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:iconypodkaaay:YpodkaaaY posted a status
I really don't get bashing fetishes. I mean I get the occasional self deprecation or playful jabs at them, but there are some honestly despicable people, and really seeing "cringe" and "bleach" everywhere just made it lose it's meaning.

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Swoopy1116 Featured By Owner Edited Aug 26, 2017  Professional Artist
The only fetishes that really piss me off to the point I want to bash, is scat fetish, and diaper fetish.

Dev-Catscratch's belly button fetish has also pushed me over the edge on occasion.

Though there are times where fetish shaming pisses me off, like, I have a fetish, but I choose not to admit it all the time so that I don't get people on my ass because of it.

Most fetishes don't bother me to bashing levels, though. I mean, sure, a lot of fetishes disgust me, but, I try not to bash too much, to avoid looking like a dick. I usually criticize at most.
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