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Female / Male Body Tutorial

Another tutorial show people' how to paint a female figure ',

if you are interested please check the link,

Female Body Tutorial

Male Body Tutorial

This package includes:

  • One 1920X1168 videos (MP4 format) ( total 1hr 30 mins) with full English commentary audio
Note:* this tutorial include nude anatomy content *

In this video ,  will demonstrate

  • Lineart: From rough line sketch to determine the proportion
  • Rendering :  Paint the female body and muscle
  • Face : this time use different techniques to paint the face

-1 HiRes JPG file ( 3508 Height X 2480 Width ,300DPI)

-1 HiRes PSD source file (3508 Height X 2480 Width ,300DPI)

-Photoshop brush

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It's these type of different type of tutorials that make me truly comprehend how different the sexes' anatomies are!
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Ah! The female has eyes but the male doesn't, as if he had no soul or personality! 
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I know this comment is old, but, I thought that was so funny when I read your comment cause I thought the same thing. xD
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Just take a brief stroll through the front page and count how many females you see in comparison to males;
How many times females are portrayed as sweet, warm, unique, cool, etc.
While males are largely portrayed as ready to kill something, about to kill something....or killing something

Not to condemn this, it's very natural for people to prefer the female, it's biological;
Just that when you notice it and start paying attention....quite an interesting insight
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Yeah, I noticed that. It's very common. I seen so many that I lost count. I heard someone say that men were capable of nothing but destruction and conquest. But, I don't think that's true. 

Yes it is very interesting. I guess maybe it's because of society? But, I know not everything is portrayed that way. 
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I just bought it yesterday and I wanna say thank you, its was very helpful :D 
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how advanced are these tutorials?  i'm assuming it's not for beginners?
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Thanks for the share. :D
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the knees and feets looks wrong
blanappleblurp's avatar
No, they're technically correct if you consider the bone structure, however, it may have been pushed a little for the sake of artist's own preference of style. Nothing wrong with that. 
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The artist knows what he's doing
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Thank you very much! Really really helpful tutorial!
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Another awesome tutorial. I also loved your fantasy head tut. Well worth the $9!!
Looking forward to more awesomeness.
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hello, are you planning to reupload your anatomy tutorial?? 
thank you in advance (:
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What happened to your Anatomy Tutorial?
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bought it! Thank you very much. Can you do a tutorial about interesting fantasy poses?
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Hello, I will plan to make a tutorial talk about dynamic pose like my previous artworks,
Thank you very much for your advice.
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