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"IMPORTANT":If you leave the group or does not respect the rules you defined exclusively "AND BLOCKED" in the group.
Si vous quittez le groupe où ne respectez pas les règles vous serez définivement exclus du groupe et bloqué.
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{Seven Sins-Lust}Lilith the Night Witch by Shawlis-Fantasy-Art
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Currently reading by Godzilla2137
Spiral From the Book of Saw (2021) Review!Hello ladies and gentlemen, this is The Mystery Writer speaking, and welcome to the show! Today, I am reviewing Spiral: From the Book of Saw. Now, the Saw series has had a rather complex history within the horror genre. The first film is credited as bringing the rise of the Torture Porn subgenre of horror in the 2000s, and a slew of copycats followed suit with varying degrees of success. Heck, even the later sequels tried to imitate yet failed to recapture the grandeur of the original. Honestly, as someone who has seen all the Saw films, the first three and Jigsaw were by far the best ones, with everything from Saw 4 onward had serious issues from underdeveloped characters, pointless gore, an overcomplicated plot or lack of a plot, and not being memorable, these films lacked the majesty of the original film. Was Spiral yet another lazy sequel not worth your time to see, or was it a good horror film? Let's find out, but first, a brief plot summary. This film is still new, so I won't be going into too much detail, although I will discuss some key plot moments during my critique. The story begins with a detective at a 4th of July celebration trying to catch a purse snatcher. He's ultimately lured into a trap by a Jigsaw CopyCat Killer who has a thing against crooked cops. Detective Banks, played by Chris Rock, finds himself the target of the killer's obsession, as he and his new partner, Detective Shank, try to solve the case more crooked cops wind up dead in various traps. Now that we got the plot summary out of the way, let's talk about the positives of this film. It's a surprisingly enjoyable film filled with good performances and just enough gore for horror fans to eat up. The story is more complex than other, lazier sequels of the franchise, as it takes elements from the police procedural and mystery genres to create compelling characters and an edge-of-your-seat mystery. It's not Se7en, and the police drama elements do take away from the horror elements to a degree, but which an impressive use of foreshadowing, the twist makes the film worth seeing. Chris Rock gives a solid performance as Detective Banks, a cop whose career has been stunted because he turned in a crooked cop, his first partner after he killed a witness 15 years prior to the events of the movie. It's not his best performance, as it is weird seeing a comedian like him try his hand at a more dramatic role, and he only has three facial expressions in his range of emotion, aka smiling, serious and uber-serious, but it's strong enough to carry the movie. I just kind of wish there was more with him and Sam Jackson, who plays his father and former police chief. Their scenes were great, but they were few. I think the film would have benefitted from more of them sharing the screen. The traps were also well-done, each one having a theme and localized to a particular body part that corresponds to the victim's crime was clever. Again, it's just enough to make it a horror movie, but I do wish there was more of it and it could have been more graphic. My real issue was the editing during these scenes. When the traps are activated, we go into that shakey, seizure-inducing style of editing famous within the Saw films. The only issue was that it didn't always work. It didn't match the styling used within the rest of the film, and it's too slow and paced to be a scary or jarring form of editing. Some of these scenes were better done than others, so it's a minor nitpick more than anything. Now that we've discussed the positives, as well as some of the minor negatives, it's time to talk about the biggest issue: it was predictable. Yeah, as soon as I saw that one character, not going to tell you who, I knew he was the killer. He winds up dead halfway through the movie was a clear red herring to throw us off, and once he was introduced at the start of the film, he just screamed TWIST-VILLAIN MATERIAL. Also, if you're familiar with police dramas or horror cliches, you can tell what's going to happen before that happens in a lot of places throughout. Overall, this was an enjoyable horror movie. It's certainly better than the average, but it's not the best of the series. It's not the breath of fresh air needed for the franchise to continue, but I do believe it's a good starting point. Relying too much on cliches and having a predictable villain really didn't help the matter, and this is one of those films while you absolutely loved leaving the theater, the more you think about it, the more faults you realize. So, this was just slightly above average because of the solid cast, the good if not predictable mystery, and of course, that amazing twist ending that came close to rivaling the original's twist. Total Score: 4.25 out of 5.0, SLIGHTLY ABOVE AVERAGE!
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Sketch commission (open) by JubsXas
Queen II by AdaEtahCinatas
Bewe2 by marinadaisy
The Crown by silviya
Couple Poses Set08 by BerenyiArts
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Big Floppa and big butt wooden pin or magnet by ShadowOfLightt
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Holiday Green by HaraaJubilee
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Poses Mega Pack 2021.07 by BerenyiArts
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Garrett and Sara. Beethovens 5th by Godzilla2137
Brick Patterns by allison731
The Emblem by Drydareelin



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