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December 4, 2007
I tried to make a "more than meets the eye" joke, but I couldn't because icon for transformers by ~ypf make a fantastic impact at first glance. Even a non-Transformers fan will appreciate the sleek techno style of these icons.
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icon for transformers

this is my second icons!
you can see my inspiration comes from transformers.
hope you like it!
I am sorry everyone! the png file I have uploaded now. about 65 icons (256*256)for download!
thank you very much!!!
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ko biết cài thế nào

tải thế nào?

Nice kid. Thanks

Many Thanks..

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Still, Late End 2019 ROCKS

morbidmikey's avatar
how to download
Nikopollumero's avatar
Awesome, I was searching an icon for my sound and your "AUDIO CD" might just do it !
Nice work.
Hollow-Lapaix's avatar
Any plans for Decepticon Icons???
Vindicta-Prime's avatar
Amazing! Thank you soo much pal.
levens-software's avatar
Super cool.. great work dude.. amazing!
MurielMeg's avatar
So awesome!! But how the heck do you install these !?!? It would be nice if someone posted the tutorial link publicly so everyone knew at once... iseddie 
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Amazing work! love this set :Q_____
thankssss great.!
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this is crazy! How can you apply it? 
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