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Chrome Glass

By yoyos
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Files not Installing.........

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Just downloaded , Thanks alot for sharing

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I'm aware that I'm late, but I suggest taking this down before it's forcible done so.

This is stolen content, posted without the original creators permission.

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how do i make it a cursor

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Nice cursor set! Thumb's Up!

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This triggers virustotal badly. You guys check all executables before downloading them and running them on your computer, right? RIGHT?? I looked at these comments and noticed that someone else claimed to have made these cursors and this person took them. The claimant's page also has these cursors in another format, which I'm figuring out now how to examine for viruses and install if free of them. I would be suspicious of this one.

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Trabalho memorável, me acompanha a anos. Realmente tem coisas q vem pra ficar!

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I still use this set since I found it on one of those arbitrary cursor sites (cursors-4u I think). After 10+ years I still find myself defaulting back to it every time! Thank you.:love:

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Same here, i use it on every pc i run, it's by far the most clean and stock looking for any os

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cool cursor, nice in between, not too intense.

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Thank you ! Really nice set.

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There is a download button at the right side bar, though there are probably ads over it. Try scrolling down if there are ads.
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Right below the "Add to Favorites Button." It's still at the right side of the page. Upper right side.
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bro i downloaded it when i open setup it say error cant open setup cause file in wrong place what to do?

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Try placing it on your desktop and then right-click it then choose 'Run as Admin'.

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When i am doing some operations,like zooming in a picture, the cursor will sitches into default pattern,is there any solution?   maybe it is due to the customization of windows is not ideal???
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Right click and run as admin, the go to mouse properties -- pointers, choose chrome glass under scheme
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Really loving this cursor, thank you for sharing yoyos :)
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