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MLP Thinking with Portals: Delivery Service
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Published: January 26, 2012
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Looks like Aperture Science has started the field testing of their commercial ASHPD and Derpy decided that she would like to use it! Well... Not in ways that people often expect though, but Cave Johnson says that the way she uses the ASHPD intrigues him, he is willing to pay Derpy 60 Bits for testing it.

Twi's broken bones was a continuation from the last one :)

I don't know how to say this, but I don't actually hate Twilight, instead she's actually my second favourite (tied with AJ). But I have this rule: the more I like a cartoon character, the bigger the chances of you becoming the butt monkey of my experiments :XD: Don't worry Twi, you'll get your revenge later ;)

By the Way, I personally think that Derpy is actually a genius behind all the goofiness :XD: Einstein much?

To be honest, the idea looks much better on the planning stages; I don't know what went wrong but I'm certainly not very happy with the results... Oh well...

Speaking of which, Feedback and/or critique is most welcome. And please don't hold back, if you think I deserve some scolding and constructive criticism, go hard on me.

Next "thinking with portals" would be playing with Terminal Velocity! By the way, if you guys have any ideas, I'm welcome to hearing it :)

Music is "Grasswalk" from Plants VS Zombies [link]

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic (c) Hasbro
Portal (c) Valve

Program used: Macromedia Flash 8

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lol. this is awesome
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TheMightyPapyrusHobbyist General Artist
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bonnie-zenHobbyist Digital Artist
Holy crap, it's been a while since I've heard Plants VS Zombies soundtracks. Amazing job on the animation!
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RainbowCake2004Hobbyist Traditional Artist
jummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm the song
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plant vs zombies tune!!!!!!!!
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Plants V.S. Zombies music in background Plantemote vs Zombiemote Facepalm 
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ObsessedWithSpaceHobbyist Digital Artist
poor twilight
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Whats with the Plants vs Zombies music?
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yoshibelmontStudent Digital Artist
luv teh moosickPinkie
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IceToasterHobbyist General Artist
I thought it was funny
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Enderman699Professional Artist
Twilight Sparkle has took the easy way out.
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FmaPegaSmosherStudent Artist
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GT4tubeHobbyist Artist
wtf Twilight that always! lol
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DignotionsHubsandHobbyist Writer
I love portal so much :D
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i thought she would put one portal in a muffin factory and the other over her mouthe so she could eat ALL the muffins being produced. :D
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Pandacorn6Hobbyist Traditional Artist
XD oops
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MLPfan4lifeStudent Digital Artist
Hooray for Plants vs Zombies music!
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PixelPal1131Student Artist
Awesome! Plants vs. Zombies, classic. Anypony know how to get Mustache Mode?
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PinkTrollProfessional General Artist
I know you turned off critique's, and don't want to hear anything like that, but I really want to. :) Well, I really loved it. It was funny and fit the character very well as she took the " easy-way-out" and used a portal gun. That was cute, and funny to me. Making that a "thing" with bubbles is very possible. The only thing I was a little concerned about was the choice of background music. It really didn't fit in my point of view.
Vision: 5 stars
Originality: 4.5 (4 1/2 cause it was based on MLP and Portal which you didn't create, but you created the comic)
Technique: 4.5 ( because it's a little predictable, a then again, not so much.)
Impact: 5 stars Bubbles and portal guns! Perfect!
(I wanted to add this) Creativity: 6 stars
Wonderful job! Adding to favorites!
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Plants vs Zombies soundtrack. Awesome
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