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I've created a new dA account specifically for modeling. 
I will give my new username ONLY to those who ask.
Reason is, a stalker named STAR GAZER, A.K.A LUKE SKY, JEG GREEN, RAYNOR YO, BAN JU will not leave me be. 
I do not want them to ever bother me again, so I have to be secretive- even though I shouldn't have to be...
Freedom is fickle when it's being abused.

Anyway please ask me for my new username if you'd like to continue following my modeling progress.

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STEWNAMIStudent Traditional Artist
Can I please have your modeling page name?
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would like to go on follow you, followed you on the old account, took me long to find you again.
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Would like user name to follow
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CaseyDNHobbyist Photographer
:( I'm sorry youve had these troubles. I would like your username if you will allow it :hug: