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Hair tutorial

made another tutorial for people who may interested and think it would be helpful

if you are interested please check the link

Hair Tutorial

This package includes:

  • One 1920X1080 videos with full English commentary audio

*( this tutorial is not include the process of the female portrait ) *

In this video , we will demonstrate

  • Part 1.  Shape , key points and principle when you design the hair flow
  • Part 2. Brush introduction what brush that I used in my artwork,
  • Part 3. Directly paint and render 3 different hair style,there will include short hair, braid hair and wavy hair.

-7 HiRes JPG file

-1 HiRes PSD source file

- Photoshop brush

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thanks , fantastic

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Please allow me to use this knowledge for GOOD!!! XDD
Omg the one on the left killed me... *cuts her hair* :D
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Aion <3

lovely, lovely!
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I just watched it and its amazing.
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I'm no anatomy expert, but the left breast should not be that large
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interesting what a hair-due will change the character's allure and personality, good one!
Awesome art tutorials and Awesome artwork
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Cool designs. They're quite different in form.
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Nine comments? That's it?? This deserves way more than that. Specially because it currently has 9,000+ page views. None the less, its still a great piece. :)
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I got your painting a face tutorial and learned a lot from that :dance: thank you ^^ 
This one looks awesome too! 
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i will buy it when i come back home from work, thank you very much! 
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Very nice hair concepts and technique.
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Yucheng, are you planning to submit again your Human anatomy tutorial? When I was about to buy it, suddenly it was gone! T_T
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very interesting!
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