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nOOb here. Uh yeah... Let me introduce myself. I'm YudhaiKeledai (literally translates to you die donkey. yudhai sounds similar to both my name and you die. keledai in bahasa indonesia means donkey. people call me like that back there in the olden days). My full name? Let me just tell you my initials: Y. E. K. Y. P. Nope, not telling you, cause I fear that it might just make your life harder ^^; Its a 5 words name...
I'm into cartoons and for this time, My Little Pony is my favourite cartoon. I'm just a student and i am an animator. A nOOb animator, if i may say. I've been animating since a few years ago but its only now that i'm able to create (barely) decent animations. The problem is that i'm overly relying on the program Flash (MX 2004, 8, and CS3); drawing or animating. I can also, to some extent, do a little 3D modelling using Cinema 4D at the tip of the warhead. I'm somewhat an airforce addict with a love for jet fighters and air tactics. Well then, that's a bit about me. Nice to meet y'all!!!

So what's my name?
Yudhaikeledai! Well, that's my alias. People either call me "Yohanes" or my nickname "Yudhi".

Where did the alias came from?
Well, it was one name that people usually call me during that old days. It came from the "Yudhi" nickname, and Keledai which means donkey.

Where do i live?
Indonesia; Currently in Singapore for studies

Flash animating, Computer Gaming, Reading, many others.

Favourite Subject?
Physics, Maths, Astronomy (although i only know a bit)

Favourite cartoon character: Tintin, Asterix, Winnie the Pooh, Yoshi, Pinkie Pie many others.

Personal Quote: To improve, to inovate,and most importantly, to entertain others.

Twilight Sparkle

Favourite Visual Artist
Leonardo Da Vinci and Walt Disney
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Peter, Paul and Mary ; Ludwig van Beethoven ; Johann Strauss
Favourite Games
RTS games (Command and Conquer, Age of Empires, others)
Favourite Gaming Platform
Uhh... Computer??? Wait... Wii... No, the Computer is still better by a longshot.
Tools of the Trade
Macromedia Flash 8, Maxon Cinema 4D, Audacity, Finale 2006
Other Interests
Animating animations, Recycling items, Earth and the environment, Wildlife, Science, Classics
Howdy! It's been a while since I made a journal, but I wish to make to make a shout out to a very close friend of mine who has helped me in writing with a lot of my animations, and is actually a fantastic fanfic writer, http://sycharge.deviantart.com/ Calvin! For any of you who have an interest in reading fanfiction, and has an interest in the apocalypse setting of the latest finale, he has whipped up a fantastic story over here: http://www.fimfiction.net/story/302922/on-the-wing-of-friendship Give it a read and follow him! Also can't believe it's almost christmas now O_O
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Holy Halibut I got combine tagged by !cosmicmanta (https://www.deviantart.com/cosmicmanta):iconpurpleroselyn::iconhankofficer: - I haven't done any of these tagging stuff at all, so I guess it's time to give it a shot xD What do you have: [X] Mother [X] Father [ ] Step-Father [ ] Step-Mother [ ] Step Sister [ ] Step Brother [X] Brother [ ] Brother In Law [ ] Sister [ ] Sister In Law [ ] Half sister [ ] Half brother [ ] Nephew [ ] Niece [ ] Boyfriend/Girlfriend [X] Mobile phone [ ] Own bathroom [X] Own room [ ] Have/had a swimming pool [ ] Have/had a hot tub [ ] Guest room [ ] Living Room [X] Own computer [ ] Own TV [X] flat TV [ ] There is some b
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Did anyone said "mind games?" Logic with Pinkie Pie is finally out! This will be followed suit by the Sims Episode 3 on the 13th of December!!!
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RIP. Happy birthday!!

Nooot active. Have a happy birthday!

youre from indo? me too!

i hope you can make more videos cuz i love your animations! :dummy:

Yee, probs not active. But happy birthday!

hey dude i love ur video's on youtube id saw Frostpony (MLP:FIM Animation, Frostpunk Crossover) when i first came out in 2020 hope ur still working on the other project and future ones as well and i hope u haven't like left or anything i enjoyed watching all ur video's

Not sure if active, but happy birthday! :D