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The action doesn't work good on dark photos. Make sure the photo you're gonna use is bright. The dude on a photo is my older brother Ivan. Peace ;)
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Amazing work, see more like this at - The source of grapic design and web development blog..
thank's for sharing....... nice actions
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Thanks a lot for sharing, have a nice day.
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just saying, i love this action, and in my computer i renamed it as the Ivan action :)
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hmmmm... i've seen this pic somewhere before.....
super... increible
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I just downloaded it. I'll post the link if I used it. Thanks so much <3
Awesome action! Thanks :) What are the usage restrictions? Please email me to let me know

mmt9 (at) duke (dot) edu
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No restrictions, I'm sharing for free. :) Am I nice? :blushes:
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Love this action!

PS: your brother looks like a young Bruce Springsteen! :D
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Ha-ha-ha, I'll tell him that :)
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it does work! i used it here: [link]

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will this work with ps 7 ?
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I think so
dude your like the nicest designer ever... so generous.

your talent blows me away!
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:blushes: There are too many designers who are far better.
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cool! i used it here [link]

it doesn't look that bad with dark pictures either
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А мне понравилось... Больше цвета и света и фотка оживилась!!!

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Спасибо Даша, а то я боялся выстовлять, мол зачем это людям надо :)
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Я экономист, руками вообще ничего делать не умею... и Даже не переживаю... А ты вообще молодец...
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cool action!!! :D thanks!!
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I am excited to check it out.
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типа делает фоту как при печати на дешевом принтере ? =)
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