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Apoline My Candy Love Style

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This is Apoline in the original My Candy Love Style.

I don't own the style, just the character :iconshaplz:

Name: Apoline Gauner
Hair: Long Dark Brown ((DYED PURPLE/RED))
Eyes: Light Brown/Gold
Signature color: Red or Orange
Interested in: Lysander and Castiel. (she can't decide) Dresses, singing, france, romantic novels, beaches, dogs, martial arts.
Body type: She may seam thick, but when wearing the right clothes it shows off that she really is infact CURVY. Like if she were to wear a swimsuit.
Apoline has dyslexia and speaks a lot of French, but not all of it. She has an acoustic guitar and due to her dyslexia, she learns how to play by hearing the sound, not seeing the notes. So far Apoline only knows how to play one song really well (a secret for my fanfiction! coming soon). She loves to sing mostly in french. The choker that she is wearing was given to her my Castiel, and the diamond attached to it was given to her by Lysander.

APOLINE WILL ALMOST ALL THE TIME REFUSE TO WEAR PANTS! Not what you think. SHE WILL ONLY WEAR SKIRTS AND DRESSES! She is a very formal girl when it comes to clothes. But when it comes to her personality, she can be sometimes rude and outgoing.When in an awkward situation, she normally gets shy and blushes, or this happens when you invade her space. She hates that.

She has a Great Dane named Kujo. From the movie/book Kujo by Stephen King.
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DAW, Your on MCL too?
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Yes! All the time. :)
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Ah, I love that place xD
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Lol, who wouldn't xD