (YoSD)
・Maki Midori / 薪 翠 - Volks Hinata (YoTenshi)
・Minato / みなと - Volks Amelia (SD17)
・Natsumi / 夏美 - Volks Lin (YoSD)
・Hermes (Kotoha / 琴葉) - Volks SWD School A (SD16)
・Kazama / 風間 - Volks Hikaru Genji (SD17)
・Ayame / あやめ - Volks Belle (SD13)

Shigure is currently out for a faceup and Hermes is indefinitely out of commission till I give her a faceup. Kazama will also continue to be inactive until I get him a suitable outfit. |D;;

I'm always more active on Instagram (yueqian) than anywhere else, so please feel free to follow me there if you'd like!
Lately, dA hasn't been loading well at all for me. =___=; I'm not sure if it's my ISP that's screwing up or the site itself but it's really frustrating. It can take up to 15 minutes or more just trying to submit something or edit something in a deviation! fkdja;fldshgfdklajfd;lsajf;a

I'm sorry if you're getting multiple notifications for the same thing. ||oTL
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Happy new year, everyone! ♥ I hope last year was a good one and here's hoping 2011 treats all of you well too!

I made a resolution (amongst others) to be more proactive and positive this year. What are your resolutions for 2011? ^^
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Welcome Home, Maki!

Sun Oct 3, 2010, 3:34 PM

One of my dreams has come trueeee - Maki is finally home!! ♥♥♥

His default wig was included but I was too lazy to style it to look less fug so I just plopped the other wig on him. XD It was originally meant for him anyway, though!

I've posted a box opening thread on DoA here with a few more pictures, so if you're interested, please feel free to take a look ^-^

I still don't really know his personality yet but I'm sure it'll come to me soon! I was afraid that his personality would be too similar to Hibiki but upon looking at him IRL, I don't really think that would be the case now. He looked surprisingly older than Hibiki. Hibiki looks really, really young next to him! Though it could be an illusion created by Maki's suit and the lack of shoes on Hibiki's part.

Maki on left, Hibiki on right

Fail posing is fail, lololol.

I was fighting a battle with the hot-glued eyes yesterday afternoon and emerged victorious, albeit with a couple of cuts on my fingers. ||oTL Man, I hate hot-glued eyes so much. ;w;

So happy to finally get this boy!! *A* I have to admit that he's one of the few that I really fell in love at first sight with. It led me to look him up and subsequently realize that he's based off a manga series. I started reading the series and fell in love with him even more. orz He's so lovable. ;A; *overflowing with love /shot* He needs a new faceup though, lolol. He has bubbles on his lips from the gloss XD;;;; I want to change him into casual clothes like Hibiki's but it was such a bitch getting his suit on that I don't really want to take it off him now, LOL.

Rock City

Thu Sep 9, 2010, 6:32 PM

I actually have been picking up the camera besides using it for trashy things like Poupee, lol. Just haven't gotten around to editing the pictures yet! Did a shoot with my loli group of friends last month and attempted low key lighting with Hibiki for #Resin-Aperture's September challenge. Uploaded a photo on here from the latter:

Rock City

Yes, I completely stole 2/3 of the title from Tokyo-to Rock City because I was listening to Tourai's cover of it. I'm not a very creative person, lol. Anyway, it was a pretty short shoot because I mostly spent time trying to figure out how to achieve the lighting effect and being impressed with my new tripod, that I bought ages ago but had never used, than taking photos (hello, run-on sentences!).

I still suck at wig styling but I'd like to think I'm getting better, lol. Hibiki just has an extraordinarily big head. *pushes blame* I tried this milk tea-colored wig on him this time round and was pleasantly surprised to see that with just the change of a wig color, he suddenly looks a lot more Caucasian to me. : D I still hate adjusting eye position, by the way. I suck so much at it I don't even know.

I'm thinking of doing another Vocaloid PV/song-inspired shoot but idk which. Maybe Cendrillon or maybe something to do with The Little Mermaid instead, no thanks to KurousaP/Yamai's Ningyo no Yuuutsu in UsaColoYon. Or maybe something inspired by the wind of flower by Lunetia. So many ideas, but I'm so lazy. orz

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Wed Aug 18, 2010, 7:31 PM

Wigs for Hibiki have arrived~~~~~~~!!

But the black one meant to be his usual wig didn't fit. It was too small, orz. I need to get a bigger one for him. Fortunately though, I did purchase another wig meant for my other incoming boy and it's bigger and fits Hibiki too. Blonde, though.

Bad picture taken at 10PM with low light ahead:

Blonde suits him pretty well too, ufufu. I'm still no good at styling his hair or even with fur wigs in general (unused to the lack of elasticity) and I haven't found his 'angles' yet. Once I have more time on my hands, I'll play with him more. :D

...I'm really pleased with how he turned out though. ;w;

And before I forget, Hibiki is a Volks School D on a SD13 body.

So Busy

Tue Jun 22, 2010, 2:23 AM

Thanks to a new job, I haven't been able to do much at all lately. I might try to do something soon though, idk. It depends on whether I can get the outfit to work for the model and more importantly, if I can set time aside for it. oTL

My big boy is coming home soon though! Super essiting. He's in transit already but idk if postmen here still do EMS deliveries on Saturday, so there's a chance that I might have to wait till Monday to get him. :(

Also did some belated sorting in my Gallery and the lack of deviations is pretty sad. ^^;;; Either I should stop deleting old works or I should start doing more stuff to upload, lol.

Premium Subscription

Wed Mar 10, 2010, 4:13 PM
Trying out premium subscription for a month to see what the differences are! I quite like the extra features so far but I guess I got to use it a lot more to decide if I want to continue with the subscription after this trial month. Going to fool around with the CSS and stuff later. 8Db

My laptop has more or less reached the end of its journey after 4 years of hardcore abuse. oTL I'm currently using my mother's Acer netbook and will be borrowing a friend's MacBook Pro until I get my long overdue desktop in April/May.

I'm helping out with a friend's photoshoot this weekend. Here's hoping that all goes well! :3

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I've been having a completely stagnant January full of nothingness. In a way, it's good. In a way, it isn't. I guess I'll be trying to pick myself up and push myself from now on.

Let's hope that I can think of more shoot concepts soon! ♥


This is way overdue news but one of my photos was selected as a Top 10 finalist in local BJD event The Doll Affair's photography competition last month. ^___^

velvet underground I (selected entry)
velvet underground II (another of the same series)

I didn't win in the end but it was an experience and something that encourages me, especially since I've only held my camera for close to a year at that point in time, and my doll for less than half a year. Thank you very much for letting my photo enter the top 10, TDA! I will try again next year and hopefully, I will see better results then. :D
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