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Your Fatefull Demise

Dedicated to my friend ~Black-Heart-Always. Thanks for selling him to me hun! :glomp: Love him to pieces! :love:

Full Name: Your Fatefull Demise

Nickname: Fate

Herd: Mountain Massacre

Herd Position: Guardian (high ranking)

Age: 7

Gender: Stallion

Breed: Mustang

Height: 15.0hh

Body color: Palomino

Hoof color: Grey front hooves, Tan hind hooves

Markings: White stocking on right hind leg. White sock on left hind leg. Grey around muzzle and eyes. Black along the bottom of tail hair.

Eye color: Amber Brown

Accessories: Three black leather belts w/different color stones. One black w/red Velcro leg boot on hind right leg. One black leather bracelet on right front leg. Two large black leather studded collars. And one long black cord wrapped tightly around neck.

Personality: Quiet and blunt when he does talk. He is gruff and to the point in matters, taking whatever risks necessary to get the job done.Can be quite aggressive if pushed too far, and is easily irritated. He cares little for anything but himself and his duty.

FINALLY FINISHED! this ref took quite a bit of time, though i wasn't supposed to! XD i was just going to do block colors, but i sorta forgot...^^;

i'm trying to make them seem more realistic with muscle mass and especially the hair. MY GOODNESS! those feakin' tails gave me so much trouble! XD i ended up copying the first one and editing it onto the other side! :giggle:

but i think he's turned out quite well! 'm pleased! :aww:

I'm hoping to eventually create more official refs like this for all my characters. :meow: wish me luck! (i'll need it! XDDD)

Original Character Design © :iconblack-heart-always:
Art © :icontrue-wolf-at-heart:
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You did a great job Kira :)
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thank you very much! :aww: