Free vectors anybody?

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I was just thinking maybe I should erase all my gallery and upload all the vector stuff that I have
and make it downloadable.
What do you think?
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Great Idea!!
Bad Idea!!

i just love your vectors, they are great and would be great to see more from you...
but keep your gallery, you have lots of good stuff here...
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Thank you. I will keep my gallery :)
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keep the gallery add the vectors
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donate your talent to charity. if you do it, I'm doing it too, we could start a trend.
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Ha-ha-ha! Let's kick it! :laughing:
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don't erase it!
your "old" works are part of your progress as a designer. you and others can see how far have you "grown" :3

you're very generous by sharing your vectors with all of us :3
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I was thinking to myself, that I'm not loosing anything by sharing them.
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still, you are nice :3
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dude you should make a stock account and just call it YSR1-stock, that'd be the best way to do it. the same way mjranum did:
[link] standard
[link] stock
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You're right. I was gonna create an account on iStock :)
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as opposed to on deviantart?
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I think that iStock is more famous :)
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ja tolko za! :D
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You are an amazing artist and I'm very proud of you for not shying away from stating your faith. Rock on brother! (Fist Bump)
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Well, your stuff is cool. I agree with ~shark127
Make a folder with the vectors and sort your work into folder.
I'm about to +watch you. But if you delete your gallery I'll drop it. Your work doesn't need to be used by others to help. Just the ideas are more than good enough.
Like you desk items in greyscale. I saw the combination lock on there and made a vector from that idea which I could use at work.
Boss loved it.
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NIce Gallery
it would be a shame for you to delete it
don't forget deviantart now has a folder feature and you could just put the vectors or your older stuff in a folder...
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I think I'll use that folder option now. Thank you for your compliment ;D
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I like your works quite a bit, don't discount your talent so much; you are indeed talented.

I think it'd be good chance to learn for us who want to become better at illustrating.

I respect your decision if you do upload your vectors, very selfless.

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Thank you for your kind respond, it is very encouraging :D
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Xpuctoc Bockpec :)

Don't delete your gallery!! i love your designs! I would make a link account and note all my watchers OR make a separate folder in this account if you don't want to go to all that trouble. YAY for more vector resources!!
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I'll probably go with a separate account. That's what I'll do. Христос Воскрес :) That is so sweet. He is risen and that means that we will be risen with Him too. The city that we will be risen to is just a perfect place of happiness, love, friendship, peace and much, much more. Isn't that great news (the gospel)?
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You should keep your gallery intact ! , Just add the vectors. Simple :)
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Было б круто.. хотя зчм удалять остальное..
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