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I'm hoping to add new Facebook fans now through the end of June, so I'm having a drawing on my Facebook page:…

You can get entered in the drawing a number of ways.
1)  Become a new fan
2)  Share a You've Got Maille facebook post on your own Facebook page
3)  Tweet or blog about YGM and then comment on the thread with the Conquistador coin on the FB page
4)  Refer a friend!  If someone "likes" my page as a result of your referral, put a note on that same thread, or have them mention you in a comment on the page.

Of course you can do ALL of the above (unless you're already a fan then you can't do #1, but there are still lots of other options).  For each one, your name goes in the hat again.  So you have a chance of getting entered LOTS, assuming you have lots of friends who will do your bidding.

Apparently Facebook has changed the way its pages work.  If you want to see updates from me, I can either pay them, or you can comment or like stuff on my page.  Otherwise you have to actually visit to see my updates (grrrr...).  So, this is my way of getting lots of activity and getting the word out!

Oh, I almost forgot!  The prize is a $25 gift certificate, and if enough names go in the hat I will raise the stakes and make the dollar amount bigger.  It'll be valid on the website, Artfire shop, Etsy shop, Fragrant Mushroom Gallery if you're local, or I'd be happy to do custom work for you.

This runs till the end of June.  Just want to say, thanks so much for following me, both here on dA and over on FB.  I am humbled and honored that people actually like what I do.  Thank you!
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I forgot to mention... if you are a fan on the Facebook page, you're automatically entered monthly for other free goodies, so go for it :)