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Acid Dragon



COW 107.

Acid dragons are large, bulky, ground-dwelling dragon that evolved from flying, wyren-like ancestors.
They body produce large amount of hydrochloric acid, which is stored in the sacks on the sides of their head. When hunting, acid dragons shoot the acid out of the fang-like tubes in front of their eyes. The strong acid causes severe burn to the prey, disablying or even killing the prey. The dragon will then "spit" more acid onto the prey and "dissolve" it into a semi liguid form, then suck it up with their tube tongues.
When threatened, acid dragons shoots out an acidic mist out of the nose, which can distract or injure the enemy.
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very cool works........ I wrote a (following)  poem that went with it, only after I read the title.  Love Then I read the details of what he can do. wow! Even more cool.Clap 

again I
can cause 
damage so

don't get in my way
away before I
get in front 
of you or is it behind you either way
not a good thing I eat everything that crosses my path.....