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137/Nocturnal Contest! (Yes, it's mine)Woah, I'm finally hosting this contest that I teased awhile back haha.Anyway, here's the theme of this contest: Draw my OCs!Specifically, my characters from my two stories 137 and Nocturnal (title up for change).137 (8 chapters)This is a sci-fi/action story set in a post-apocalypse world where humanity has been given 137 years to get their act together before the final judgement from Gaia. The story follows a few different characters: Alex (a college student), Nadia (government worker and leader of the rebellion), along with the four messengers from Gaia.For more information on each character, check out these links:Meliae: Aurai: Pegaeae: Lampad: Nadia: Hana: Marcel: Fenrir: Nocturnal (15 chapters)This is dark fantasy story which follows a group of half-demons (basically tieflings) as they attempt to survive in a world where their existence is hated by both demons and humans. With the holy knights on their trail, they are trying to reach their destination in one piece.For more information on each character, check out these links:Mother Goddess: General Hokori: General Mal: General Selva: General Velox: Nocturne (main protag): Oda: Futou: Eruere: Faust: Saku: Rizumu: If you have any questions about the characters' designs, feel free to ask! Also there may be more art of the characters in my gallery in the "OCs" folder. RulesAnyone can join, you do not need to be a watcher to participate!Your entry must be new/for this contestYou cannot use bases, trace, or steal artOnly SFW art please!Only drawn entries will be considered, so traditional and digital mediums are welcome!You cannot draw characters from the universes together, they must stay separateYou can make as many entries as you want, but you can only win once per categoryPlease do not change their designsYou don't have to share/advertise this contest, but it would help greatly!Please tag me in the description of your entry that way I am notified about it. You can also comment on this journal with your entry. If your entry is not faved, it means I did not see it.RewardsThere will be TWO categories for this contest. One for 137 entries and one for Nocturnal entries. As such, you could win in both categories. Both categories will have the same exact prizes, so if you win in both categories, you will get both the prizes.1st Place1000 DeviantArt pointsOne full-body drawing from meAccess to every single chapter of the two stories that are created during the span of the contest2nd Place (unlocked at 10 entries/participants)500 DeviantArt pointsOne half-body drawing from meAccess to every single chapter of the two stories that are created during the span of the contest3rd Place (unlocked at 15 entries/participants)250 DeviantArt pointsOne portrait drawing from meAccess to every single chapter of the two stories that are created during the span of the contestAlso every single entry will be featured in the respective story when I post it. Each chapter will feature one entry.If you would like to donate prizes to my contest, note me! If you donate a prize, you can still enter my contest ^.^Deadline: August 1stIf you need an extension, please let me know. I am more than willing to push the deadline back if needed.All entries can be found here: you have any questions about the contest, please ask!
Milestones ContestNEW! - NEW! - EXTENDED DEADLINE! - NEW! - NEW! - TILL 31st JULY 2021 - NEW! - NEW!So you will have two months more to get in your submissions!There have been many important milestones for me concerning real life and dA back in the first months of 2020 (January and April), which I would like to share- My 25th anniversary in the American company I work with (April 2020)- My DA seniority award (January 2020)- My DA CVdom (April 2020)Back last year, there was the sunsetting of classic DA, so I decided to postpone this great contest. I gave my word that the contest would not be forgotten and I am going to keep it.This year, there are even two events more to be added- My one year anniversary DA CVdom (April 2021)- My 9th DA anniversay (April 2021)Probably you would say: What is so important with the 9th anniversary?9 is a very important number in many things.In martial arts I have learned about the 9 edges of the body with which you can attack and block: Two feet, two knees, two hands, two ellbows and the head. 9 means karma and love, divine completeness, consciousness, perfection, balance, harmony and after all, it really shines in Fibonacci. Well, my this year's age added would result in 9, too - It could means so much, that there are no words for. So, time for celebration. Who can take partEverybody can take part, from friend to watcher to passer by, from regular member, newby to longtime member, core member, senior member, volunteer collegues, even staff if they would like to.Contest topics/themesSome topics will have a fun factor, some are special, some may have a healing effect, some are just out of the blue or special favourite topics.As we have talked about 9, there will be 9 different topics for the contest- History nerds (topic 1)- Light in the Darkness (topic 2)- The positive in the negative (topic 3)- Spring lovers (topic 4)- Between Heaven and Earth (topic 5)- Nature (topic 6)- Heart's desire (topic 7)- Hobbies (topic 8)- The "Milestoner" (topic 9)WinnersThere will be 46 winners in the end- First place (9 x)- Second place (9 x)- Third place (9 x)- Honorable mentions/runners up (9 x)- Special prize addition (1 x)Here is what the contest is aboutTopic 1: History nerdEverything concerning history, every epoch (younger/recent events as well as antiquity). There will be a great playground for history lovers throughout all the eras and centuries.Topic 2: Light in the DarknessIt can be a star light in the night sky, a candle in a dark room, a loving heart in a cold world, the so-called light at the end of the tunnel, near death experiences, visions.Topic 3: The positive in the negativeTake a dark time (corona for instance) and write about positive experiences you made during this time. Something you might have done wrong, but what could had happened if you had not made it? Fear and anxiety, but there is a little flame burning in the heart. Things and experiences like this are required here.Topic 4: Spring loversHere is the great spring play meadow: Flowers, first leaves, Easter time, warm breezes - whatever might be connected with spring.Topic 5: Between Heaven and EarthNevertheless, one of the favourite topics of this contest's inventor. What would you understand by the term "between Heaven and Earth"? It is left to your free interpretation and to the curiosity of the "milestoner".Topic 6: NatureAll in combination with nature: Plants (flowers, trees, meadows, moss, lichen), animals (wild animals), forests, landscapes with all different formations (sea, mountains, plain, savannah, desert), fungies. All in all: APN (Animals, Plants, Nature).Topic 7: Heart's desireWhat would you wish for yourselves? What are you longing for? What would you love to do? Your idealism and dreams.Topic 8: HobbiesAll about your hobbies, things you love/like to do in your sparetime (could be parttime jobs as well). The more special these hobbies are, the more bonus it is for the winner of this topic.Topic 9: The "Milestoner"After all, the contest inventor would also like to have a topic about herself. So, the participants can make art about me, how they see me, what can I improve, everything alright? Do not be shy, the "milestoner" would like to know if she is on the right track, accomplish her mission correctly, open for improvement - whatever DatesThe contest will start on 21st March (spring solstice) 2021.It will end on 31st May 2021.Deadline will be extended if necessary!!*NEW: DEADLINE IS EXTENDED TILL 31st JULY 2021!!!!New or old artIt can be either new art or old art, whereby new art after the date of this journal would be prefered.What language (literature) should the deviations have- English- German- French- Latin(these are my most common languages)How many entries can you submitAll participants can submit up to 9 deviations (that means, one piece of art for each topic - but not two or more for one topic).Please indicate in your author's description for what topic/theme you have created your work.Deviations can be either left as a comment on this blog/journal or be sent per note to me.I will create 9 different folders in my collections (fav.) gallery, where you can see the works in.What type of artAny art medium is allowed- Photography- Photomanipulation- Digital Art- Traditional Art (also sculptures)- Literature (poetry, short stories, non-fiction, visual poetry etc.)- Artisan Crafts- Animation and filmography- Pixelwork, stamps and emoticonsVoting/JudgingVoting/judging will start after submission is closed.PRIZEA contest would not be a contest without awesome prizes.Point Prizes@Malintra-Shadowmoon is giving1 x 200 points for the special prize addition9 x 100 points for the 9 first places9 x 70 points for the 9 second places9 x 50 points for the 9 third places9 x 20 points for the 9 honorable mentions/runners up@BeckyKidus is giving1 x 150 points for the special prize addition9 x 100 points for the 9 first places9 x 70 points for the 9 second places9 x 50 points for the 9 third places9 x 30 points for the 9 honorable mentions/runners up@JustACapharnaum is giving1 x 1,000 points (which will be divided among the winners accordingly)@KiriHearts is giving1 x 1,000 points (which will be divided among the winners accordingly)@Zara-Arletis is giving1 x 1,000 points (which will be divided among the winners accordingly)All winners will receive features from@Malintra-Shadowmoon@SophiaEowyn@RaptorPlush@Erdbeerstern @craftsbyblue Other prizes@Malintra-Shadowmoon is giving 1 diamond badge for the special prize addition@Malintra-Shadowmoon is giving 9 emerald badges to the first places@Malintra-Shadowmoon is giving 9 quartz badges to the second places@Malintra-Shadowmoon is giving llamas to all participants (if not already given)@Malintra-Shadowmoon is giving a watch to all 46 winners@BeckyKidus is giving 10 critiques for the 9 first places and for the special prize addition@digital--bee is giving llamas to all participants (if not already given)@SophiaEowyn is giving llamas to all winners (if not already given)@RaptorPlush is giving llamas to all winners (if not already given)@Erdbeerstern is giving llamas to all participants (if no already given)@Zara-Arletis is giving 500 fragments (which will be divided accordingly)@craftsbyblue is giving 460 fragments means 1 quartz badge per winner = 46 quartz badgesI always take prize donations !!!Anything from features, points, subscriptions to dA (CM), fragments/badges, llamas, critiques, art or anything else you can give or afford.If you wish to donate, please comment on this blog/journal.Prizes of all kind can be added throughout the duration of the contest until voting time. Prizes are not accepted anymore when voting will have begun. Of course, donors can still participate at the contest! If you should have any questions, please just contact me. I am looking forward to a load of fun. Hope all participants will enjoy the contest.MaliPrize donators are featured here...
(CLOSED) 2,000+ Points Raffle+FundraiserRaffle now closed. Many thanks to the three deviants who entered and to all those who donated.1st Place Winner sufiyan10: 3,000 points2nd Place Winner btchdirectioner: 1,000 points3rd Place Winner Nostalgialover808: 600 pointsMy 65 year old disabled mother just lost everything she owns in a house fire so I'm trying to gain attention to her gofundme account by raffling off my deviantart points.,The rules are pretty simple.You must be a deviantart member to apply.Favorite this journal entry.Create a journal to spread news of this raffle. Leave a comment below with a link to your journal.Bonus Entries. Tweet: with #ForMrsRindom Leave a separate comment below with a link to each tweet. Facebook: with #ForMrsRindom Leave a separate comment below with a link to each post. The same rules apply to tumblr, livejournal, dreamwidth or any other social networks you belong to.Thanks to a generous donation, I've now got 2,000 more points to raffle.1st Place Winner: 3,000 points2nd Place Winner: 1,000 points3rd Place Winner: 600 pointsKeep in mind, the more you retweet and or repost on social networks, then separately comment your links below, the better your chances of winning. Only one winner per prize. This raffle will end on June 10th 2021 then I will randomly choose the winners using RANDOM.ORGI lost my Father to cancer a few years ago so my heartfelt thanks goes out to everyone willing to participate.
Much Appreciated!Thank you to @SingingFlames for all her work as a Community Volunteer. She was much appreciated and will be missed by the team. She has been a deviant for 15 years, and has a large catalog of deviations including some adorable visual art and excellent writing to enjoy.She founded @LiteraryFanFiction and @FanFicCrits and admins for @Fanfiction-for-Fans , @autobotcity , and @Cleanformers Heartfelt Quotes From the CV TeamMany thanks to a wonderful literature CV colleague full of reliability and loyalty: SingingFlames. Her creativity and creation ideas inspire many writers. Despite her fanfic daydreams, she always has both feet on the ground. Loving to plan in the background, SingingFlames is a good soul for everyone. I particularly appreciate her deep connection to nature, which I share with her. I wish my friend Lisa all the best, lots of peace, love and harmony. Do not let you get consumed and depressed by darker times. May the light in your and the light around you will never leave you. - @Malintra-Shadowmoon Thank you Lisa for all you have done for the writing community and community as a whole on DeviantArt as one of our literature CVs. I know I've only been on the team for a few months, but it has been great working with you! I am excited for you with what you do next and all you continue to do offline as well. Best of luck! - @Evangeline40003 It has been great being a CV with you! We had a lot of fun hunting DDs and running contests and all of the little bits and pieces that go into volunteering. Even through the changes on the site and in the community, you've been there, doing your best to keep things going. I really appreciate you, and all you've done. And I am wishing you all of the best things - I hope you'll keep in touch. - @Zara-Arletis And from @Barosus : ,Gallery Features,SSandman: Damn BunnyTitle: Sandman: Damn Bunny Universe: Neil Gaiman'sVValentine's HaikuMemories clinging Old laughter, a heart onceTTransformers: Subterfuge Ch 1NOTE: This is based on the movie-verseTThe Shortcut“Where are we?” the girl asked.AA Limerick for SkywarpSkywarp, a mech most mischievous He played aSSerenity: Livening Things UpTitle: Serenity: Livening Things Up Universe:
Let it SparkThere's electric light in the sky tonightThe brightest storm there's ever beenA realm of electrocutionAnd it looks like I'm the queenThe thunder's roaring like this raging pain insideI couldn't keep it in. Heaven knows I tried.Whilst Anto has been off catching up with Ozai. His cohorts had been playing. Scratch that. Make it that they're seeking to play. They'd immediately realized crashing at the Spirit of Death's crib was zero fun.Anto rigorously commanded to stay put. Predictably the adolescents immediately gotten fed up with being 'grounded.' Loathing the fact they couldn't indulge in their traditional hobbies, including they couldn't bend in this universe. Princess Azula's fixation on becoming the most renowned firebender ever? It left her quite cranky, which everyone discovered not to get on her bad side.Azula remained a walking weapon devoid of morals or remorse. The Demon Princess wouldn't hesitate in employing lethal force on anyone. Its what made her the perfect choice to be Anto's champion.Anil stayed irritable from more then lack of bending. Airbenders, given their element, don't like being quarantined for an extended period of time. They must be like the wind. Free to go wherever it took them.Sitka persisted in being both an accomplished huntsman and seasoned warrior. Not having anyone to spar with nor anything to hunt and kill leaving him feeling extremely exasperate. Last time he'd been aggravated? He nearly assassinated Kenai. Therefore, being this aggravated made him all the more menacing.Lady Setsuna had it the most difficult as a noblewoman of high society. Neither a bender nor a warrior, vastly restricting her on abilities outside of the aristocracy scope. Long Feng spent his entire life grooming her for assuming the role of monarch. So again, nothing short of that was she any good at. It hadn't bothered her until now when she's bored out of her skull.Of course, Anto owned a Pai Sho board. Who didn't own at least one? Except none of the teens appreciated the game. They're ready to rip out their hair due to excessive boredom."Ugh! There has got to be something to do! Seriously? Why can we leave this stinky castle? I want to go hunt! Imagine how many monstrosities I could bag as trophies if we're allowed to ditch this loser's decrepit hovel!" fiercely hissed Sitka.He'd been utilizing the onyx slabs as whetstones. Needing to keep his weapons razor-sharp. Currently sharpening his blade. The same one he'd used on that mutant Kenai. Testing the blade, he chucked it at the wall. It hit dead center, going a few inches into the wall. "Well, at least this place is exceptional for sharping blades," he grunted as he retrieved his dagger.Anil took out a pair of panpipes striving to play them. However? The abominable acoustics of this deteriorating mansion caused everything to sound off-key. Snarling, the rogue Airbender raved his frustrations."UGH! I can't practice worth shit here! The only thing I'd over Aang was being a more skilled instrumentalist! Now my abilities are going to go rusty in this odious geographical area!""I don't like this either, Anil. There ain't a single handmaiden here! I've never resided in such primordial conditions! My uncle made certain I was treated like a princess! This location is far below my station! This isn't a place for a proper lady of the court to be stuck in!" Setsuna retorted, examining all her broken nails.Azula silently agreed with Setsuna. Again noting how disturbingly comparable they were. Yet the cursed child couldn't argue with any of her 'friends.' They needed to get out of this dead zone. They're going stir-crazy from being cooped up this long. There had to be something fun to do outdoors. There persisted only one solution. They had to sneak out for a few hours.Don't let it show, don't go too farBe the normal girl they think you areConceal your power in the nightDon't shine your lightSince time passed differently in the Spirit World vs. the Human World, they sincerely didn't know how long Anto be gone. After all, he'd made it clear-cut how unbelievably complex communicating Azula's father was. Over a dozen reasons that they'd zoned out on, nevertheless, they got the gist.Yet after a fortnight in Zan? They got fantabulous at anticipating everything to do with Anto. Particularly Azula given her status as his champion, plus unknowingly his female offspring's soul sister. Either way, Azula felt she could out-think him. The way she'd figured, they'd at least twelve hours to escape on Earth that would've been two days.Either way, they'd to get out. They'd been experimenting with employing Anto's spirit portals. They're numerous safeguards to impede ill-usage. However, as Azula remains Anto's champion, she'd the innate talent of bending it to her will. "Okay, I've figured out how to command the portal. It will take us where we most desire within the spirit world. It will open once more, about a half-hour before Anto's due back.Therefore don't miss your return ride. I'm confident that old bag of bones has no qualms giving us a flogging for not following his ridiculous commands. So let's get going!" Azula instructed her trio of 'friends.'Let it spark, let it sparkLet my power light the darkLet it spark, let it sparkLet my magic make its markI don't care what they'll say about meLet the current flow. I'm not afraid of electricityThey'd decided to stay in groups of two based on gender. The boys went first, followed ten minutes later by the girls. Except the twosomes ended up in an entirely different geographical region. The boys got deposited into a geographical area chock-full of spirit animal guides, while girls ended up in a rainforest.Sitka licked his lips salivating from all the helpless prey before him rubbing his hands together in enthusiasm. "Well, take a gander at all that plump, juicy meat in front of us! Oh, if I could get their pelts?" giggling like a manic, "No one would challenge me for the chieftain! Let's start getting hunting!" pulling his prized dagger out of its sheath."Um, Sitka? Did you neglect to recognize I'm an Airbender? We don't exactly sanction the slaughter of animals. Nor the consumption of them," Anil reminded, which caused the Water Tribe douche bag to snort. Leaving the adolescent Airbender completely clueless about what the joke was. Finally, taking a big breath of air, Sitka replied snidely."You honestly expect me to accept you're a 'true' Air Nomad, granola boy?" he let out a harsh laugh."What do you find so ridiculous?" Anil demanded, irritated before Sitka spat it out,"You are so not Mr. peace, love, groovy times, squirt!" counting off his hand the several reasons Anil wasn't an Air Nomad."First off, you ain't a pacifist in the slightest. You relish hostility and warring. You've no qualms whatsoever regarding bodily harm to another. After all, you've proven your willingness to beat that Aang boy to a pulp!Secondly? You are so not composed nor speak civilized. You have a short temper and an even sharper tongue. The things coming out of your mouth? You're not even worried that your mouth will be washed out with soap!Finally? You don't give two shits about your so-called rule of "I don't eat meat!" Given you didn't hesitate for a second to eat that gross dinner, Anto served us. Face it, Anil! You're no more an Air Nomad then I'm a waterbender. You don't jive that way!"At first, the shorter male seemed rather offended. If he could've airbended, he would've done without hesitation. Suddenly he realized Sitka was right, so he nodded his head. "You've got a point, Sitka," which frankly astonished the Water Tribe boy that the shrimp agreed with him.Anil had an expression of revulsion on his features. Evidently, he'd been dying to confess forever. "I've never clicked with those ludicrous regulations. Once I get my share of the Shard's power? Well, I'll refashion the Air Nomads into a praiseworthy civilization! In my world, we won't be such wusses! Nor will we ever be wish-washy again!"Smirking, Sitka put a hand on the boy's shoulder, "I believe you and I will be the best of friends by the time this adventure ends!" And with that, the boys went about their murderous sport.It's funny how the thunder.Can drown out all my fearAnd a bolt of lightning lights the wayMy choice is crystal clearIt's time to let my power growTo flip the switch and let it flowNo hiding now. I'll let them seeThis is me!Elsewhere the misses were traversing through the muggy rainforest. Given this jungle geographical area virtually rivaled the Fire Nation, Azula felt right at home. Once again, Setsuna's high-society upbringing caused several complications for the adolescents."Yikes! How big do these damn pests have to be?!" she yelped as two enormous dragonflies whirred past her head. She hated the outdoors, given how unclean it was. Her high-priced apparel was shredded and covered in feces. All her nails were broken, and she smelled like dung. "How in the world can anyone like being out here? We're supposed to be civilized! We ain't stinky feeble-minded beasts who don't have enough brainpower to stay clean! Ugh! When I get my share of the Shard's power, I plan to do away with all this nature!"Let it spark, let it sparkI'm alive with energyLet it spark, let it sparkIt's a brand new life for meHere I stand, and here I stayLet the current flowAzula couldn't help but smirk while her companion threw her little tantrum. "Really, Setsuna? You've never been outside?""Not unless you count the palace's manicured garden! I thought as a princess, you understand!"Still smirking, Azula replied, "In the Fire Nation, we're bred to be tough-minded. I've strived my entire life to become the most distinguished firebender ever. I've dealt with my namby-pamby household for thirteen years.They've no sense whatsoever of what it rightfully means to be a Fire Nation citizen. They've all gotten soft. Thinking you need to be charitable, merciful, and other baloney like that.When I deliver my father? We shall return the Fire Nation to its former glory! Oh, how I dream of the blood-red skies! My so-called family's last breath! I've desired all my life to silt Zu-Zu's throat!No way that failure deserves to be the heir! He's weak and has no talent whatsoever! Plus, his idiotic friends and that damned sweetheart of his have ruined my friends!Because of those three? Mai and Ty Lee don't have the drive or heart to reach their genuine potential! They're as pathetic as the rest of my bloodline!" snapped the Fire Nation princess.Setsuna remained silent for a full minute before speaking. "Do I detect a slight case of jealousy?" Azula looked like she'd been punched. Yet, Setsuna pushed forward. "From how you speak regarding your cousin's girlfriend? I can plainly hear in your voice a lot of venoms.Therefore are you jealous of her? What's she got that you don't got? You're unquestionably a spectacular bender. Plus, if I may say, an incredibly sensual young lady. Consequently, what this lady friend got that you don't?" Azula didn't desire to answer the questioning. Leaving Setsuna to conclude, yes, Azula was envious of her cousin's girlfriend, whatever her rational motives were."Do you know if there someplace we can get a bath? I can't stand to have dirt on me one minute longer!" she complained loudly."Let's see if we can locate a lake or something." They traveled for twenty more minutes until they came upon a pool of water. The girls had no problems stripping in front of each other before submerging themselves in the water.My power spikes the air and tears into the groundThe thunder rumbles, and the storm is building all aroundAnd one thought splits the night sky in a blinding flashThe past is buried in a pyre of smoke and ashAt first, the girls didn't even pay attention to the others. Simply going about their bathing. However, it didn't take long for their lusting for each other to take over. Consequently, they got about as intimate as you could get under the circumstances.They're so caught up in the passion of the moment they nearly missed the portal to take them back to Anto's palace. The boys noticed their sloppy apparel, perspiring faces, and only smirked.Anto gave all four children a once over. He suspected something had occurred while he'd been gone. However, he couldn't put his talon on it. Instead, he shrugged it off before telling them they'd to start planning the next phase of their plan. Happy none of them been caught, they eagerly got down to business. Soon all their deepest desires would come true.Let it spark, let it sparkAnd I'll rise with the thunder's roarLet it spark, let it sparkI won't be silenced anymoreIn my new world, I'm strong and freeLet the current flow. I'm not afraid of electricity.
Freedom United!Now then, based on all of the STH incarnations that I value, such as (games/comics/cartoons), this volume series will become my reinspiring of the Sonic the Hedgehog saga and continuity. Much of this fanfiction will include game adaptations, as well as ones in the cartoons and comics. For example, I'm incorporating the Pre/Post Archie Sonic/Fleetway Sonic/IDW Sonic and SATAM/AOSTH/OVA/SB/SX/SU cartoons/movies. I'm returning that balance between lighthearted, comedic fun, and deep, sometimes emotional drama the original became known for that time. Blood, profanity, graphic death, that messy stuff will sometimes stay out, depending on the type of situation. It's honestly perfect in terms of the kind of presentation I'd like in a Sonic story to become: intense stakes and plenty of dark moments while not being exclusively those things and knowing when to keep things zany and lively.For instance, the Mobians and Humans exist in the same world. Robotnik can become both comedic and threatening at the same time. Knuckles is a lot more badass and not some blockheaded idiot who's constantly the butt of jokes. And Amy's characterization is more in line with her Boom counterpart. Another thing that I would revise is that Sonic isn't always the end-all-be-all solution to everyone's problems, and too many characters get the boot simply for the sake of giving Sonic the spotlight. The bottom line is that other characters can become used as well. I will give them that chance.I will NOT insert OCs into the story, whether they are Mobian or Human, because the Sonic series has a shedload of other characters that could potentially be valuable in the story. Whenever I read a Sonic story and see an OC character as part of the main cast, I tend to ignore them. Now, I want to go on the record to clarify that I am NOT hating good OCs or sending any harassment to anyone else. As much as I detest the idea to include OCs in stories, I never condone that sort of behavior to good people.I pretty much don't like any stories that the main characters are OCs, or the story's emphasis is on these OCs. I'd quit any story almost immediately when I feel one of those coming. I pretty much avoid all fanfics with OCs because of it. Don't get me wrong, I have read a FEW stories that I liked that had OCs in them, but I can tell you that ALL of those OCs didn't have powers and were not parts of the story. OCs can exist, but be wise about it. People who read fanfiction want to see the characters they love with new twists and turns, not to see something else happening to have the characters they love in it. OCs are okay, but I don't make them perfect and have them replace the people we love.Aside from that, I might remove any unnecessary story concepts and flesh out new ones too. The plot will be in a future society shared by modern HUMANS and highly evolved animals called MOBIANS. Humans live in the cities of urban areas, while Mobians occupy the forests or an opposite side of a border. Rarely do the two societies interact, but there will be a backstory between them that'll involve discrimination, jealousy, and conflict. It'll all start as the way they were, but try to stay tuned as I develop the entire series with new twists of my own!
N:Era CotW: Chapter 5: The Purple LadyChapter 5: The Purple LadySpecial thanks to everyone who helped beta-read this chapter before this was even part of the story proper. @Kieral @Khav4get @Kitwulf @DRamos17 Cyras was lost. Emotionally adrift. She had a friend, someone who she felt sympathetic towards due to their suffering from living with their mother. That same ally gave her a blast of bidet, a coffee, and a pranking.Cyras was also lost because she had no idea where she was.Wysdom was a big place, a big place. Streets led to streets led to more streets. Personally, confronting Ryvoh and getting yelled at seemed a lot less scary compared to the current situation, with wolves threatening to trample her.While she felt lonely, she also felt like she wasn't alone enough.Lilu and other Civics really were like Ryvoh said, they were threats. They were pretentious and thoughts all Wilders were lesser in wit, in strength, and even in worth.Next Wilder that caused her problems, she was going to leave bloodied in a crater.Cyras hadn't paid any attention to the path to the library. While she registered some of the scenery, she wasn't exactly sure how they all aligned together. Was the ice cream shop south of the postal shop? Or east?After several hours, she saw a flash.Blinking, Cyras tried to figure out when she saw a road made of stones.She guessed that was just another weird trick of civilization, and went forth, but saw much taller buildings. Less crowded, and more spaced out, with grasses and trees.This actually seemed pretty nice. She smiled at how nature fused with the glorified rubble, making a harmonious picture. That is, until she saw a golden gate like Lilu's house. Something she thought was simply a mountain became a palace, with purple walls, and gold banners. In fact, the entire structure was mostly purple and gold, and wrapped in rows of wild grasses and trees. Even the other buildings looked small, even Lilu's palace looked small, if taking in this giant of over hundreds of feet. Who even needed all this space?Oh well, time to rob them.She dug underneath the gate, and came out to the other side, her nose driving her towards a garden. With some more sniffs, she saw rows and rows of fruit trees, and flowers, and vegetables, and basically anything else she felt like eating. This garden probably covered most of the expanse.She ducked by some white birch trees, and in some high bushes, trying to see if anyone was in the clearing. No guards.Cyras sprinted onto a stony path ringed with metal arches, and examined a flower bed, when she saw a white rose. Her favorite.She smelled the flower, when someone asked, "Are you lost?"Cyras turned around, only to see a regal purple fox, who stood tall, maybe even a full foot taller than her. She had almost stilt like legs, a green underbelly, and hazel eyes. Being honest, she may have been the most beautiful fox Cyras had ever seen, or maybe even the most beautiful individual - besides Vanos of course."I'm just collecting flowers and eating.""You are on the official property of Empress Owlis." She scanned the nearby area. "Which technically is the entire kingdom, just that you're also in the space of my palace. So those are my flowers.""No one owns flowers," Cyras said with a growl, "or even the food, or anything. You just own the territory.""A Wilder?" Electricity sparked across her fur with a hiss.Cyras felt her fur rise from atmospheric events, and she jumped before a flash of light came, blasting rock. The sound of the heavenly force echoed for miles, as black scars covered the earth."Time you go back where you belong.""Owlis," Cyras muttered under her breath. Well this would be the simplest way to get back at the Civics. She ducked her head as she ran to create space.Owlis unleashed a bolt of lightning by slamming her paw into the ground. The current shot forward, only to hit a flicker of flames as Cyras seemingly teleported away. Only ash was left.Owlis' eyes widened. She halted a split second, before a circle of flames rushed around her, whirling into tornado and sucking up all the oxygen.Cyras halted, expecting the flames would consume and finish this fight easily.A gust of wind broke the walls, embers flying. Heartless green eyes stared down at Cyras, as a mote of the blaze fell on the back of Owlis' purple paw. She extinguished the speck with a gentle, whistling breath.Cyras' brows furrowed as she took a few steps back, however Owlis sprinted towards her. In reaction, the younger fox dropped to the ground to trip her over, and as she alpha flipped into an impromptu somersault, a block of stone rammed into the back of her knee.Cyras stalked, and shot for the limping leg, only for Owlis to twist and cuff her across the nose. Her head whipped downwards, a sharp sting accompanying. Like a mother fox to her kit.Speaking of motherly discipline, Owlis bit her ear, and yanked, eliciting whines and screams.Cyras flopped to her back, exposing her belly in a submissive gesture. The older fox paused, and peered closer, then her foot flew into Owlis' jaw.The lower teeth clicked against upper teeth. A stagger...As Owlis reopened her eyes, she saw Cyras' bottom, while she was being mooned.Cyras sang, "Sour grapes, may make you whine!""Cheeky," Owlis said. Then grinned at the joke. "Literally."The air heated, and a purple trident struck the path, however again to hit nothing.Cyras laid on an arch, cheeks on her paws. She pulled her eyelids and said, "Na na na na na na.""Darling, you may not want to get too cocky." She smirked at her. "Those arches are metal.""Huh?"Streams of plasma hit the arch, tiny eruptions and burns crossing the surface of the metal. The current ran throughout her entire body, each shock firing up nerves, sending them to overdrive. Cyras' teeth chattered as she fell.Cyras thumped onto the stone tiles which bruised her ribs. As she rolled away and staggered, Owlis marched towards her. Shards of glass blasted forth as projectiles.Engaging her flames, Cyras ran as quick as she could, limping due to the hurt. However, Owlis sprinted alongside her, taking longer strides due to having longer legs. "Shame, I think we're done for now. You're quite fiery, however your technique lacks something." She gave the same scythe of fangs smile as Sandrun's ruler. "Smarts?" Cyras asked as she gained eight new tails. "Wait, no, wait, that's you." She whacked the side of Owlis with her tails. Again, the fiery blast rented the air. With a smirk, the younger fox figured she beat her fair and square. A ten foot hole stood in the wake. No body. Cyras blinked and scanned the area before sniffing. Feeling the atmosphere alter, Cyras stared up, only to see Owlis about to fox jump onto her. Front feet against head, as Cyras' face smacked into manicured grass. Thousands, maybe millions of volts filled her body, burning each atom. Owlis somersaulted off the fox jump. "No. Skill."Again, the lightning burns throughout her body, as if trying to start fires internally. Cyras whimpered pitifully.“Now to talk about the punishment.” Cyras groaned. "Ryvoh's going to be so upset."Owlis approached her with a slight slant to her eyes. "Ryvoh?""Yeah, Ryvoh. She lives in the woods-"Owlis shook her head. "I don't need any more information, I know who she is.""What are you going to do?""Usually for juveniles our list goes from jail, to community service, to corporal punishment.""What's corporal punishment?" Cyras asked."You'd be struck with a paddle." She wasn't sure what a paddle was. She heard of someone paddling in the water, so a beating with a paw? No, wait, Lilu had that little paddle with the ball - the paddle being made of foam and the ball. So maybe Owlis threatened to hit her with a ball."Okay," Cyras said with a nod. Maybe it was done on the nose or eyes? "Uh... Where?"Owlis said, "Not sure yet.""Okay, so, what's community service?" Cyras asked.Owlis explained, "Community service means you'd be working for the empire of Wysdom, until you paid off your debt.""Oh, what if I grabbed more tokens and paid in those? Would that pay off my debt?"Owlis bit down on her lower lip, and said, "Yes, but ironically you'd have to pay off the debt for grabbing those tokens, such a vicious cycle."Cyras muttered, "In the wild, if we wanted something, we took it. The only value in your gold is the shininess anyway.""Anyway, since I'm sure you have no idea about jail, a jail means you'll be behind bars."Behind bars. Well fences had bars, so being fencing out of the kingdom? Cyras nodded. "Yeah, that makes sense.""For up to 30 days," Owlis said, "a full month."Cyras wasn't a big fan of the ideas. Getting hit with a ball, being fenced out, and having to figure out how to generate metal seemed hard, but those were the quirks of Wysdom. "Guess I agree.""Very well. You will be paddled midnight." As Owlis went back towards her palace, she flicked her tail. "You're a good fighter. Reckless, but with potential.""Thanks," Cyras said. "So, when do I do jail?" ***Everything in the jail smelled of metal or concrete. The hyena shut the door behind her. Cyras found something poking out of the wall, and the room lit up. One of those icy boxes Lilu showed her sat in a corner, right next to a red couch. Cyras hopped over to the ice box.Within, some foodstuff wrapped up into a tube. "Pepperoni". She bit on the skin, but met a papery texture. Cyras chewed down on more of the tube. How lucky was she, then, she got a good enough bite to taste the insides. Spices rushed into her mouth, as she salivated.. The tube linked to more tubes, and she dragged them onto the ground, as she ate.A jug of clear fluid rested on one shelf. Water, probably. She confirmed suspicions by hauling the jug out, albeit it on wobbly legs since she wasn't a weight lifter. She fell, and the container hit the ground."At least the water’s sealed in there.” She sniffed the jug, before biting and clawing a hole, to suck on the water.All in all, she pleased herself on food, before thinking about paddling. She disliked the indignity. Who hit little girls with balls? She'd find out the answer soon enough when a hyena guard opened the metal door. "Cyras. Owlis would like to see you, in private."Cyras finished eating by that point. "You know, I'm friends with a hyena. She said she has no idea who her father is, but I do think you could be a good candidate. You are just as spotty as she is, in the same places, I even recognize some similarities in mane!""I'm a woman, and my name is Maypol.""But, you..." Oh, right, female hyenas looked like male hyenas.The hyena sniffed Cyras several times, before biting her nape to kitty carry her through the palace.After several minutes, the guard arrived at a room with a purple door. She dropped Cyras, before nudging her with her nose. She took in a pure purple room, scented with lavender. A hazel gaze fell upon her. Owlis coat matched the room - maybe she was arrogant. A purple bed, with purple carpet, with purple drapes. Almost like Lilu's room except a lot bigger.Cyras padded over to a window, before jumping onto the sill. "Wow, we're really high up!" She could barely see the flowers.Owlis said, "This is called the tower and this is my private bedroom. Usually I don't get much free time to myself up here."Cyras jumped down. She paced cautiously closer to Owlis, expecting to get bit or slapped. "So, you're not gonna hurt me, are you?""I will," Owlis said, "and that's why you've been brought here. I will be personally paddling you."Cyras' eyes widened, and she turned to run away, only for Maypol to bite her nape again and throw her over the bed."We've decided," Owlis said, "the number is different, since your friends with Ryvoh.""You can't paddle me more because of my friends! That's nepotism... Or something," Cyras said."Actually, I'm decreasing the number, but if you'd rather I stick to the original 30..."Cyras kicked her legs and struggled in the guard's grasp, albeit fruitlessly.Owlis shook her head. "You're the feisty one, my girl."She fished out a toolbox underneath her bed, and brought out a paddle.Cyras had enough of an angle to see the pink paddle had no ball. This paddle was eighteen inches long, about three feet wide, and half an inch thick. "What are you gonna do with that?""Whack your bottom," Owlis said.Cyras burst out laughing.Owlis raised an eyebrow, and took the paddle in her mouth as she came over to Cyras' tail. As she sat behind the fox, she dropped the paddle onto her paws. "May I ask what you find so funny?” "Spanking is just a joke," Cyras said. "You smack a butt, the butt jiggles, makes this really loud sound, and, and that’s just normal slapstick. You don't smack butts for punishment, but for amusement. Really embarrasses others.” "Meanwhile you have no shame, and that, my girl, is why you're getting a spanking," Owlis said.After she snarked back, the older fox whirled the paddle. "Raise your tail."Unaware of other options, she said 'okay' and hoped Owlis stuck with her word. Anxiety flowed through her veins.That's when the first crack of the paddle hit. The young fox let out a hiccupped gasp and grimaced. Well, she could handle this for now...despite the reddening mark. Moments later, Owlis unleashed continued smacks at ten second intervals. When Cyras dropped her tail, the hyena guard yanked her brush up. Cyras grit her teeth, scratched wood with her claws, put paws over her eyes, anything to distract from the painful whacks. The chamber echoed each hit, filling the room with the audio of Cyras' bottom getting struck by her.Owlis grinned and said, "Are you finally realizing not to attack taller foxes who can easily incinerate you?""Yes?"Upon the last one, the Empress took an extra hard swing, causing Cyras to let out a small, sharp scream. The guard released, and the fox hissed at Owlis. Red marks covered butt flesh and Cyras scampered off onto a dresser with a slight limp."Cyras, you may want to get down. You're going to be doing something for your community. I'll be seeing you pick up trash around the city.""Well gee," she said sarcastically, "that makes up for the fact you tried to obliterate my behind."Owlis laughed."What's your big interest in me all of a sudden, if all I am is a friend of Ryvoh?""You're going to be part of N:Era.""Near a?"Owlis explained, "The organization puts the community back together, and goes on minor missions and tasks for helping others. You'd be the perfect candidate.""Why would I help you Civics? You beat me.""You'll find out pretty quickly. I'll even forgo some of the jail sentence, so long as you agree to join me."Cyras realized she needed answers from Ryvoh, and maybe needed them now. What if Owlis did something, or what if she had a plan for Ryvoh, and what if there was a conspiracy?Cyras could escape.After all, fire melted metal, right? All she needed was enough heat..."No."***Cyras’ theme: Sour GrapesYou're living in a fairy taleAbout to trespass into hellYou're hiding in your silver castle dwelling Now pull yourself together, sailOr I am gonna chase your trailI see you dropped o'er the railing! The time has come you learn your placeUnless you like the taste of mace.Disguise ain't gonna work, so start retreating. Maintain pace, better show good faceSlow and steady wins no raceYou'll break your throat wide open, bleeding Sour GrapesMay make you whineFire JapesMake them divineFor this burning willed soulWill refuse to be restrainedI have an inner natureWhich you cannot out-train So empress strike me downThe lightning gold like crownsAnd burn my woodland homeIn anger you will foamI'll ash your wonderlandYou'll watch thisWild ChildSpark!
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