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It was 12:00 am sharp on saturday night.
Kurt, Krist, and Dave were having a slumber party. The boys were cuddled up in their sleeping bags on the floor, when all of a sudden a huge BOOM awoken the three little grunge stars. "What the hell was that?" Dave question, knowing no one would actually know the answer but still asking it anyway. "I don't know" Krist said, getting out from his sleeping bag. Kurt was still trying to open his eyes all the way. "Hey, assholes. Keep it down." mumbled the blonde. Dave looked at Krist and Krist looked at Dave. "We're going to go check it out!" Kirst spoke, while standing up completely. "Come on dude." "Whatever" Kurt said under his breath, and put cucumber slices on his eye lids because it's supposed to remove dark circles or some shit.

Dave followed Krist through the hallway. He nervously looked around, readying himself in case someone popped up out of no where with a knife. They made their way into the kitchen, the lights were flickering on and off. Krist stepped closer into the kitchen, to see the fridge door was wide open, and someone was going through the band's food.

"Who the fuck are you?" Krist asked, calmly. It was then the refrigerator door was slammed open. Revealing the one and only, Axl Rose. "H-How did you get in here?" he asked, raising an eyebrow.

"You Idiots left the door open" Axl smirked, holding a certain fruit special to one certain drummer.

"You will not be taking Dave's precious kiwi." Krist yelled, charging after the glamorous 80's rock star who is now totally washed up.

"Slash." Axl said smoothly, snapping his fingers.

And in the moment, I swear Slash came out of now where and wrapped our little grungers with his guitar strings.

"Why are you doing this Slash?" Dave cried out, trying to look through Slash's sunglasses. Why the fuck was he wearing them? It was night.

"Sorry kid, it's just...That ass is fat." Slash replied, nodding towards Axl, and Axl just gave a sly grin towards the others.
"YOU SICKEN ME" Krist spat in disgust.
"Welcome to the Jungle. You're going to die-"
"PLEASE STOP QUOTING YOUR SONGS!" Krist cut Axl off before he could said no more. "Very well then, prepare for your kiwis to be put to waste." Axl laughed, and grabbed a random trash bag that was on the floor.

"NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" Dave and Krist shouted on the top of their lungs.

"Let them go, Axl. " Kurt said, walking into the kitchen, glaring at the rock star, eating the cucumber slices that he had on his eye lids before.

"Ugh, it's you." Axl glared back. "I'm not listening to you. Slash, take care of the lamb. I got these two already." Just then Slash ran towards Kurt.

"BE CAREFUL KURT!" Krist yelled, looking in terror.

"I didn't want you and Dave to find this out the hard way but---" Kurt twirled around, and colors of blue, pink, and purple fogged the room up for mere seconds, and caused Slash to stop running and to start coughing. Revealing Kurt with a mini skirt, tank top, leggings, and his blue guitar with spikes on it.

"Kurt?! Is that you?!" Dave said, utterly shocked.

Kurt had no time to answer, he needed to get shit done. The blonde swung his guitar above Slash's head, knocking off the guitarist's hat. Causing Slash to loss his energy and next thing you now he was shrinking to the size of an aNT.
"Ew." Kurt rolled his eyes and stomped on Slash.

Axl gasped and his eyes looked as if they were going to pop out of his head. "Y-You killed my guitarist!"
"Yeah, and you're next."
"NOT SO FAST, COBAIN." Axl's voice deepened and his eyes flashed white. His bandana gave a weird shock noise and he started to grow a robot suit.

"Fuck.." Kurt looked up at the growing machine.
" YOU THINK YOU CAN BEAT, MEGA SWEET CHILD O'MINE 3000?!" Axl gave the most eVIL OF LAUGHS. Then he THREW A PUNCH TOWARDS Kurt nearly hITTINg him. The force of the punch was so powerful, even though it didn't hit Kurt, Kurt still fell because of the overwhelming foRCE.


Axl turned around and laughed once more, his back facing Kurt. "YOUR FRIEND IS KNOCKING ON HEAVENS DOOR."


Kurt slowly opened his eyes and groaned quietly. When he noticed something strange about that metal suit of Axl's.

"NOW WHERE WERE WE?" Axl moved closer to Dave and Krist.

"Hey Asshole Rose." Kurt smirked, when Axl turned his head to the side.
"You forgot something." The blonde snickered and pressed the power button that was on Axl's back.

The sweet child o'mine 3000 shut down, and then eXPOLED. All the kiwis were saved, along with Krist and Dave.

Kurt skipped over to his band mates to untie them.

"K-Kurt just what are you?" Krist asked as soon as he and Dave were free.

"I...I'm ~*~*~*~*~soft grunge~*~**~*~*~~* "
"It's ok!" Dave said quickly, that caused Kurt and Krist to look at him.
"It's ok....We'll always love you, Dude. No matter what."
"Also you look smoking hot right now." Krist added.
"Totally" Dave nodded.

Kurt smiled, and hugged the other two. Krist grabbed Kurt's face and they started to make out, then he did the same with Dave, and lastly Kurt to Dave.

The three way makeouts tasted just like fresh watermelon.

The boys got hungry and ordered a pizza, and decided to watch some basic cable.

The end. :iconkurtplz:
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Whaaaaaaaaaaat I think I've fainted. :happybounce: That face at the end... You really deserve an precious kiwi!!