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Fox's Mallymkun ZM0129 - SOLD



NEW OWNER: LetFreedomReign2

ID:# ZM0129
Registered Name: Fox's Mallyumkun
Stable Name: Mally
Gender: Mare
Breed: Zlesdin
Age: 7 years (4 in equiBREAK )
Height: 1.7 meter
Weight:  954 lbs
Colour: Base colour brown/seal | Homozygous for extention Flaxen | Heterozygous for agouti
Markings: Face mask + 1 left fore stocking
Genotype: EE / Ata /FF
Eyes: Baby blue (passed from sire)
Owner: Gabriel Grace | Official Reference
Discipline(s): All rounder
Sire: Fox's Divine Intentions
-GrandSire: .:Crash Course Redemption:.
Dam: SWS Akhelana
-GrandDam: RHS Kodakonda ZM0021
Breeding: Open  (Training image)
2. Heartsong-Estate | not paid yet

Temperament: CalmBullet; BlackBullet; BlackBullet; BlackBullet; GreenBullet; BlackSpirited
Registered with: Zlesdin
Lease: No.

Personality: Mally is the first daughter of both her sire and dam, and because of that, she craves the attention of others. She knows she is as beautiful has her father and mother, and her bloodlines prove it. Overall she has a sparkling personality and everyone is drawn to her.
Habbits: She spits out apples then pretends to eat them. She kicks at other horses when she is ridden thus she has to wear a red ribbon in her tail.

Grading SA - Studbook Approved.
ZWG Grading Ribbon by Zoubstance  ZM0129 by Zoubstance

Zlesdin Points: 206zp | Shendik

Earnings: 2zp
 Hubertus hunt entry =2zp

Lineage: 17zp
.:Crash Course Redemption:. =2zp (Zayus) 
RHS Kodakonda ZM0021 =2zp (zayus)
SWS Akhelana =1zp (Dimmer)
Fox's Divine Intentions =12zp (Shendik)

Show Entries: 120zp
 Do it like you own it 5+0=5zp Cross country 5+3=8zp Hubertus Hunt | One of each =5zp equiBREAK | Good day 5+5=10zp Hubertus Hunt | Goats? 5+3=8zp Gut Caballo | First time for everything =5zp Blue Ram | Sunsets 5+3=8zp ZWG |Halter =5zp ZWG | Free Jumping =5zp SVI | Why you gotta be like that 5+5=10zp AVE | Lights 5+0=5zp ZWG | Skeggas =5zp GC | Must be magic 5+3=8zp TWD | Precious Cargo =5zp Harpley =5zp ES on my way 5+5=10zp TWD | March =5zp SVI | Pure Imagination 5+3=5zp
Other art: 47zp
Fox's Mallymkun ZM0129 3+1=4zp ZM0129can I be close to you=3zp equiBREAK | Groundwork =3zp Hubertus Hunt | The A Team =3zp Hubertus Hunt | Making friends =2zp Welcme =3zp 1. Happy Saturday =3zp Blue Ram | Ribbons are not for decoration =3zp Blue Ram | Scoping The Competition =2zp Left Hand!! =2zp ES | Vet check =3zp Es | VIP Tour =3zp ES | Training =3zp Girls and Boys =2zp Collab | A final farewell =3zp Skeggas | A day at the beach =5zp

Art by others: 15zp
Hubertusjagten - 'Snaps' 1zp
Break for the huntress 1zp
Hubertusjagten - Ulvedalene =1ZP
The Hubertus Hunt - Winding Trails =1zp
| A New Generation | Giftie | =1zp
PRICE | Headshot Mallymkun for Ysval =1zp
The Matchup | Show Prize =1zp
Blue Ram 2016. 2nd places =1zp
Blue Ram 2016. Grand Champion =1zp
Blue Ram2016 G.Champion banner =1zp
Mallymkun and Pilot =1zp
SRI Summer Hunt .:phases:. =1zp
Mallymkun and her filly =1zp
Screamer X Mally Breeding Image =1zp
Mare Fee for Fox's Mallymkun ZM0129 =1zp

Cant become links: 5zp
ES | Arrival by Ysval=3zp  Hubertusjagten 2016 by Zoubstance =1zp  Mallyumkun icon by Sinaas=1zp

Dressage level | Introductory

Introductory testA: Gut Caballo | First time for everything | 4'th place
Introductory testB: Blue Ram | Sunsets | 2'nd place
Introductory testC: AVE | Lights | Not placed
Preliminary: GC | Must be magic | 2'nd place
Novice: ES | On my way  |  1'st place
Elementary: SVI | Pure Imagination  | 2'nd Place
Medium: medium trot / medium canter
Advanced medium: flying changes / half pass
Advanced: tempi changes
Prix st George: canter pirouettes 
Intermediate I: extended trot / collected trot
Intermediate II: piaffe / passage / extended canter / collected canter
Grand Prix: pirouettes / passage / piaffe

 Point system

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