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“If you hate going to the beach you'll like Botswana a little bit more.”

G E N E R A L    I N F O R M A T I O N

NAME: Dineo Boikanyo

NICKNAME(S): Botswana

AGE: 17-19

DATE OF BIRTH: September 30, 1966

 Libra-September 24 - October 23

  TYPE: Tall, A bit muscular

HEIGHT: 5’10

ORIENTATION: Panromantic Pansexual

religion: Badimo


JOB:Country, Military service

POSITION: landlocked Country

steady hands
persuasive attitude



over thinker


A very passionate, but forgetful young man he tends to keep quiet unless the  partner is well known. He enjoys talking politics and listening to other people talk about things that make them happy. Being a bit older he has a rather large tolerance for the younger countries and ‘so-so’ parenting techniques he like to try on them. As old as he is his perception of the world and things he know are promptly changing, although he is adapting slower to them he is still making an effort to change! Botswana, being a landlocked country, and as history would allow it, he didn’t get much contact with other countries that didn’t border him, now he prefers to be alone. He has no built up anxiety from never having to censor himself or worry about what others thought, so from time to time he’ll so unusual or embarrassing things with a straight face as if it was normal. He likes technology, due to his country becoming one of the fastest and steadiest developing countries in the world, and being the #2 country leading the world in diamonds, he has his ears pierced and will switch out the earring from real authentic diamonds )only occasionally, for instance like a dinner party or meeting with his boss) to the standard black round piercing when he is alone or with friends. With such a young population he feels an odd sense of entitlement to them. With the state of his capital now busy and consider a no rest zone for gambling, diamonds and business his sleeping schedule is forever off and he will waste his time with nonsense activities. While he does like to raise cattle, the many living in his large backyard are mainly cows, elephants and rhinos, he is a sucker for small animals and has, on more than one occasion, brought in small frogs and snakes into his house. on the topic of his large backyard, the greatly diverse plant life, animal and environment can and has changed his attitude immediately. The high salt and heat in the area gives him frequent heartburn and small, miniscule headaches. The idea of war doesn’t frighten him as much as it used to, growing up hearing all the stories from his childhood. Even though he is a bit overbearing on to his younger siblings he tries his hardest not to overstep others boundaries. And peace is best!



200 to 2000 AD
The Bantu speaking people migrated down from the Katanga area of now modern day Zambia and DRC and into Northern Botswana just above the Okavango delta. The two main large groups of migrants were the Nguni and Sotho-Tswana, both coming from the South. While the Nguni settled into the Highland North while the Sotho-Tswana settled into the South, known today as northern South Africa.

By 1000 AD the Dutch had completely colonized South Africa, (except for the Western and Northern cape) and was making his way into Botswana, or the Bantu speaking land. Since the beginning of 1095 AD He noticed a new culture rise ever since the Khoisan brief stay. Mainly in South-Eastern Botswana the culture erupted predominantly from the Kgalagadi people from Moritsune Hill near Gaborone With a new take on Pottery from his sister, he mixed the new simple more Western traditions with the older iron age ones. The culture that arose is most commonly known as Lydenburg culture, Which can be found in Transvaal.

In the Eastern Central part of Botswana the other tribes had a thriving farming/cattle culture. And nearly only 800 and 1000 km away! The culture however was dominated by the Chief living on Toutswe hill, between the periods of 600-700 AD to 1200-1300 AD the prosperity of their land was based off of their agriculture and cattle. The land had many large corrals in the capital town and plenty of small scores in hill top villages. Being the way they are the Toutswe people were great hunters and moved North-West towards the Kalahari to trade with the Limpopo people.Many things were being traded back and forth, even currency. The trades had been as far as Tsodilo! Their agreement lasted until 700 AD.

The trades did not last long as the Toutswe tribes were captured by the Mapungubwe people 1200 to 1300 AD at the top of the hill at the Limpopo Shashe confluence. Mapungubwe had been developing since 1058 AD, forcefully trading Gold and bringing it to the south where it could be delivered via Indian Ocean. Now defeated, the site of the Toutswe site now abandoned one town was left, the Bosutswe, a hill-top town in the west, which supplied the state with hunting products, caught by Khoean hunters, and with Khoesan cattle given in trade or tribute from the Boteti River. But Mapungubwe's triumph was short-lived, as it was superseded by the new state of Great Zimbabwe, north of the Limpopo River, which flourished in control of the gold trade from the 13th to the 15th centuries. No one really knows how Westward the great Zimbabwe empire stretched.

Early 19th century to mid 20th century 

In the late 19th century hostility broke out between the Shona inhabitants and the Ndebele who infact, just migrating in from the Kalahari desert. The tension also raised when the Boers and Dutch settlers from Transvaal decided to settle into the land. Now with Germans (aka Prussians) attacking him from the West and and the Dutch attacking him from the South along with Zambia attacking him from the East Botswana had his leader Khama the III go put in an appeal for the protection of the British. With the help of Sebele I it was made official on March 31, 1885. The Ndebele kingdom was now renamed the Bechuanaland by the British.

The entirety of Bechuanaland was rather large, causing his enormous growth Spurt. With the enourmous growth of the country in such little time, South Africa had the Southern tip annexed into itself, pushing for the whole country none the less. Formerly annexed in 1911. When the Union of South Africa was formed in 1910 South Africa had pushed for Botswana to join a bit more than she did the other joining contenders. But with blatant miscommunication and vague treaties with the local tribes the British eventually had to drop it.  The election of the National Party government in 1948, which instituted apartheid, and South Africa's withdrawal from the Commonwealth in 1961, ended any prospect of incorporation of the territories into South Africa.

With Britian now beating down his back along with other foreign countries, England, with a raised central authority made the move to make two councils when it came to voting and running along with government rule. The European and African advisory councils established in 1956. After 10 years of reasoning and providing evidence and proof he was prepared for self governance, England granted it to him in 1961, along with a constitution pre-established and a consultative legislative council.

Early 21st century to present time 

In June of 1967 England once again looked towards letting Botswana self govern itself. The decision moved from South Africa to Botswana in his newly established capital, Gaborone in 1965. With luck and great success the meeting opened up grounds for a constitution written by their current president. This eventually paved the way towards Botswana’s independence on September 30, 1966. During this time the Okavango delta was becoming an important part of the tourism part of the economy, causing Chief’s island to thrive.



quiet spaces
little children
actually attending the World meetings
getting work done
being considered a big brother by other nations
getting spoiled by the women of his nation
listening to Okavango speak
being alone
loud party scenes
being considered inferior


3 DOS:

be funny
shorter than him
emotionally mature
rude to older people/children
embarrassing people /you know who you are/

T E N   F U N F A C T S:
  1. He can speed read
  2. Botswana is a great multi tasker
  3. He justs so happens to be left handed
  4. he has to tie his hair back when little kids are around
  5. he prefers when his partners are older than him
  6. He’ll contradict himself a lot and can be a huge hypocrite to what he believes in
  7. He likes children’s cartoons and puppet shows! They make him feel safe.
  8. although he has a huge problem with cursing he finds it hilarious when quiet people do so
  9. He thinks about death  a lot and being human
  10. His lips have never been dry-there are at least 3 chapsticks in his pocket at any hour of the day

       R E L A T I O N S H I P S: S U M M A R Y


⋆F A M I L Y⋆

South Africa: egotistical older sister with a bad habit of babying him at his age.

Bonoko: Sweet younger sister that is always on his side.

Zimbabwe: Cool mom that was too good to him growing up.

Zambia: Asshole uncle who no one respects although he is very strong.

Namibia: Calmed little sister.

United Kingdom: Stepdad he doesn’t resent

Prussia: Not a step dad he lets believe is a step dad

America: Younger brother with personal space issues

Canada: Younger brother who built up his military

Seychelles: Younger cousin with a fast mouth

The Comoros: he looks up to Botswana.

Egypt: Uncle with sand and pyramids

Dr. Congo: Doesn’t want to admit to his father status, but he’ll crack

☎F R I E N D S☎

    Sweden: Old man who made diplomatic relations early

    Maurutis: her chest was so flat when they met he thought she was a boy

    Iceland: Annoying, loud and gay: the trinity

    Hong Kong: They lived together under English colonization-considers him a brother

    South Korea: It started out as a social experiment, but now its forever. Oops.

    Guinea Bissau: Pretty sure they’re brothers by now

    Liechtenstein: young looking oldster-can relate

    China: I know you better than anyone

    Brazil: Broke into my house to say hi once, our relation to each other is strong now!

    India: called me at two in the morning about elephants when I didn’t have many

    Thailand: Called me at three in the morning to see my elephants when I had enough

    Cuba: Cool guy who knows more about things then he lets on.

    Morocco: I don’t know why he’s so mysterious, he talks the loudest though.

✿R I V A L S✿

South Africa: We’re good now, but not as good as we could have been.

Dr. Congo: Admit you’re my dad, all signs point to yes.

Zambia: How in the hell are you able to talk so casually to me?

England: I can’t stay mad at you, but I still can so yeah

☼G R O U P S/T R I O S/S H I P S☼

    India/Thailand/Botswana: Elephant trio

    Namibia/Bonoko/Botswana: Original children Trio

    Seychelles/Botswana/Mauritius/Madagascar/Lesotho: Cousins’ alliance

    Seychelles/Botswana: Odd fish pair

    Bonoko/Botswana/Estonia: Black, Blue and white trio

    S. Korea/Botswana: Middle pair

    Liechtenstein/Botswana/Iceland: young looking oldsters trio

    Botswana/Namibia: Original friends pair

    Botswana/England: bad attitude pair

D E F I N I T I O N  O F  Y O U R  C H A R A C T E R    

4   s h o r t   s t o r i e s

In chronological order-in 5 or more sentences write 4 moments from their life that defined who they were


He was 3 when he collectively started to grasp memories and family. It was through watching the children of his village did he develop any sense of community and belonging. The older women would fashion him clothes and tell him stories of their travels throughout the vast land. He liked them more than the other kids, although he didn’t know why. He would pick up on their language quirks and fall through to their traditions, but when the people move he couldn’t follow. The young boy would then proceed to fall backwards and wait for his sisters to comfort him, shamefully admitting he would sometimes cry as well when he told this story. When the new wave of entirely different people arrived a new family arrives as well for him to latch onto, but even then he doesn’t feel as close to them as they do to him. Its with that realization that he isn’t one of them that he distance himself and when big sister Mapungubwe asked what he’d done that day he would look away and lie because lying is easier than embarrassment in his opinion. He likes being alone and intends to keep it that way.


Being a bit older now the thought of being alone didn’t haunt his as much as it could. Now his only fear was war, and from what Rhodesia had to say about it, it didn’t sound good. With the decision to distance himself from the people of his land it was rare that the children his age would talk to him. Now it was just the grandmothers to the mothers always preparing clothes for the boy, or meals or even stressing to him the importance of marriage and how pretty their daughter was and how many cows was the necessary amount. He would always politely decline. It wasn’t until he met Nandi that he realized maybe being whatever he was, wasn’t as good as it could have been. He was excited to know that these people would be permanent and maybe this time he could open up to them as his sisters did with their people.


“Mr.Ndebele?” One girl would speak in her native tongue. “Yes?” He would reply back, taking the time to learn the tongue years ago. He turned around and sat a few inches from the girls, his hands in his laps. “We worked together with our maas to make you something, since it must be awful cold outside to be alone at this time of day.” one would say in a sweet voice, the large thick cloth tucked behind her back, folded by her grandmother, made by her mother. It was the other girl to present it to him, snatching it out from her friends reach. “Its just for you, Ndebele, don’t go losing it now!” She giggled at her own joke, it was so sweet it made him laugh as well! Both girls were so sweet he couldn’t turn down an offer from them. He took the article. a nice new sandy brown tunic with eccentric beads and fur on the inside to keep him warm. He smiled, giving both girls a kiss on the cheek. “Tell me your names.” he said, smiling. They looked at each other, the Xhosa girl spoke first, “I’m Nandi. And this is-” “Sylvanella!” She said, placing her hands on her hips. “Nandi and Sylvanella,” he repeated to himself quietly, “beautiful.”

It wasn’t often he’d travel up north to the giant inland delta to hunt, being too far from his sisters it would cause a panic-with them at least- and now with another little one added to the bunch he didn’t know if he should leave, she was so cute! With the brightest brown eyes and chubby face and small body and adorably curly hair she was a force to be reckoned with! best part was: he got to name her as well. He traveled through the high waters, ignoring the animals that happen to lie in his path. He picked up pace, noticing a rather small antelope that looked slow! He began running when he heard crying from Chief’s island. He took a hesitant step towards the alarming sound. It was another baby? Not so much a baby, but a 3 year old child. “Who are you?” he asked. She immediately stopped crying, Dineo wiping any evidence of tears from her face. She looked different from him, but in a way he felt connected to her. “I don’t know.” she complained, sniffing again. “I do.” he said, placing a skinny finger unto his chin. It wasn’t often that he’d make a bold move, It wasn’t often that’d he make big decisions for himself, but being with the little girl he felt braver than before. “You’re Sylvanella. I’m your big brother Dineo, and you have another sister named Nandi.” She smiled, putting her arms up to be carried. He did so happily but carefully, scooping her into his arms and placing her just beneath the tunic made for him years ago. Abandoning hunting, he began walking home, telling the child of all the wonderful things they could do together. He would have to be more gentle with her around from now on.


Bold your answer from strongly agree to strongly against.

These answers don't necessarily have to reflect the views of the actual country

WAR: Strongly agree|mutually agree|indifferent| strongly disagree|

Death: Strongly agree|mutually agree|indifferent| strongly disagree|

leading someone on: Strongly agree|mutually agree|indifferent| strongly disagree|

embarrassing younger siblings: Strongly agree|mutually agree|indifferent| strongly disagree|

cursing: Strongly agree|mutually agree|indifferent| strongly disagree|

Magic: Strongly agree|mutually agree|indifferent| strongly disagree|

sexualities other than hetersexual: Strongly agree|mutually agree|indifferent| strongly disagree|

Smoking: Strongly agree|mutually agree|indifferent| strongly disagree|

Children: Strongly agree|mutually agree|indifferent| strongly disagree|

2 0  H E A D C A N O N S

n o w   y o u r  o c   i s   a l m o s t   f i n i s h e d!  Y o u’ v e   b e e n   w o r k i n g    s o    h a r d    o n   t h e m   t h a t    t h i s  p a r t  s h o u l d  c o m e  e a s y  t o  y o u.

  1. Botswana likes to take all the young female nations out on dinner dates just to make them feel special.

  2. He has large hands and can hold 3 softballs in them.

  3. With the large animal population in his home he tends to just take them in.

  4. The high salt count in his country gives him frequent heartburn.

  5. Growing up around a lot of female nations he feels the need to be a bit overprotective of them.

  6. He’ll unconsciously put his feet over  his sisters sometimes just flat out stepping on them.

  7. He used to consider Namibia his best friend just so she could feel special.

  8. He has a low alcohol tolerance. But he’s actually just a sleepy drunk!

  9. He’ll let the younger children do his hair if they ask to without a second thought.

  10. He likes letting Ghana braid his hair and talking to her while she’s doing it.

  11. He really enjoys wearing wristbands and other ‘hip’ things.

  12. Has a great fashion sense and enjoys shopping or taking Sylvanella shopping.

  13. He can’t use a yo-yo, like at all.

  14. He likes camping and outdoor activities.

  15. He likes to mentor The Comoros and tell him about all the things he can expect being a country.

  16. He’s a big fan of astrology and compares signs to other countries.

  17. He enjoys dancing.

  18. He really loves experiencing other people’s cultures with them.

  19. He’s really into elephants but tries to hide it since its embarrassing.

  20. His left arm is double jointed and he pretends that its broken just to scare the bad little kids..

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