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YellowchainTree by Ysayde

Second tree I did was a Yellow Chain tree, sort of. It's yellow and I made it kind of willow like. I like it but it doesn't go with the Cherry blossom, which now looks too flat to me. x.X
CherryBlossomTree by Ysayde
I've been working on this tile set for my game and I was going about it in a silly way where the tree line was actually small tiles. Since I'm doing this in unity, there's really no reason to tile things like trees and it makes kind of a mess, but also wasn't really working for the look that I wanted to go with. SO I've gotten rid of all that. Now I have some nice grass, a really elegant road, and I've made some cherry blossoms. Now I'm at the point where I probably should make some more tree varieties, but I'm not entirely sure which trees to go with. Willow tree comes to mind as something pretty(though they're usually near water), but I could also do something like a blue or white pine(pines may not mesh with pink nor go with the deciduous tree shape very well), maybe a red maple(might be too much red), or perhaps a lighter young oak(the yellow green might be nice)... flowering dogwood(white would go, but it could also be overpowering)? What goes well with cherry blossom trees that would look pretty ?! x.X
Well I redid the animation and then colored it. Yay! I feel better about it now. I still have the black and white version for future recolors too.
Forest Calcatrix by Ysayde
Not to be confused with the Basilisk or the Cockatrice! I'm not currently happy with it but I was injured by my cat. Long story short, he has issues at times and got me right in the tender part between the thumb and index finger- right where my pen sits. So... the redo has to wait. This sprite isn't colored yet- I plan on having multiple colored variations of it. The first of which is the Emerald crested - so probably something forest-y. Why do I wanna redo it? Well it's too busy for an idle animation, I feel it needs to be way more subtle.
Calcatrix Idle Dwn Lft by Ysayde
I've been working on this project for a while, and this year I made some decisions. One being that I was going to stop looking for a programmer and just learn programming myself. I've done pretty well teaching myself but I'm still reeeeeally green. In any case I still need to do all the rest of the things. You know. Art. HA. Anyways! I'm almost finished with an entire breed of dragon for animations. I'm really excited to finish a complete set. Just need to do 6 more pixel animations. I wont be sharing all the animations, but some of them I will be! I'll also be sharing some art upgrades.

So what the heck is the Andicuri Dragon project? Well it all started as an adoptable on a pet site, can you believe that? Well you can find out the older versions of the Andicuri dragons here:…

This new project is actually creating a game. It's like disgaia/final fantasy tactics meets virtual pet site. At some point in the future, actually sooner than later, the site is getting updated. I'm switching hosts for my website, so now's a perfect time, right? The actual Game will probably be released with 3 breeds. One being the European breed. The other will be the Phoenix breed. We'll see about the third. For more up to date stuff on this project that isn't my semi neglected site, I'm providing a link to my development blog as well: BLOG!
I used to have another account here on this site but apparently it no longer exists. It was years ago too, and pretty darn empty. SOOO now I'm trying this a second time in attempts to be more internet social and such. Currently I'm developing a game based on my Andicuri Dragons which I created... also years ago. They started as an "adoptable" from ponyisland and with the help of others, they've made their way to a lot of different sites that host "adoptables". Well now I'm actually teaching myself coding to get them into a neat little game. It'll be mostly 2d art, and mostly pixel art at that. In between working on the game- since it's so computer work heavy, I'll also be continuing on some other more lucrative fun side projects(jewelry and sculptures).

If I disappear for a couple weeks, that usually means I've gotten a freelance 3d game/animation/web job. In the next couple weeks I'm hoping to upload some older work and newer work having to do with my new IP. For me, feedback is always appreciated, and excitement is always catching, so check out my stuff when I get it up!