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Wing Tutorial

For people who may interested how to draw and paint bird wings ,

if you are interested please check the link below,

Wing Tutorial

This package includes:

1920X1168 videos (MP4 format) ( 2hr 4 mins) with voice audio


In this video , we will demonstrate

  • Skeleton & Feather anatomy: talk about wing skeleton, wings anatomy.
  • Movement : use basic shape to remember and understand the movements
  • Paint and render : demonstrate the process how to paint the wing ,start from line work , rendering feathers in detail.

-3 HiRes JPG file ( 3508 Height X 2480 Width ,300DPI)

-1 HiRes PSD source file (3508 Height X 2480 Width ,300DPI)

-Photoshop brush

Thank you for your support Nod 

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I never tryied PS. Gonna Fav it. They look amazing.

HammerinInkminer's avatar's a good example.

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Beautiful ….Thank you
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i'm making wings for a costume and this is a really good reference picture but i was wondering if you had any anatomy reference pictures i could use, most cosplay wings are flat and 2 dimensional because people just trace what they want on a paper then make it from that, but i want mine to look like this, so i want to make it in parts, or sculpt it in someway. do you have any pictures you used as a reference for anatomy or shape of the wings.  
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Making a complex thing very simple. Great teaching skills.
dizzandesigns's avatar
Im so wanting my wings to loog like this when i draw
AmbergrisElement's avatar
It´s indeed a great tutorial, thanks for adding this!
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it is the most beautiful I've ever seen
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will definitely follow you for this epic works
WridianGrey's avatar
Nice. Without tutorials like these, people are left to wing it.
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Wow, you are so generous with all of your tutorials!
Thank you so much, I am so excited to use this :heart:
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is there voiceover?
Amourinette's avatar
Just bought this and I understand so much about wings! In just 2 hours haha :D
TheAmericanGamer's avatar
Thanks! I really needed this for a character I was going to do, I'm good at curves and can already draw them pretty well but this helped refine the details
VittorioNobile's avatar
I`m sorry for this question but this is my first time I buy one of yours Tutorials . Can you give me advices on how to best follow the tutorial processes?
SparkyBlueBird's avatar
You are a master, I would even pay to get a critique.
Firescribe's avatar
This is amazing! So detailed and beautiful!
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Thanks For Sharing Your Talent And Experience :)
JankaLateckova's avatar
I love your tutorials, I've purchased all of them and they are fantastic. :clap:
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Thank you for big support Heart !! ^ ^
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