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Rocks and Trees, Chapter 3: Memories
The report of Ennis’ brother was concerning on every level. Again and again, Yrdenne read through his notes, watched by the sorrowful eyes of Moira and Ennis. The mysterious disease started rather harmless, with fatigue, a sore throat and itchy skin, but quickly worsened within the first two to three days. After about a week, most sufferers fell into a deep sleep from which they never awoke again.
“I have never heard of a disease like that.” Admitted Yrdenne after she read the notes for a fifth time. “Your brother did very well to quarantine the sufferers immediately, he probably prevented worse. A disease like this can wipe the population of Mahakam from this earth.”
The corners of Ennis mouth twitched and his hands clawed so tight at his mug that his knuckles turned white. Moira wrapped her arms around her stomach and Yrdenne saw how hard she faught against the tears.
“Do you know of anyone who could help us? Maybe one of the Professors in Oxenfurt
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Rocks and Trees, Chapter 2: A New Life
The journey continues!
Make sure to read the prequel:

It was a quiet morning in Vizima. The rising sun broke through the clouds and dyed the sky in a wonderful rainbow from orange to deep pink to blue. The citizens were still asleep and even the town guards leant on their halberds and dozed. Since Temeria became a vassal state of Nilfgaard, life had slowed down. Now that Emhyr var Emreis, Deithwen Addan yn Carn aep Morvudd, The White Flame Dancing on the Barrows of his Enemies, had what he wanted, the illusion of peace covered the Northern Realms like a nice and fluffy blanket.
When the first sunrays fell through the window and tickled her nose, Yrdenne woke up. A slight headache gave evidence that she had drunk a little too much wine last night. Slowly she opened her eyes and looked around. This was not her bedroom. Grey stone walls, a very simple shelf, a chest, a small table and two chairs and simple greyish-blue bedsheets. The only decorative
:iconyrdenne:Yrdenne 9 5
Iorveth and Yrdenne, Chapter 61: Farewell
Happy Birthday to one of my dearest friends and the person who probably supports this thing for the longest time. Thank you for reading this from the first day, and thank you for staying until the end :hug:
Darkness surrounded Yrdenne. She walked through a pitch black corridor towards a light at the end. Her heartbeat was even and she felt calm. Nothing could harm her where she was. But when she approached the light, she recognized that it was no light, but fire. The closer she came, the more intense got the smell of smoke, she heard the crackling flames.
And suddenly she stood on the court of her childhood home.
It was deepest night, but the scenery was lighted by blazing flames. The manor was on fire, and the stables burnt bright. Some metres in front of her lay a body. Yrdenne did not need to go closer to know that it was her mother. Except of her and Osane’s lifeless body the court was empty. The noises of the blaze droned in her ears, but there weren´t any yells
:iconyrdenne:Yrdenne 7 10
Iorveth and Yrdenne, Chapter 60: Fallen
Yrdenne was so upset over Aryells sacrifice that she did not notice the chaos on the court of the Temple. Several windows of the residence were shattered and flames and smoke gushed out. Corpses lay on the muddy ground, dwarves, elves and humans. Not a single knight of the Order had survived. The battle had been merciless, the rage of the dwarves and elves had been relentless. Quickly the fire would spread and make the fall of the Eternal Fire widely visible. So the warriors hurried to get ready to leave, because once someone noticed what had happened, Radovid’s knights and the town watch would come to attack them. While the dwarves carried their fallen brothers to carriages they had found in a barn, some of the Scoia´tael, for some reason wearing the tunics of the knights over their clothing, brought the horses and set the stables on fire. The elves did what they always had done after a successful ambush: They left nothing useful behind, because their survival could depend
:iconyrdenne:Yrdenne 5 8
Iorveth and Yrdenne, Chapter 59: Sacrifice
The dry air in the dusty and narrow machine room got warmer and warmer every minute. Yrdenne’s armour felt heavier with every breath, she sense sweat running down her forehead, her cheeks, her neck. And it must be even worse for Hamfast and Aryell.
Together with the two dwarves he gnome and the alchemist tried to close the broken valve with some pliers Hamfast had found in his tool bag. Bastian stood aside and watched them. He was ashamed that his impulsiveness might have ruined their whole plan. Nervously the innkeeper twiddled with his fingers, his gaze switched from the valve to Yrdenne.
At first their situation seemed hopeless, but then Aryell had the idea to extend the handle of the pliers with two thin pipes. He quickly dismantled them from a less necessary mechanism, slid them over the handle and created a longer lever. Like that the dwarves could work together and slowly, inch by inch, closed the valve. The situation was fraught.
“Oh what a wonderful surprise!
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Iorveth and Yrdenne, Chapter 58: Demons and Fire
The twelve knights of the Order of the Flaming Rose deployed right of Adalbert and drew their swords. On first sight they could seem intimidating, but knowing he had twice the number of heavily armed dwarves in his back, Dalayer stayed calm. He knew these men, he knew how well they were trained, but he also knew about their weaknesses. And the rebels outnumbered them.
“Is that all you can come up with?” Malik laughed.
“Actually, no. These are just the men who were on standby.” replied Adalbert, still a superior smile on his lips. “The arbalests should be ready on the roof in no time.”
Malik raised his right hand, and in one movement half of the dwarves took the huge shields they carried off their backs and formed a shield wall.
“You think arbalests can stop us?” asked Dalayer and finally drew his sword.
“By the gods! Stop chatting and kill these bastards!” a female voice yelled from the watchtower. In the next moment something
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Iorveth and Yrdenne, Chapter 57: Unleash the Flame
The sky was cloudy, and while the sea and the harbour were covered in thick fog, over the town a dim ray of sunlight broke through from time to time. The two men who stood watch at the gate of the Temple of the Eternal Fire were bored. Since the attack on King Radovid, the Novigrad had been quiet and calm. Which was a good thing, because the number of knights had been decimated and the witcher hunters were gone – there was no way the Order of the Flaming Rose could stand their ground in another open fight. But Varnhelm was alert and let them exercise twice a day.
“Aye, a stranger is coming!” called their comrade from the watch tower. Curiously, one of the men opened the little window in the huge portal. Indeed, someone walked on the street towards the Tempel. The man wore the armour of the Order, but the coat of arms on his chest seemed to be somehow damaged. In the sheath on his belt he carried an imposing long sword, and his red cape, dirty from battle and ripped at
:iconyrdenne:Yrdenne 6 8
Iorveth and Yrdenne, Chapter 56: The Last Night
The tension in the meeting room was nearly tangible. Everyone was excited, in one or another way. Yrdenne saw how Aryell just stared at the fireside, his hands clawed into the armrests of his seat. Malik, Wolf and Iorveth started to discuss the time schedule while Hamfast went to get one of his maps, so the gnome could show the entrance they had found.
Yrdenne simply felt sick, panic rose in her stomach.  
This came too suddenly, she was not prepared to fight. All those days, she had known what she was training for. But it had not felt real. Now reality hit her like a punch in the face, the awareness that anyone of them could die took her breath. In this dark, fire-lit room underneath of Novigrad she felt like she was caught in a grave and her heart started beating like she was running for her life.
With trembling hands she watched her friends, but no one seemed to notice her agony.
When Yrdenne finally managed to stand up, her legs felt so week that she was afraid she would fall
:iconyrdenne:Yrdenne 8 10
Iorveth and Yrdenne, Chapter 55: Knights will fall
After Dalayer was gone, Yrdenne turned away from Iorveth and started to unbraid her hair. The elf kept quiet, laid his sword next to Yrdenne’s on her writing table and took his boots and gambeson off. And then he sat down on the bed and watched her, how she carefully hair brushed her hair, how she poured water into the washbasin and washed the blood off her face.
“Iorveth?” Yrdenne asked after she had dried her skin with a towel. “Why does it bother you so much that Dalayer… still has feelings for me?” She did not turn around, but watched his reaction in the mirror.
“It does not bother me,” Iorveth stated coldly. “I just don´t want you to be hurt again. And he will hurt you.”
“You have hurt me, too.” she reminded him. “Who grants me that you don´t hurt me again?”
“I never meant to hurt you.” Iorveth stood up and laid his hands on her shoulders. “You know I would do anything t
:iconyrdenne:Yrdenne 7 11
Cover: Drakenborg by Yrdenne Cover: Drakenborg :iconyrdenne:Yrdenne 4 7
Iorveth and Yrdenne, Chapter 54: Cut Too Deep
In their next meeting, Wolf was quite surprised when Dalayer and Hamfast revealed where they had been the previous day. The elf had been well aware that there must be secret escape routes in the Temple; this was the very reason why he had allowed Dalayer to join their meetings. But he had already given up the hope that the knight knew where they were, after all the arguments.
It turned out that, indeed, Dalayer did know where the secret doors were inside the Temple and the residence, but not where they exited. And he did not see a problem in just fighting their way through the front gate. Secretly the knight had hoped if they chose this way, he could warn Thule and Adalbert, maybe even Remigius, and help them to escape. But since he knew Yrdenne would be with them, he had changed his mind drastically.
“So, the initial problem we had was how to get into the Temple area. The cleft that separates the Temple and the surrounding buildings from the town is an obstacle, sure. But what y
:iconyrdenne:Yrdenne 5 6
Iorveth and Yrdenne, Chapter 53: No Return
The following night, the winter returned to Novigrad and covered the city under a thick blanket of snow and ice. The harsh frost returned with all its strength, even the air in the tunnels became so cold that Dijkstra's ad Thaler's men constantly tried to warm their fingers with steaming breath. Yrdenne and Cjardeth worked together, wrapping the patients in thick blankets and providing hot stones. During the night, three men died in the sick bay, and no one could figure why. Their injuries had been severe, but everyone – including Yrdenne – had been positive about their survival. They died silently, just slipped away into the eternal darkness without anyone noticing. Some of the guards would later whisper that the Wild Hunt had passed Novigrad and had taken their souls with them. 
During the next days, those of the injured who were able to returned to their families, one after another. Perhaps also because there were not much the healers could do to improve their recov
:iconyrdenne:Yrdenne 4 0
Rocks and Trees, Chapter 1: Prologue/ Sneak peek
The night was cold and the snow glistened in the light of a moon as pale as bone. It was silent in the court of Kaer Morhen, and the frozen white blanket let the location of the previous battle seem surprisingly innocent. Iorveth leant against the wall, next to him the white-haired witcher. They were both exhausted and still on an adrenaline rush, and while his old nemesis – the elf chuckled over this denomination – Vernon Roche had drunk too much and went a little nuts, the elf took a breath of fresh air with his old friend Geralt of Rivia. Inside the dismal and grey castle, Roche threw mugs against walls and tried to follow the Scoia´tael commander to “kill this pointed eared bastard with my bare hands”. Therefore, Iorveth preferred to stay outside until the drunk Temerian gave up or fell asleep – just in case.
“How the hell did you manage to insult the Wild Hunt, gwynbleidd?” asked the elf with steaming breath. The cold did not bother h
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Iorveth and Yrdenne, Chapter 52: My Enemy's Foe
The morning was peaceful and silent, no traces of the storm that had raged on Hemmelfart square, and no hints of the blaze that was flaring underneath the surface. The sun shone through the curtains and painted patterns of bright light and shadows on the walls of the guest room. When Yrdenne woke up, she found herself in Iorveth’s arms. A warm sensation spread through her chest, the awareness that he was still there.
“Good morning, sleepy head” the elf murmured when he noticed she was awake.
“You are still here” Yrdenne stated, with a dozy smile she met his gaze.
“Of course I am. You lie on my arm” he replied with a wink.
“Oh!” quickly Yrdenne sat up to release his arm, “I am sorry…”
Iorveth sat up and stroke her head. “I did not say I didn´t like it” the elf chuckled. “But even though I would not mind staying here all day… I think we should get up. Faoiltiarna will not be amused if we
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Daily elfie 14: Tea time by Yrdenne Daily elfie 14: Tea time :iconyrdenne:Yrdenne 11 4 Daily elfie 13: Jam and Stuff.... by Yrdenne Daily elfie 13: Jam and Stuff.... :iconyrdenne:Yrdenne 5 6

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Welcome to the world of Iorveth and Yrdenne.
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You might know Iorveth, the proud Aen Seidhe and the ruthless leader of the Scoia´tael, the bloodthirsty monster, the regular son of a whore.
Maybe you followed his path in Witcher2: Assassines of Kings, or maybe you fought him.
But what if there is more than his war against dh'oine?

This is my personal counteractoin against his exclusion from Witcher3: The Wild Hunt.
(Shame on you, CD Project Red, shame on you!!!)
In Witcher3 many of us missed Iorveth, deeply. Even more, when we heard about the cut content...

This profile is dedicated to my personal headcanon, my extention to the Witcher Universe. Dive into the story of Iorveth and his little sister Yrdenne.

Find short stories and poems here:…

Find chrochet-iorveth´s tumbler here:…

Several of the characters in my story, the setting as well as the locations are from The Witcher game series by CD Project Red and The Witcher book series by Andrzej Sapkowski!

What is beauty compared to grief?
What is joy in league with sorrow?
A dead rushes' fleet drifting on a quiet tide


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