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Luigi Shimeji (Super Mario World)

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Hey guys! This is my first post (excluding my crappy old account that I deleted) and stuff. Yeah. Ahem, so, anyway, this is a Shimeji based on the iconic Luigi from Super Mario World! If you didn't know, Shimejis (aka Desktop Buddies) are little characters that walk and climb across your screen. They can also sit down, crawl, clone themselves, and many other things that can be customized. This one, as mentioned above, is based on the Luigi sprites from Super Mario World!

All the legal stuff including copyright claims is in the License .txt file in the .zip folder.

Unique features:

- Occasionally, when on top of your taskbar or Internet browser, Luigi will sit down to eat some spaghetti.
- When Luigi is looking at your mouse pointer, he'll try and cosplay a few other Mario characters, including Mario, Wario, Waluigi, Peach, Toad, and Yoshi.
- Sometimes he'll pull a clone of himself out of his hat.

How to activate:

- Download the Luigi .zip folder on the right.
- Download the Shimeji-ee program folder from
- Extract the folder (the un-extracted .zip will serve as backup in case anything gets messed up).
- Navigate to the "img" folder.
- Create a new folder.
- Move every file (including the License) from the Luigi folder to the newly-created folder.
- Navigate back to the "img" folder and move the "Shimeji" folder into the "unused" folder.
- Rename the newly-created folder to "Shimeji".
- Navigate back to the Shimeji-ee folder and double click "Shimeji-ee.jar".
- You now have yourself your very own pet Luigi!

UPDATE 4/07/16: Thank you guys so much for 100+ downloads! I appreciate it. More Shimejis and other art coming soon! :happybounce: 
UPDATE 4/11/16: Added a "Preview" image file in the folder to give new users a glimpse of what Luigi does
UPDATE 8/01/16: OH MAH GAD! OVER 1,000 DOWNLOADS?! I can't even use words to express my gratitude. Thank you guys so much, and sorry for my lack of uploading!
UPDATE 8/12/17: Haven't checked on this page or DeviantArt in general in ages. Nice to know that this now has 2.9k downloads! As a side note, the Shimeji website was changed, so I included the updated link since people have been having issues with the old one. I also updated the installation instructions since the folder contents were changed. Also, the Shimeji program is now in English, so it should bother a majority of you much less. :D (Big Grin) 
UPDATE 11/11/17: I've switched accounts, so if you want to see more from me, go to my new one: CornyTT 
UPDATE 11/24/19: Hey! Thank you all for making my one post about this green plumber man my most popular one. I've moved accounts yet again, this time to Devyyyyyyyy. Who knows, maybe I'll make another Shimeji one day. For now, though, I'm just using this new account to follow some of my friends and other artists I might come across.
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The black box turns into white

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I've tried everything to get rid of the black box but it just won't go away. I went into Gimp and selected and deleted the "transparent spots" and it didn't change anything.

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The link is broken

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*angry mario fans noises*

Mario does th funni scream
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The download link is broken. I just want a tiny luigi on my desktop D;
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The link is broken
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Thank you for this!

Also, for those who don't know how to get rid of the black box around him:
Just open the image files in (or any program that allows transparency) and then save them. The box will magically disappear on its own.
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can you make SMW Mario Shimeji
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Problem found: it has an black screen.
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IMPORTANT: I've switched accounts! Check the description for more info.
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theres sometimes a black box around him :(
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Scroll down, I replied to this same question.
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i dont need it....
i dont need it....
DEFINITELY dont need it....
i dont need it....
i dont need it....

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I tried to do this but this is too difficult 
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im tried to download shimeji program, but im tried to visit the website with Chrome and IE, but sayed about it what cannot nagivate to this website. this is my internet connection? you can to me give with shimeji with shimeji program or anthohter shimeji program working to this?
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Sorry for the late response. I haven't checked on this page or my DeviantArt in general in ages.

For some reason the website was changed and I updated it in the description, so check that one instead.
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I'm having the same problem! :O
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Yay! There's someone I can relate to! :D
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Nobody cares. at all
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