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This is Notocolossus gonzalezparejasi, a giant titanosaur that is closely related to Dreadnoughtus. As you can see, its remains are rather incomplete; thus, this reconstruction is speculative.
The larger individual represents the holotype specimen. Not all haemal arches are illustrated. Scale bar is 1m per square.

González Riga, Bernardo J.; Lamanna, Matthew C.; Ortiz David, Leonardo D.; Calvo, Jorge O.; Coria, Juan P. (2016). "A gigantic new dinosaur from Argentina and the evolution of the sauropod hind foot".
Lacovara, Kenneth J.; Ibiricu, L.M.; Lamanna, M.C.; Poole, J.C.; Schroeter, E.R.; Ullmann, P.V.; Voegele, K.K.; Boles, Z.M.; Egerton, V.M.; Harris, J.D.; Martínez, R.D.; Novas, F.E. (September 4, 2014). "A Gigantic, Exceptionally Complete Titanosaurian Sauropod Dinosaur from Southern Patagonia, Argentina"
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i do believe iv seen the humerus of this dinosaur and its reported at 5ft9 and its very impressive and robust ,it was displayed on the shelf in the dinosaur gallery at the natural history museum in paris..

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Hm...this doesn't exactly look like a 45-76 tonne animal as was first suggested.

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Notocolossus seems to be forgotten nowadays. Nice skeletal!
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Ooo, double neato!
I like the dedication many artists have towards the very fragmentary skeletals, instead of dismissing them for their limited diagnostic value
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yeah it's pretty fragmentary alright. XD
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Indeed. I pretty much started that trend because I was sick of not having any good images for the more obscure giants:… though of course there have been improvements:…

Very nice skeletal Yty. I didn't realize the two specimens are so far apart in size (though now I suspect the bigger one may even be a bit conservatively sized/proportioned).
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That could be true. It's so incomplete there's really no way of knowing.
I followed the estimate made in the paper. The smaller individual has an estimated femur length of 1283mm, while the larger one as 2166mm.
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any femur bones over 2m are very impressive ,iv seen alot of them in various museums...

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