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I love you
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"I love you".. a one page comic strip about the relation between the concept of love depicted in the abstraction of a phrase within a speech balloon in contrast with the changing emotional states of a person screaming out the phrase on the phone..yet the concept stays the same after the person is gone..
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Years later, this is still one of my favourite pieces of art on this site.
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This is incredible
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the more times it's read the more it seems to say. even though its been a while congrats on the DD :)
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I can only imagine him saying it when he's happy.
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CeleryBear|Student Traditional Artist
This really speaks. And it isn't just saying what it says in the speech bubbles. I am quite astonished by the depth of these rather simple-seeming, 7 panels. Very good.
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You know, I saw this thing when it was a DD, and I still find find myself coming back to it.
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wow... that actually hurt to read, I've had that done/said to me... that way... *sad*
it's beautiful.
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kivaaa|Student Traditional Artist
Have you ever heard Distractions by Zero 7? If you haven't here's a link (to youtube): [link]
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Such drastic Emotions.
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verry nice i love the consept. verry "out of the box"
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Wow, the phrase stays exactly the same, without any points or exclamations, yet you can almost hear his voice rising and changing in each frame! A very lovely illusion. :) Very clever, on your part.

I find it very hard to put raw emotion down on paper and illustrate it, but you've done a very good job. A lovely work of art all around! :)
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NexyInes|Hobbyist General Artist
Nice way of showing the really and the illusion of the phrase.
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this is powerful!
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Wow excellent expression!
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Emotional, deep, and all I can think of to say is "aww!" =_=; Articulation was never my strongest suit.
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Thats an amazing depiction of how even when no ones there to say it theres always the sense that love is there, Bravo I did enjoy this very much. one question though: Its said even apart Love blossoms, but what if something happens? say that the lovers seperate from fighting...say one thought he made his love mad and he didn't know what to do but run. was running the right choice for the man?
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full of emotion

you can almost feel the sadness in the end as he is gone, yet the meaning remains.

It's very sad...
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wow :dance:
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god. this really made me feel something when I saw this. This picture is full of emotion. Very few people can do that in a painting. Masterpiece.
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KikuFire|Hobbyist General Artist
I LOVE this!!! I really love the concept you used, that you still love someone despite any arguments or anything :)
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Morgue-Macabre|Hobbyist General Artist
this is an amazing piece. that like many others hit an emotional spot in my heart.

I went through 5 years of saying I love you with the person i loved using that emotion against me....and eventually telling me i was uncapable of love...pft...

anyway an amazing piece thank you for sharing it with us all.
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This is just how I feel right now.
I love him.
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