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Imanni: Cub Creator

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Cub Creator belongs to Kamirah and/or

Kiara and Kovu's daughter~

As you can see I gave her different physical traits from her parents; Her inner ear fur is the same color as Kovu's main fur, her eyes are the color of Kovu's, her fur is a bit redder then Kiara's (I blended Kiara and Kovu's fur color and got this reddish color ) She has a black outsiders nose like Kovu, black tail tip like kovu, her underbelly fur is very very similar to Kiara's.

She has yet to find true love (perhaps shall be role played? -visit journal for info )

Imanni is a very shy lion cub, and likes to be alone. She was born with a birth defect: Her tail was elongated and so the bones stretches making her tail appear longer, and caused her to have little control. The best Imanni can do is sway her tail, and flick the tip slightly.

Likes: Taking cat naps in the shade, bathing herself in the rain, rain, being by herself, exploring the pridelands, being groomed by her grandmother Nala

Dislikes: Water, she can't swim at ALL, staying in the sun too long, hunting She's a bad hunter, she can't pounce so well, being surrounded by too many people.

Sister: Amani By :iconfawksjay:
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