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:) I’m still working on her bra straps and her necklace (I actually drew the same padlock necklace that I have on her :>)
But yeah

Her bio:
Age: 16yr
Sexuality: pansexual (my sexuality btw)
Likes: joking around with friends
Helping people
Dyeing her hair
The color green
She is a 16yr girl who likes to draw and read on her free time talk to her friends and eat food.
Her parents are together and are very wealthy but she doesn’t tell people they are rich.
She likes a boy at her school named Jacob (who is kinda mean at times but is overall a good person and wouldn’t hurt a fly)
She always gets dressed coded for no reason because the school is whack and the principal doesn’t like her.
She gets into fight with her mom but still loves her
Her brother is annoying and loves to introduce his friends that are boys to her instead of her trying to date Jacob.
But she has a car. She is going fine. She is going to get out of high school early. And is a good person.

Twitter: _Star
Tiktok: ______devil_girl______
Instagram: gacha_queen
(My usernames are corny I know)
Anyway please follow me on those places.
I hope you like the oc/character
Have a good day and stay hydrated. 🤪
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