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First.. what's an illuvian?

An illuvian is a mythical creature that lives near any large body of water. They are mainly aquatic mammals who feed on water plants and algae. Each illuvian is the reincarnation of a human with a wish to improve the world and revert it back to it's natural state. When the human dies, a random female illuvian becomes pregnant with the child having the dead human's soul. Illuvians can only bare three children in their lives, and only one at a time. There is no 'cooldown time' between pregnancies, and can happen from ages 7-40 due to their lifespan being 50-60. Under their shaggy fur they have large talons that are curved in a way to help push water to propel them gracefully under the water. Their spines are curved upwards, making their back legs longer than their front legs making them quite clumsy on land. They are mostly furred, but their underbelly/tails are scaly.Their long whiskers (if they have them) help them to navigate under the water if they live in dark places. Illuvians with whiskers usually also have a weak 'night vision' and shorter fur. They can also hold their breath for up to four hours. Illuvians who've adapted to more shallow waters have no need for whiskers or night-sight since they live close to the surface. They also lack the webs between their claws and thicker fur since they don't need to generally snake through tight places. Females lack horns. Illuvians generally live in small tribes of 7-16 illuvians per tribe, each having a lead male. A female is never a leader unless she defeats the male. Illuvians can also make it rain the first liquid they touched. When an illuvian dies, it goes to the afterlife that suits its spirit.

Adoption info

Name: Sparkling Pond
Gender: Male
Precipitation: Boiling water
price: 100p

Name: Creek Reflection
Gender: Male
Precipitation: Water
Price: 200p

3: Sold rickybeanboy 

Extra info
You may change the gender or add slight changes to look and/or name.
You may NOT change precipitation.
You may NOT sell/trade this character without permission (easier to track owner).
You MAY DEFINITELY NOT claim this species as your own, as it is mine.
You will pay before I send you the complete ref with no watermark.
This is first-come first-serve, but I can hold you one for up to a week.
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look at the floofy feets!