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South Park oc: Chelsea

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Takes place in South Park High School ^^ I know some of you may not like this idea... But please be nice!

Name: Chelsea Schneider

Race: Jewish

Birthday: August 23

Hair: Reddish brown, curly

Eyes: Hazel almost brown

Personality: Chelsea is a sweet, shy, and peaceful person. She loves to help people in her community and participate in helping or setting up school proms and dances. Cartman bullies her, a LOT. He calls her a Hippie just like he does with Wendy. (But I do support CANDY :iconpervycartmanplz:

Relationships: Stan- They are acquaintances. Stan was always against Cartman bullying her.
Kenny- He is a bit disliked. Due to his Pervertedness towards Chelsea and her friends, she doesn't really like Kenny. And he would always laugh when Cartman bullies her.((I have nothing against Ken' he is strongly loved :3))
Cartman- Strongly disliked. As I said, Cartman is the bully. Always saying hurtful things to Chelsea in the halls, physically bullying her -but not seriously- stealing her things, and being mean to her friends.
Kyle- AH KYLE! Attracted to Kyle. Right from the start he thought it was nice to relate to another person almost exactly like him, Chelsea felt the same. You can say their a little under cover best friends -nothing special yet, but they both have feelings. :iconpervykyleplz: Let's just say I made a playmate for Kyle :iconshaplz:
Chelsea is friends with Wendy's gang ^^ Bff is Wendy and Bebe.

She's practically a hippie. But not the hardcore pot smoking kind o.e

Positives(likes): Peace, Nature, the color yellow, blouses and jeans, ribbons, swimming, guitar hero ((((she's at just the HARD level of difficulty, not expert))) Ice Skating

Negatives: Can't cook at ALL, she does not have good balance.., she is TERRIBLE with Math and Science, she can't run due to a severe Shin splint. A pain that occurs in the front or inside of the lower leg along the shin bone (tibia). Shin splints commonly occur after a change in activity, such as running longer distances or increasing the number of days you run too quickly.

I hope you like her!
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Real cute. I really like her look. :)