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The Beginning
First, there was nothing. Well, there was Nothing. And that's something. So let's just say that there never was nothing for nothing is something and everything was just so seriously screwed up at the beginning that nobody has any idea what happened.
The one thing I do know is that something other than nothing was created by Nothing when it was bored one day. Some people say that it was a "god." Someone believed it was a god which created four elephants on a giant turtle. I want to meet that guy. Some people may even think that what we think is a hamster is really some inter-dimensional being in the shape of what we call a hamster. But I believe that the first thing created...was drugs. Yes. Drugs. How else would Nothing get the idea to create something out of itself except for being high. Heck, it must have created everything in an afterthought at that. If there was thought put into our creation, would we die of little pesky things we call disease? No. Would people  fight ove
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This Love is Silent
This love is silent.
Silent, as in shouting.
Shouting, as in speaking.
Speaking to the silence,
And thinking, what is this?
Why do I hold this pillow so,
As it were to be someone, smiling,
Smiling to the darkness which holds me in its arms,
Depriving me of the horrid light,
Leaving me in the starry night.
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Back in My Day...
   If you live 'till 90, well, you're entitled to yelling "back in my day" at the top of your lungs, as if the past is the only thing which matters. Grandpa would always shout that out, even if the conversation didn't pertain to anything which could benefit from a life story, or an insight into life, or telling us what he used to do.
   The problem with him being old is that you would always have to go to his room in the care center and there is nobody to come by and save you. You couldn't get away from the stories, and, with his mind starting to go, the tall tales of his childhood.
   He spun tales on every subject, from catching frogs down by the river and running faster than the fastest car of his day, to defying death.
  "Back in my day, we didn't have these defribilardors or anything like that. When I died all those years ago, I fought back to life thrice with no damned help from 'technology.' I wonder if any kids these days c
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