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New She-ra

Netflix She-ra and the Princesses of Power
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Say no to He-ra!!!
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I'd say you did an excellent job drawing her. Keep drawing more okay? Also...wish someone would post more scenes of her from the animated show she's from onto Sakugabooru? Know what I mean?

I always thought the ruby was somehow held in her Tiara, but apparently it just floats freely in front of her head...
I find that weirdly funny, to be honest. I mean, what happens if you try to touch it? Can you take the Gem? Does it float away, when you try to grasp it?
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Magnificent! This truly captures how hopeful Princesses of Power feels to me. 
Cute and clean! Very well done.
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I love the new look of She-Ra... and i love your version!
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In her drawing I was able to see Adora (She-Ra) as a character at least a bit feminine and very pretty, and I must say more, even though she is darned as younger than in her current series, she Adora (She-Ra) that you designed looks more feminine than the one shown on Netflix.

Look, watching the new She-Ra, I must say that the new look, the design of Dan She-Ra and very ugly indeed, okay the old one was exaggerated, but it was better, She-Ra was a beautiful woman because strength and beauty walked together in drawings of heroes of that time (1980s). What do you think of the new She-Ra, the trace, the shadow, the colors, the history and the new desing?
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hm, i really like the colors. :P
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The reboot has objectively better character design, literally ask any professional worth their salt in the animation industry and they'll tell you the same thing.
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You definitely captured new She-Ra's personality. ^-^
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So Awesome^^
New She-ra is the bestUndyne Emoticon Icon Gif - Undertale 
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really pretty! I love her pose
Now we're talking: A proper girl instead of a man in drag! Nice job here!
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The "man in a drag bullshit is based on one frame. ONE.
I saw another frame in the cartoon and neither did that look very nice. The cartoon isn't out yet so this ONE frame is pretty much all we got, and boy oh boy was it terrible.
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There are two additional frames plus the official character design and those look fine. People seem to be hating on principle at this point and anyone who disagrees is literally Anita apparently.
Also where is the third frame? I only came across 2.
Two of the three frame look bad (with the most viewed being atrocious). Also the concept art looks decent but it's not the cartoon, those frames are. They can pick any frame they want but NO, it has to be a scene where the heroine looks like a man in drag.

And would you please keep your damn politics out of this discussion of ART?
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I'm sorry but what politics are you talking about? Who are the people who can't shut up about how this new series is an intentional attack on conventional femininity?
Because it was under attack for sometime! Both the regressive left and the alt-right seems to be trying to do so! Sure, 4 years of nonsense have made some of us too paranoid but most of us are still sane, you are taking this out of context! Also they are acting all paranoid, I'M NOT! Don't try to drag other people in!

Your "literally Anita" bit, seriously, we are discussing the new She-Ra design and you have to bring in SJWs, as soon as those people get involved everything turns into baseless accusations and utter nonsense!
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Well that's confusing. You're telling me not to politicize it, while at the same time saying why people have every reason to politicize it. Kinda hard to to not mention the whole dispute around SJWs when my youtbe feed is loaded with videos covering it and Appabend appears to be the only one on our end who isn't presenting it as feminist propaganda.
This week and especially wednesday has been a trainwreck for the comicsgate team, and coincidentally, the magicgate team also managed to embarrass themselves with an unrelated controversy, but don't mind me, I'm venting.
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