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Ursula's Transformation in Vanessa)
pensil sketch, postwork in PSCS5, details in Adobe Ilustrator and own texture

The little mermaid. Disney

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By far the most stunning Ursula/ Vanessa work I've seen! The colours and water effects are amazing!
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Wish there was one for Part of that World and Poor Unfortunate Souls
I am in love with this image! I am writing Ursula's backstory on Wattpad ("Most Unfortunate Soul: Ursula's Story by Rachel Shubert) and I'd like your permission to use this image as my digital book cover. It comes closest to how I describe young Ursula-- having dark hair and amethyst-colored eyes. (I know this is Vanessa; it's still perfect.)

I would attribute this to you in the description, of course. Everyone should see your stuff!
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My favorite part of your work, apart from the gorgeous rendering, is the distinctive faces you give these familiar characters.  It truly breathes fresh, new life into them.
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"Oh crap, humans can't breath underwater! Gurgle gurgle gurgle..." *drowns*

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Oh no she didn't. :)
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Nice to see this, makes a lovely change :)
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Your view is interesting. She`s beautiful, but still bad :heart: 
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ooooo I love this! well done!
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omg this is amazing! may I use it for the cover of a fanfic about Ursula. I will make sure to give you credit.
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You're artwork is incredible. I wish I was talented enough to do digital art.
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OMG, perfect!!! :ooo
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Gorgeous, the magic truly shines and stands out from the picture.
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Her hair looks amazing!
Gorgeous! I love how you did her hair :D
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Love the colors! This is amazing.
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amazing, good to see some love for ursula/vanessa.
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This is the only thing I've seen on DA that's made me say "OMG". In a good way :XD:
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