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Photoshop Painting Tutorial

I finally remembered to do this ._.

Photoshop and drawing tablet are needed.

This is an overall painting tutorial.

Funfact: I did digital painting without brush effects for 3months because I didn't know I need to install the tablet.

I self-taught digital painting

Snowfield General painting here [link]
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I tried to follow this tutorial and this is how my brush turned out @__@… looks more like I used a crayon. *facepalm*
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nice tutorial ^^
I am still practicing digital art!
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O.O     WoW
ScarletSpiders47's avatar
Thank You! Excellent Work! I Like It..
But Can You Tell Me The Skin Colour Code?
Thank You
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Wow excellent tutorials .... :clap:
I'm trying to figure out what brush that is. I have photoshop CS5.1 and none of my brushes look like that one at all. [link]
Oops. Ignore that link. Must've brushed my tablet or something.
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Nice tutorial :3

I have a question, when you make a drawing you use the mouse or you use any digital tablet?
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I use digital tablet.
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I see, Thank you so much :3
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Thank you for this
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thanks for the tutorial !!!
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amazing! helped me out a lot, thanks :3
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thanks for the tutorial.
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Thanks for the tutorial!
I just started painting in photoshop, now i'm just painting over photos i took.
maybe i really need to get a tablet
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That is a lot of layers. When I do a digital painting, I tend to put flat colors and all those shading and highlights on separate layers.
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Very...very Cool
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This is very good
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this help me a lot! thanks! (i couldn't understand my Photoshop as much.....)
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Thanks for th tutorial! *_*
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