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Fog Poetry
Weightless blanket covers all,
Turning artifice edges soft,
Entwining radiance and shadow
Lights like glimpsing fairies,
Promise magic is near
My two wheeled steed
Rides through the quiet
A moving stone in
A river of stillness
I exhale into mist
Breathing, feeling, at peace
Breathe mist into me
Woven with the night,
Where sky and ground
Embrace as tender lovers
Eloped from the sun
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Unseen Calligraphy
     Fenlise found his usual bench, one of the ones that was just a little bit out of the way and rarely occupied by anyone else. It was also in decent light to read, but the trees that dotted the area also gave it a measure of nearby shade. From the satchel at his side, he pulled out a small collection of books, debating between them for a moment before taking one and opening it to a waiting bookmark. He started reading, without hurry, speaking aloud. He spoke as if to an audience, but there wasn’t a living soul anywhere in sight. If anyone should come along and question why he read to apparently empty air, Fenlise had a collection of answers that he was prepared to give, a few of them even being the truth or what he knew of it.
     Nobody came by to ask, so he read on for three chapters, pausing only for small sips of water from the canteen hooked to his satchel. The air had a slight chill in this place, despite the afternoon sunshi
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Fortune Cookies
     By the time Byron stopped running, he had made it to a secluded area in the park, and he took a seat to have a look at his latest grab. It had been an easy swipe—someone had set their backpack down at the bus stop. Wandering past and grabbing that, then bolting away before anybody could stop him, had been simplicity itself. Petty theft might not be the most honorable profession, but it could be both lucrative and a good way to stay in shape.
     The bag’s contents were mostly junk as far as Byron was concerned—rain coat, water bottle, a spare shirt for work, heaps of odds and ends. The first aid kit didn’t have any meds or anything that would be worth reselling, the most interesting thing in there was the non-prescription allergy pills. The money was in the laptop, and the small stash of bills cleverly hidden in one of the internal pockets of the bag. He counted it out—$75 and enough loose change for two b
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Aging Overturned
     Jericho blinked into the darkness, which wasn’t dark anymore. The room wasn’t daylit, and the ceiling lights were off. But it wasn’t dark either; he could see the texture on the ceiling, and faintly make out the pastel color of the walls. So, it was sharper than any night vision he could remember, but he had a feeling that he was in darkness. Maybe this was what it was like to be a cat at night.
     He touched the tip of his pinky into his ear, momentarily blocking out the hideous buzz of machinery that had woken him. He could never remember hearing anything like that, and couldn’t for the life of him imagine why things would be so loud. Only, it wasn’t just the machinery, was it—his own heartbeat was a strong, regular drumbeat in his ears; he could hear voices every now and then, through his door, and also the soft rustle of his body against the silky-smooth sheets. He lowered his hand, breathed, pa
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A Unicorn Surprise by Yrucrem91 A Unicorn Surprise :iconyrucrem91:Yrucrem91 3 0
Space Orcs: Gymnastics
     One of the hardest things about human relations was the fact that their records were full of inaccuracies. Some were marked as such, called “myths” or “stories” or “tales” or a hundred other things in the human languages. That was another hard thing about this species—they didn’t have one language for their whole species, but were divided into dozens or hundreds of linguistic sub-groups. Some humans spoke more than one of their native languages fluently! Archivist-Liaison Kt’prr could only hope that the linguistic mess that was humanity would settle out as more of them contacted the Assembly and Standard language.
     Getting back to humans and falsehoods though, there was an even rockier problem than them having a hundred words for thing-that-wasn’t-but-was-said-anyway. There were some obvious falsehoods and exaggerations that humans treated like truth. They had a collectio
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Merchant of Stars and Hearts by Yrucrem91 Merchant of Stars and Hearts :iconyrucrem91:Yrucrem91 2 4 Angel Taboo by Yrucrem91 Angel Taboo :iconyrucrem91:Yrucrem91 9 1
Red Alert
    I felt myself slipping, most of my body dangling over the precipice of sleep—so close, if I could just relax that last bit of my mind, sink through my camp bed into dreams… 
    The high pitched shriek tore through me, bringing every nerve back to battle stations. Eyes snapped open, muscles tensed, and I was moving. From flat on my back, head towards the door, the next thing I knew I had spun around into a kneeling crouch, fists up, my whole body a ballista drawn back and taking aim. The bunk bed shook underneath me. Consciousness booted up after I was already crouched and ready to spring. 
    “Coookieeeees!” The word, called out in gleeful tones from the doorway, took several seconds to condense into any sort of meaning. It took another second or two before my body could unclench and relax. 
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My roommate looked like a victim of Pompeii, buried under blankets of cloth rather than blanketed in volcanic ash. One arm, its shoulder, and his head emerged from under the covers. His mouth hung open, the side of it pressed into his pillow; under his blankets, his body lay contorted, mostly sideways. He might have been a murder victim, but no, his breathing rippled the fabric draped over him, and he snored, just a little.
I am not normally a voyeur, or at least I tell myself I am not, but the fact is that, day or night, I watch people. Sometimes it feels like I’m watching aliens. They speak in strange slang, go around with Facebook constantly in front of their faces…It leaves me wondering if I look so weird to them.  
With my roommate, sleep turned him into something almost grotesque. Did he look so odd because of the way he went from energy drink to collapse, then rinse and repeat? Or is sleep just something that makes everyone look weird? I’ve seen people who
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First Cause: Night
Busy day approaches silent night, approaches but never reaches that perfect
impossible silence.
You lose track of how long you have been awake
listening to inconsistent metronomes—
a toilet flush
a train blaring
your roommate breathing.
You toss aside your blankets to cool down.
The chill sneaks in on you and you bury yourself under fleece and batting once more.
Your brain is a gear, an engine, always spinning.
You drive in contortions, rolling over and back and over again.
If you were a car, this would be a thousand-point turn, going nowhere.
Your legs are like eels, weaving back and forth between the sheets, unable to settle.
Then, all at once, the heat and cold and brain is too much, and you let your restless energy carry you up, out of the embrace of memory foam and warmth.
You brave the cold in your bathrobe as you get your tablet, your keyboard.
With keystrokes, you try to capture elusive ideas, things that keep your brain spinning.
You sit in the dark, the not-quiet, liste
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College Writing: Becoming Character
The face in the mirror
Was not mine
Yet I felt
For a moment or an age
That I knew it
Better than the face I owned
All my life
I had become
Someone new
And at the same instant
Became me
For the first time
This grizzled warrior
Lent me his face
His experience, his skill
His pain
And I felt it as my
That wound in his leg, my leg, our leg...
And I felt too the
wounds where
My soul had never been pierced
But I felt the holes
And heartbreak
That were his, that were mine
And I remembered youth as this boy
Became me
And he lent me the strength
That he had not seen
Or known, before that moment
And that gave me heart to go on
This journey.
To flee from death,
To find my lost love, to bring her back to me.
I could not have done it alone, I think.
Too old, too slow, my leg dragging,
always one
I felt the fire again, the energy he brought
My dull eyes
Shone again with youth and fire
He did not know the path. But he saw
Clearer than I,
Or with determination
To keep goi
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Chyne Varreo by Yrucrem91 Chyne Varreo :iconyrucrem91:Yrucrem91 2 1
    Our conversation snagged a little, as the newscast, background noise playing from a holoscreen, said something important for a change. Uncle Ivan felt it almost the same time as me, accounting for the difference in his reflexes. Mom took a moment longer, continuing to talk lightly, casually, for an extra second and three-quarters as she realized that her brother and I were no longer with her. The newscast had caught our attention, and in another few sentences, she realized why.
    “Kelsey, perhaps you should, ah…” She just wanted to protect me. Hard as it was for her, she had finally started to accept me as her daughter, and to her, in this moment, that meant making sure that I would be able to sleep soundly, untroubled by what that newsfeed was saying.
    “I think this relates to me,” I interrupted her gently. “I’d rather listen than continue in blissful ignorance. Besides—I do
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Operation Asezuldin Part 10
For about the hundredth time within the past 24 hours, Sunderblast was glad she wasn’t in charge of this expedition. She climbed into the bus along with the others. Once everyone was seated, the bus rolled off smoothly to their destination: some kind of rocket launching site further in the city, from what Sunderblast could gather.
At first she spent a few minutes making notes of what had happened the day before on her little standard-issue smartphone, since she had been too tired to journal in the evening. After she had made a brief but thorough log of the rather unusual day, she asked Trevn, “Mack’s already got communications set up between Earth and Asezuldin, right? I guess that means he’s sent a report back to GER:SO.”
“From what he told me Trevn tapped the communicator. “Mack, any word back yet? Sunder’s curious.”
“I’m firing a gravity wave through a constantly shifting dimensional interface, with the goal of i
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Operation Asezuldin Part 9
Grateful for the dryad’s offer of safe shelter, Anna followed Trevn and the other soldiers through the portal with a wave goodbye to Victor, Zavern, and O’Marx. She still felt a little wobbly and out of sorts, but she managed to stay on her feet without assistance.
Entering the portal was like walking into another world for the third time that day. The first difference she noticed was the pleasant temperature: warm and comfortable but not too hot. The next thing she saw was Aspen’s home. Unlike the council headquarters, that had been fashioned to look sleek and modern even with its wood grain wall patterns, this place was the definition of organic. The walls were rough and deeply textured like bark, and the floor was smooth with horizontal lines spreading out in a slight curve from wall to wall. She realized these were actually a section of the tree’s rings; this was just the guest area.
She got the impression that there was light coming from the walls, but she
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Every creative act by DawnPaladin Every creative act :icondawnpaladin:DawnPaladin 4 1 Every creative act by DawnPaladin Every creative act :icondawnpaladin:DawnPaladin 7 1 Onewa HORDIKA POWER by Toa-Shifter Onewa HORDIKA POWER :icontoa-shifter:Toa-Shifter 18 2 Matau HORDIKA POWER by Toa-Shifter Matau HORDIKA POWER :icontoa-shifter:Toa-Shifter 27 2 Toa HORDIKA POWER by Toa-Shifter Toa HORDIKA POWER :icontoa-shifter:Toa-Shifter 36 0 Whenua HORDIKA POWER by Toa-Shifter Whenua HORDIKA POWER :icontoa-shifter:Toa-Shifter 23 0 Vakama HORDIKA POWER by Toa-Shifter Vakama HORDIKA POWER :icontoa-shifter:Toa-Shifter 25 2 Nokama HORDIKA POWER by Toa-Shifter Nokama HORDIKA POWER :icontoa-shifter:Toa-Shifter 34 1 Nuju HORDIKA POWER by Toa-Shifter Nuju HORDIKA POWER :icontoa-shifter:Toa-Shifter 20 2 Vezok by Daizua123 Vezok :icondaizua123:Daizua123 19 4 Nokama Hordika by Daizua123 Nokama Hordika :icondaizua123:Daizua123 19 5 Nuju Hordika by Daizua123 Nuju Hordika :icondaizua123:Daizua123 23 18 My Favourite Zelda Characters by Dark-Anmut My Favourite Zelda Characters :icondark-anmut:Dark-Anmut 5 0 Revali Size by TallGrassArt Revali Size :icontallgrassart:TallGrassArt 2 0 Revali Amigurumi by TallGrassArt Revali Amigurumi :icontallgrassart:TallGrassArt 4 0 More Revali by TallGrassArt More Revali :icontallgrassart:TallGrassArt 5 0
Okay, we are moving into the hottest months of the year (in the north hemisphere anyway), so I thought I would share some tips for staying cool and beating the heat. These can be lifesavers! Heat exhaustion and heatstroke are very real and very deadly; don't let you or your loved ones be a part of that statistic for how many people die due to overheating every year. Please share this around--everyone needs to see it, as a matter of safety.

First and most importantly is to stay hydrated. I worked as staff at day camp in the summer, and the rule there was "drink water
  • every time you change activities
  • every time you walk further than you can throw something
  • every time you feel thirsty, cranky, frustrated, tired, hungry, or your face is red
  • every time you go to the bathroom, especially if you can't pee or your urine is dark colored rather than clear
  • if you're sweaty
  • if you aren't sweating but feel hot
  • if you run out of spit
  • if you can't remember the last time you had a drink
  • if you aren't thinking clearly
  • if you feel fine for no reason after being miserable and too hot (This is one of the signs of heatstroke--your brain is so fried it suddenly can't take it anymore and pumps out endorphins and other "I feel fine" chemicals.… NO IT IS NOT FINE, YOU ARE DYING OF HEATSTROKE!!!)
  • Etc.
  • If you don't feel thirsty, it doesn't matter, drink a mouthful or two of water anyway. It's almost impossible to drink too much water."
It's a guideline meant for kids, but it works just as well for adults. Water is best for hydration, with electrolyte drinks on occasion to help replenish what you sweat out. Soda, coffee, energy drinks, and anything with added sugar is BAD. Metabolizing sugar costs your body more water than you get from a soda, and caffeine further depletes your body's reserves of fluid. Drink more water than anything else.

As a matter of safety, NEVER leave children or pets unattended in a parked car, unless it's somewhere that it will not get any sunshine like inside a parking garage. Even if you think you're only going to be a minute, DO NOT leave a living thing in a car that the sun can quickly turn into an oven. Leaving the windows on your car open partway (at least three finger widths) can help some, but it's not always enough. You don't want to come back to find your little one (human, canine, or otherwise) cooked. Wherever possible, bring them with you.

Look up the symptoms of heatstroke and heat exhaustion, and learn first aid for both. If you, or anyone you see, is suffering those symptoms, COOL OFF. Hydrate, get somewhere cooler, whatever it takes. Often, people suffering heatstroke, dehydration, and similar don't feel hot, or thirsty, and they'll be irritable when you suggest that they're not doing as well as they think they are. Too much heat makes the brain start to shut down--if you are even a little dehydrated or heat exhausted, you are not thinking at your best, and it will only get worse if you don't cool yourself down and get some fluids immediately.

Another way to stay cool is to soak cloths in water, stick them in your fridge or a cooler, then when you need them, you can wrap one around each wrist and one around your neck, touching the skin. When the side towards your skin warms up, flip them around so the other side is against your skin. Cooling the blood vessels at your wrists and neck will have a profound cooling effect throughout the body. If you really want to go all out, you can also wrap another soaked and chilled cloth around your waist, touching the skin and uncovered so that any stray breeze will help the evaporation process.

You can also take a bit of fabric (something thin and not too stretchy) and that water-absorbing gel used for potted plants (Sodium polyacrylate, also called water beads, potting beads, there's a bunch of names for them). Make a long, thin tube out of the fabric, and then stitch across it to divide it into a series of compartments, with just a few of the dry beads in each compartment. The beads absorb a lot of water and expand dramatically in size, so put only as much dry beads in each compartment as it takes to fill it when soaked. My family has a couple of these with about 10 inches of empty fabric on the end, then three sections, each about 6 inches long with water beads, then another ten inches of fabric. The empty ends act as ties, and the filled sections make a nice cooling scarf. The gel-filled sections are about 6 inches long and an inch and a half in diameter when soaked, and when dry there's only a spoonful worth of the beads. A little really goes a long way.

If my directions aren't clear, or you don't want to hassle with sewing, you can look up "cooling scarf" or "gel cooling scarf" on Google. There are ones you can buy, and instructions for making your own. They are life-savers when it comes to beating the heat!

If your house doesn't have air conditioning, try these handy tips to keep it cool:
  • During the day, keep everything closed up; at night, open everything and set up fans to get a breeze going through. (Air in one side, out the other; don't try to have air going two ways through the same window, it doesn't work.) Work with your local weather, rather than trying to fight with those existing outdoor breezes
  • Put up white or light-colored curtains in any windows that let sunshine in. If you can hang said curtains outside the windows, it's even better, since it will block the sun's heat before it gets through your windows.
  • There are plenty of cheap, easy ways to put bug screen over your doorways, including bug curtains that keep insects outside where they belong, but easily part to let people or pets through.
  • Look up a DIY swamp cooler or other improvised AC method. It's amazing what you can do with a slab of ice, a bucket, a fan, a drill or cutting tool, and some duct tape.
  • To keep yourself cool, even if your house isn't, try going to the lower floors, which will hopefully be a little cooler since hot air rises. You can also create a "cloud bubble"--take a large bedsheet, tape one edge to the frame of a fan, and weigh down the other edges. When you turn on the fan, the sheet should inflate to a small den with a nice breeze blowing through, just big enough for you to lay down in and read a book. Combine this with a DIY swamp cooler for even more concentrated chill.
Have a safe, fun summer, and don't let the heat keep you inside. Please share this journal around--you may think it's just common sense, but there are far too many people who don't know these guidelines or don't follow them well.
  • Listening to: Epic Score: Desperate Moment
  • Reading: Safety tips
  • Playing: Real-life Tetris
  • Eating: Leftovers
  • Drinking: Water, water, lots of water

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