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I think this is my favorite piece I've done.
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Aug 20, 2009, 12:58:48 AM
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Oh that's wonderful. I love how you have the anodized rings matching the topaz. (And I'm jealous of your faceted wrap. I've yet to get any of those to work for me.)
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I was kind of amazed it worked since the pointed part was really deep. Thanks!
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I've got a really deep rutilated quartz that I'm bickering with at the moment. Stupid good deals you can't pass up!
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Do you have a stash of stones that are "too pretty" to do anything with? I mean, I want to do something with them but it has to be AMAZING so... I never do anything with them.

And then the ones that I was like "meh... I'll wrap this one I guess" turn out awesome. Silly wire muse.
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Yes! I've been on the hunt for purple labradorite and I finally found one with a great rainbow, but it's a high cab drop and intimidating the hell out out me. Likewise a purple ammolite.

Exactly- I swear there's an inverse connection between how much I like the base stone and how good the wrapping goes.

I have four meteorites wrapped, and of course my favorite that I splurged on for myself totally failed but the big square that doesn't work with a girl of my built turned out pretty awesome :p
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I've got some titanium druzy and some gorgeous moonstones.

But then... I can take them out and pet them and say "My preciousssss...."
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I'm so glad this is a moderately common disorder...
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Gorgeous!! It looks like it should be in a store that sells diamonds!
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This piece is beautiful! I love mystic topaz and the wire wrapping is amazing!
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It's beautiful, I love the crystal and the way the colors of the rings compliment it! You know how I am about crystals! lol
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Heehee, thanks! It's supposed to be mystic 'topaz' but I imagine it's basically made the same as a crystal, I dunno. I need to get some more like it, they're psychedelic.
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They are beautiful!
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wonderful love the colourflow in the rings :)
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Helm chain, right?
How did you get the coloring on the rings, and what metal are they?
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The colored rings are anodized Niobium. And yep, Helm.
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I haven't tried niobium yet. Did you anodize them yourself? They transition colors rather smoothly.
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Yep, my favorite thing about Niobium, other than the iridescence. I have them anodized by (they are awesome).
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Wow, that's really beautiful :)
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