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This month is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. I have created bracelets, Hello Kitty Victorian Rings and Pins to help the foundation. Last year with your help, YourSweetTreat has donated over $450! On the side we also helped Haiti's Relief. You can also directly go to and click on the categories "Breast Cancer Awareness" to view the items. I hope you will enjoy these items and help out by either purchasing one item or even telling a friend about it. Thank you for all of your support.
Boy oh Boy its been tough for YST. So much work to do!
As we speak I am printing some flyers out for tomorrows Car show Long Beach Drift Show. hehehe. Yeah :D I'll be promoting my line at car shows as well! Lets see how well that will work out.

Well On my blog I asked people about what kind of contests I should have on YOURSWEETTREAT? I'm also thinking of having contests here on DA. Anything Art, Photography, Whatever that seems awesome...

The winner will win lots of cool prizes.

Would you want to enter this kind of contest?
I wanted to say thank you to everyone that is favoriteing my art.

Please do not be afraid to add me as a friend. I will add you back as well. :D
I've been working very hard on my work and hopefully you all enjoy it!

Anyways if you want to see more go to


- Nina
I've worked so hard this week. Oh man! Anyways I posted up new items on my ebay. Go to my website and on the right hand side there's my ebay link.

Hope you'll enjoy my handmade goodies!
Free give away donut rings! Read how you can get these free treats this week! #FreeGiveAway #GiveAway -
I'm doing a give away today on my website. You can go on it and click on the photo on the right side (the citrus necklace). Leave a comment and you'll have a chance to win the necklace :]
I used to have a Deviantart with all of my art. I decided to make a new one with my new line YourSweetTreat!

I will try to update this as much as I can, along with all the other sites I have. =) I hope you'll enjoy my work!