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February 7, 2008 by ~yt458 is an amazing multicolored wallpaper which definitely shouts out 'your desktop has style'
Featured by archanN
Suggested by mistercreevy
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Thanks everyone for all the love and the fav's.
Also a HUGE thanks to
:iconnickcreevy: and :iconarchann:

The colors look awesome on my iMac screen, hopefully yours too! To really get the effect of this wall you must set it as your desktop wallpaper. :XD:

Sizes 2560x1600 | 1920x1200 | 1600x1200 | 1280x1024 | iPhone | PSP

*Custom text for the iphone and psp versions
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This is very pretty and I love the circles and colors. I just wish you had included a version without the text. I'd use it then for sure!
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I did... but in a different post. [link] :)
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Hi i'd like to know if you did one like this for the ps3 i've downloaded a theme and it had this wallpaper. That's how i found it but in that theme thers 2 more themes there's one that in in the space with kind of Cubes i want that one for my wallpaper but can't find it the publisher is "/\bS7r@Ct P!@Y2. If its you please add me on msn or youtube : theqwik1. [link] Thats the theme.

Btw if you could also make me a youtube BG.

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lol nice for people to look at :D xD
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nice one.. btw what font ur using??
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Thanks. The font is 'Mister Television'.
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cool,nice colors :] i like :] +fav
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thanks for the comment. :)
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nice wallpaper I'm surely gonna us this. FAV.+
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wow this awesome
i just love it :love:
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thanks so much :)
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Absolutely love the colors. :D I've always been a fan of bright colors on a black background. I love the gradual fading away of the dots at the bottom, too.

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Oh mi gosh I love this sooo much!
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