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I know big title for someone as inactive on here as me haha... I like DeviantART but no one gives a shit about my art unless I were to start drawing ponies or Dr. Who fanart. Not to mention the art thieving digital age tweens... The truth hurts. 

Anyway, I've been doing a lot of things with my art including clothing and posters, my clothing options are in the previous journal but more importantly, my etsy account.…

I would change my username if I had a premium membership (is it still called that?) 

The name was spurred by a dream where an extra terrestrial came out of a sarcophagus and gave me a piece of gum (so I thought). He told me to get as high as I possibly could and spit it out with as much momentum as I could force. The world I dreamt was in turmoil and the highest up I could get was the top of a roller coaster. So I road the coaster and on the very highest slope spit the gum into the air. It burst into flames and grew to be the size of a wealthy person's house. The spit comet blazed across the sky, seemingly bringing peace to the world.

I know it means nothing but it was quite a night.

Please check out my shop! I'll admit I'm not doing well financially (who is?) and my wacom tablet is busted, super upset about that because I've had it less than two years and rarely used it until recently. Oh the struggles of lower middle class americans. Only kidding, I've got it pretty damn good. It only seems not good when I compare my monetary wealth with that 1% of assholes hoarding all the meaningless paper power. True wealth is in your love and in your health, so in that case I am thriving. Thank you for the continued support even though my inactivity... I know I'm the absolute worst but I've given my reasons.
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