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Pinkie Pie DOTA Gyrocopter



Dota2 Gyrocopter [link]

This is not my main project currently; It is made as a filler to fill in the gaps and probably expand in the future when Project Portal Series Termination is completed, as a companion to the Starcraft ones

Note guys, delays after clicking an ability is intended to sync the portrait with the animation


After few weeks working on Portal: Series Termination, add to that the trip that rendered me unable to animate; I've lost my momentum real bad which means that this last week I really slowed down :(

I decided to do something different to refresh myself as well as regain that lost momentum. Hehehe, this thing prove that I can actually finish animations like this in 2 days; although non-stop though ^^; Got to practice with AS2 too!


Hero Lore, Pinkie Pie the Gyrocopter

Most ponies know Pinkie as an energetic and enigmatic party pony, her life goal is to make everypony smile. What many don't know is the kind of methods she uses to achieve this goal. Other than throwing non-sequiturs or bursting out into a song, Pinkie is an expert builder and tinkerer; party cannons, party wagons, cupcake mass-production machines, and the list goes on. However, one creation can be distinguished from the others. The Gyrocopter, known by the others as "some flying thinga-majig," is the first mechanical aerial vehicle ever built in Equestria, originally intended to be her main mode of transportation before she discovered that taking shortcuts through the 4th wall is much easier and more efficient. As a result, Pinkie is rarely seen with this particular invention. But when she does, her presence is guaranteed to be a blast, both literally and figuratively; Her Gyrocopter swooping in providing support as well as a dazzling spectacle for her friends and allies alike while devastating her foes through mindblowing, unconventional methods.


To be honest, I've only used gyrocopter once; and I fail epicly... Oh well, I've found my comfort zone within other heroes so I don't really mind that. I like the concept though, he looks like a fun hero to play if used right :D



3 idle animations for Pinkie. When any ability is clicked, there will be some dialogue between Pinkie and the others, CHOSEN AT RANDOM :D Clicking the same ability again may reveal different dialogue.

Responses are taken directly from MLP Cartoons


I don't know whether to continue this with other characters, considering that I have Starcraft to be completed :) But if you have any suggestions, please go ahead!


Time taken (without character vector preparation): 2 Days

Music used is Dota 2 Explore 1 and 2 [link] and [link]

Dota2 (c) Valve


:iconapplejackplz: as Lyralei, Windrunner

:iconcrazytwilightplz: as Rubick, Grand Magus (don't worry Twi, you're still my favourite MLP character tied with Pinkie :) )

:iconrarityplz: as Traxex, Drow Ranger

:iconpinkiepienoesplz: as Aurel Vlaicu, Gyrocopter
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I don't know much about Dota (I'm a TF2 guy myself when it comes to VALVe's work) so I can't really criticize things with that. I do have a few problems with your idle animations. First off, the face cam shows Pinkie doing a steady rock in the Gyrocopter, but the field animation shows that it will dip down, have a small stop, rise up, have a small stop. It's barely noticeable in comparison because the animations themselves don't link exactly together in real time, (Sometimes Pinkie Cam will be up when Field Pinkie is down) but the animations don't match up even if they were in sequence. This may just be picky, but that's just how I am.

Pinkie's mane bounces oddly, mainly the forehead area. Her mane extends down and up farther than her actual head does, which that itself isn't a big deal, but you add in some other movements of the hair that make it look like that separate frontal piece isn't attached at all. Her left goggle also isn't as curved as it needs to be, offsets the pair. The side of the lens doesn't make an appropriate dip into the goggle, which I think is what mainly ruins it. It just kind of ends. Her right goggle is fine, however.

Lip syncing with each animation is something to be desired. Her 'Whoops, sorry" is either lazily done or just not looked into enough. You make it seem like she only makes out two syllables, when 'Whoops' starts out in a o, then expands, then closes in and then slightly opens for the 's' sound. For Whoops, you only have her open her mouth, nothing more. 'Sorry' was okay when I saw it.

For 'Yes, Twilight?' you turned the head slightly, but the goggled don't follow suite. I don't really know how to elaborate more on this.

"I call em, combos", again, hastily made.

"It's a work in progress", you cut off the sound too early. It's noticeable, not letting her extend that 's' sound.

On Call Down, Twilight doesn't fall down quick enough after that first hit. This may just have been a game mechanic you replicated, but if I were to take the animation without the explosions, it seems the Twilight was hit by it, but that she didn't quite start to fall until the smoke dissolved.

Overall, your animations weren't as smooth as I expect from you. So unfortunately I will give you a bit of a deduction on Technique.

Originally, can't be picky on because I don't know the content.

Impact: God, that music.

Vision: pretty good, but the HUD could be a little more down to be able to concentrate more on her Face Cam and the Field View.

~Professor Hugbox, also known as MrMusicalPony