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Elf head tutorial

By yuchenghong
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Elf tutorial on Gumroad >>

For people who may interesting and thought it would be helpful
if you are interesting please check the link

This package includes:

  • Two 1920X1168 videos ( total 2hrs 26 mins) with voice audio in English

Part one : ( 13 mins)

how to using different layer to paint the skin, as well as introduce what brush I use in this tutorial,

Part two: ( 2hrs 13 mins)

paint a head directly, from basic structure line to color blocking and rendering, also use what we learn from part one, used the technique to applying color by using different layers.

  • HiRes JPG file ( 3508 Height X 2480 Width ,300DPI)
  • HiRes PSD source file ( 3508 Height X 2480 Width ,300DPI)
  • Photoshop brush
  • Note : a picture ( jpeg files ) for descript the color zones of face
Thank you Hug


Art Print






Video Tutorial: 

Paint the Fantasy Character by yuchenghong Female / Male Body Tutorial by yuchenghong Elf head tutorial by yuchenghong  Light and shadow (  Video Tutorial ) by yuchenghong  Hair tutorial by yuchenghong Armor tutorial by yuchenghong

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I am drawing a young muscular she elf warrior but she'll be limbless and blind because her ennemies just cuf off all her limbs (and eyes)

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bought it <3 I'm quite new to PC coloring and I'm so excited what I can learn from your video!
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I tried the whole day to color a sketch, it should be a original character. I hope your tutorial can help me, will try it tomorrow :3
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This tutorial is a real eye-opener for me on how to better use different layer modes, as well as considering colour selection o.o :D I love it, and I especially love how you have SO many colours involved! I can't wait to try some of this out! Thank you so much for making these tutorials! I definitely recommend them to other artists!
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I like this style!!!♥
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I /highly/ recommend getting his tutorial. This is my improvement after just watching the first 30 minutes, and then working from what I already know:
I can't wait to see how it looks after watching the whole thing!
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I've just purchased the video! I can't wait to get going :-D
Thank you for making these tutorials available, and for so cheap!!

Your artwork is incredible!
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Please buy this video. $5 is nothing! I'm 8 minutes in and have already learned so much!
The sound on the first video is terrible, but is fixed on #2. :-D
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je suis nulle en anglais alors je dirais juste que c'est beau
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Your knowledge of color and light is astounding! Do you have a Youtube channel?
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Her face is so pretty <3
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awesome ^.-.^ :D
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I bought the tutorial and am very happy with it :love:

Would you make another tutorial using Clip Studio or Krita in the future? I'm definitely a buyer.
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I just finished the two videos and man, what a wonderful thing! I had problems with the biggest video because media player didn't run it, I had to transform it and then I could watch it. The first video is a little dificult to understand because of the microphone, but the second is ok, very understandable. The suitable thing would be having subtitles in the video, but that would be a lot of work and for the fantastic price you offer, not worth it so I suggest to add a file with the principal comments, like a scrip or something like that - you know, "minute x, dialogue x", but still I think is well explained.

Will you make more tutorials? I'll love to watch about clothes and backgrounds, maybe composition or someting like that. I know you have another tutorial, I'll buy it as soon as I can, but I hope you keep doing them :)

Oh! And thanks for doing something so wonderful for such an accessible price, and thanks for not being a patreon guy yet, I'm hating those ;P
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Cannot buy your tutorials, get this message :
Sorry, buyers in your location can't purchase this item.
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somewhere it should say "EU country costumer, please buy here"
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yuchenghong i'm impressed by the level of detail achieved in so short a time, was this easy or hard for you to make in two & a half hour's, also how long have you been an artist.
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Hey yuchenghong i need to flesh out the character's of my story, so i need some kind of free 3D digital art tool, blender look's pretty good but i don't know which type to get, my computer is a window's XP any help you could give me would be greatly appreciated.
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Hello ,
i really love your process in making this beautiful portrait. I Bought both videos and I'm really love it! :heart:
I look forward to your future videos, especially when you make armor, I will definitely be buying them. thank you again :worship:
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Thank you so much for the comments~
This is really encourage for me to make best tutorial for people.
Thank you again!
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Do you accept paypal ? 
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Great job! Would love to buy it, but I can't from my location apparently. :(
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