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Dragon Ball Surge (AR) Chapter 22Last chapter Zane came to visit Roni and the kids. Find out what happens now. Note: This is the final chapter of the childhood arc so it's a bit longer than usual. I am aware some parts may seem unrealistic but hey, that's why it's called fanfiction XD. I'm still trying to work on improving so I appreciate those who have been here through this entire series. Later at night, Agel saw Roni gripping the Roses that Zane brought her earlier in the day. She realized that something was going on within her cousin and she wanted to know what it was. Roni turned her eyes away from her trying to think of words to cover this awkward situation then Agel grabbed Roni by the hand leading her into her room sitting down on the bed just like how they used to do in their sleepovers as kids. They always knew that when something was wrong with each other, they always promised to discuss conflicts out. Roni however, always concealed her emotions deep within because everyone looked up to her even before she took her place as leader of the bandits, believing it was her obligation to be strong because no one in life would fight for her. Even Agel looked up to her since Roni was two years older than she was, but Agel was always the more caring talkative one. Roni would never admit that she was much obliged to have Agel by her side especially after her parents' abandonment. She was Roni’s pillar, her rock, and she would tell secrets only to her since Agel always respected people’s personal feelings. As the two sat down on the bed, Agel rested her hand gently on top of Roni’s shoulder, waiting for her cousin to share what was going on with her. “Why did you drag me in here Agel?” Roni asked slightly annoyed. “Well, why are you holding those roses?” “ I-I was just about to throw them out that’s all.” “Yeah okay,” Agel snickered. “Look, I know that things between you and Zane didn't work out before, but I think you should give him a second chance. For some reason, he seems like he's genuine.” “I'm not giving him a second chance.” “Okay, so if you won't give him a second chance, why did you let him spend the night? You never let him stay even when he visited the kids.” Roni despised it when she was asked these types of questions. Agel always had this strange skill to discern emotions whether if it's positive or negative, and sometimes that ability almost scared Roni because It was very precise almost every time. Roni lowered her head down letting out a frustrated sigh before answering the question. “Because I realized that I have become just like my mother and father.” “Really? Why do you say that about yourself?” Agel said giving a perplexed glare. “Well since Zane and I separated, I was so angry not wanting anything to do with him. I let that anger blind my eyes from seeing how much I was hurting Mac and Jade. All of these years I had them separated from their father because I wanted them to grow up powerful just like me, but instead, I just completely ignored how they felt.” Suddenly Roni felt arms wrap around her. It felt so comforting to her because it was just what she needed. Tears suddenly began to flow down Roni’s cheek remembering all the hurt that she has endured in her life. Her parent's abandonment was the greatest scar she has ever received and sometimes wondered if those scars fade away from her memory or would she get ever overcome the pain. Agel hugged Roni even tighter rubbing circles on her back to help her calm down. She could never understand the pain that her cousin has been through, but she figured the least she can do is offer solace. Roni hugs Agel back. “Thanks, Agel I needed that.” “Hey, it's ok Roni just remember that I am always here for you okay?” “Heh yeah, I'll always remember that.” Later in the morning, everyone prepared to begin their day. Since Zane was staying there, he tried his best to help out by waking up early to help the kids prepare for school. However, before everyone left they all saw on the news that there was a massive hurricane on its way. Most of the ways of transportation will be heavily delayed at this point and it would take Zane two days to get back home even if he flew. Mac and Jade used this as a perfect opportunity to act out their plan. On Asuka’s end, she was debating if she should tell Kohl her true feelings. She jogged downstairs quickly so she can get on the bus, but before she ran out Agel gave her a thumbs up to reassure Asuka that everything will be fine when she confesses to Kohl. Mac and Jade stopped Asuka to talk to her before going on the bus. “So Asuka can you do us the favor and buy some groceries from the store?” Mac asked. “Oh um sure do you have some money to buy all of this?” Mac reached into his pocket to take out some money. “Of course, here's the list of the food to make mom and dad’s favorite dinner. Please get it back before 4:30.” “Can you make it 5:30? Kohl and I are supposed to go to the arcade after school.” Jade sighed. “Fine, but you better not be late got it squirt?” “Yeah yeah, I heard you now I gotta head to school,” Asuka says shoving Jade out the way. She despised it when Jade tried to boss her around like some kind of servant. Asuka then steps on the bus to see everyone eyeing and giggling as usual. She saw Kohl once again having his attention directed towards the window with that same melancholic expression he had the last time they were on the bus. Asuka now began to speculate that something was truly wrong since he just told her a few days ago that he was fine. She even started to think that she had done something wrong to him unaware so she sat down next to Kohl attempting once again to ask what's wrong with him. “Is something wrong? are you feeling okay today?” Kohl forces a smile. “ Oh um I'm ok Asuka, I just feel a little tired that's all. You know how homework can be haha.” “Ok then if you say so,” she says frowning slightly. “So um are you ready for Ms. Mustard’s quiz today?” “Yeah, if she remembers to bring the quiz. I swear that lady can't retain two sentences in her brain.” Asuka giggled. “Yeah, she even forgot what her name was I couldn't believe it. Sooner or later the bus comes to a halt and everyone got off to go to their classes. Asuka and Kohl sat together to prepare for the quiz while Ms. Mustard trips on her shoelaces falling straight on the floor dropping all the quiz papers in multiple directions. The whole class began to burst into laughter when she fell, noticing Ms. Mustard had fallen into a full deep slumber which surprised everyone. Asuka grabbed her history textbook from her book bag and threw it at Ms. Mustard’s head, to awaken her. Gradually, she got up from the ground rapidly gazing around the room in some sort of panic not recognizing her surroundings. “AHH! WHERE AM I?” Ms . Mustard shouts panicking. “You’re at work duh,” Asuka said. “Oh, that's right well here are the quizzes everyone, take your time doing it,” Ms. Mustard said passing out the papers to everyone in the room. Everyone began to do their quizzes and Asuka was able to fly through with ease, but when it came to the last few questions she was puzzled. She stared at Kohl to see how he was doing on his quiz assuming that he had no trouble. On the corner of his eye, he saw Asuka staring at him which made Kohl turn smiling back at her. On the quiz, he skipped a few questions because the first few on the quiz were complicated while the last few were much more straightforward. At this point, the two Saiyans needed each other’s assistance urgently before the time expired The entire class noticed that Ms. Mustard had fallen asleep again so it was a perfect opportunity to exchange answers with each other. Tomo and Korn quietly dragged their chairs next to Asuka and Kohl so they can work on the entire quiz together. As they exchanged answers rapidly with each other, Kohl was truly impressed by how much Asuka was able to complete in such a short amount of time. He always admired how she was so intelligent, strong-willed, and humourous, secretly beginning to develop feelings for his Saiyan friend. Asuka whispered. “Hey, Kohl I think the answer to that question is A.” “Oh thank you for telling me. For that question there it's D and for yours Tomo that answer is C. “Thanks, Kohl,” both Asuka and Tomo said. Suddenly when the time was up Ms. Mustard slowly began to awaken after having a long dream. Tomo, Korn, and Asuka rushed back to their at the speed of light making sure they didn't try to much much noise, but Tomo strumbled over the chairs making the entire class snicker. Ms. Mustard went around the class to collect papers, then she tripped over Tomo dropping all the Quiz papers once again as he tried to get up. Once the bell rang everyone rushed out of the class quickly trying to get to their next class. Asuka and Kohl walked to gym class seeing a gang of students standing in front of the doorway. The one leading them was none other than Jessie who seemed to be in a terrible mood today. She had her eyes fixed on Asuka for some strange reason feeling her envious emotions overwhelm her once again. Asuka took a good count to see how many of them were there surrounding her which added up to about twenty students while Kohl was on his guard as well foreseeing the worst to happen. “What do you want Jessie? We need to head to class now, “ Asuka says annoyed. Jessie grins.” You think that you're a hotshot now since you landed that strike in the tournament.” “Um in case you haven't noticed we're on the same team. I thought you would be happy that I scored the point for all of you.” “Yeah, but just remember that there can only be one Alpha on the team and that’s me. Prepare to be broken down nerd!” Kohl walks in front of Asuka to defend her. “You are not going to lay a finger on my best friend so back off Jessie!” “But what do you see in her anyway Kohl? I'm your friend,” Jessie says stepping closer. “Asuka is the greatest friend that I've ever met in my entire life. She's strong, sweet, relatable, and supportive. Our friendship is over Jessie so step aside to let us through!” Kohl says shouting for the first time creating fear in the students around them. “Come on Asuka let's get away from these crooks.” Asuka stood there silently blushing after hearing the kind words from her friend. Kohl gently grabbed Asuka’s arm, pushing the gang members of kids out of the way so they can enter the gym and they were on the bleachers waiting for class to begin. “Kohl thanks for sticking up for me back there. Did you mean all of those things you said?” “Hey, no problem, and of course, I meant every last word, it’s the just what I see In you that's all. I knew that you could handle all of those jerks by yourself, but I believed it would have been best to avoid any fights so we won't bring any attention to ourselves.” Asuka chuckled. “Yeah, I would have given them a knuckle sandwich for sure. I would have made them lose all of their teeth.” “Haha yeah.” Kohl smiled. He cherished when Asuka smiled because it made him feel joyful. As they talked he almost forgot about the dreadful news he prepared to share. After the two Saiyans finished a full day of school, they headed to the arcade to have some fun together winning a large variety of prizes. Kohl couldn't truly enjoy himself still thinking about how to tell Asuka the news. Asuka noticed Kohl’s sadness again so she was ready for him to tell the truth. “Hey, Asuka?” “Yes, Kohl?” “There's uh something I need to tell you, can we both head outside for a second?” “Sure, there is something I want to tell you as well,” she smiled shyly blushing again. Both of the young Saiyans walked outside into a deserted space behind the arcade. Asuka began to feel extremely nervous trying to figure out how to convey her feelings to her best friend, trembling a bit as she looked into Kohl’s soft eyes. Kohl trembled as well because he didn't want to ruin his friend’s day, yet he didn't want to delay any longer since he would be leaving in two weeks. It truly hurt his heart that he had to leave someone as special as her. Asuka tried to open her mouth to speak, but her tongue was paralyzed by her nerves. Kohl knew that his friend was having trouble saying what she wanted, so he thought it would be wise for him to go first so she can feel comfortable. “OK, Asuka I’ll say my news first if it's alright with you.” “O-Oh ok, go ahead I can wait for you to finish.” “Ok, so the big news is that I will be moving out of town in two more weeks.” Asuka giggled. “ Haha quit kidding around Kohl.” “Asuka I'm serious, I'm moving to another town far away from here.” “Really?” Asuka said with her eyes widened in shock. Asuka could not believe the terrible news. Her heartfelt like it was stabbed with a large knife. The one who she cherished the most was about to abandon her for good. “Yes, it's true Asuka. I wanted to tell you earlier and I just couldn't find it within myself to do it. I just didn't want to see you hurt.” “Well, it's too late for that!” She says clenching her fists. “I know you are upset and I wish things were different. I would have loved to stay with you.” Asuka remained silent She held her head down facing the floor as the rain from the hurricane started to come down on both of them. Kohl sighed. “ Well um we can still keep in contact with each other over the phone and you still have Tomo and Korn to hang out with.” “IT’S NOT THE SAME CAN’T YOU SEE THAT!?” “Asuka please calm down.” “HOW CAN I CALM DOWN WHEN I’M ABOUT TO LOSE MY BEST FRIEND!” she yelled trying to hold back her tears. Kohl softly holds her hand. “YOU WON’T LOSE ME ASUKA WE STILL CAN BE GREAT FRIENDS!” “LET GO OF ME!” Asuka jerks her arm away.“ Just leave me alone and forget about me.” “How can I?.” “Just go away and don't talk to me, I'm going home,” she says flying off to the grocery store. Kohl just stood there letting the rain come down on him as held the prize that Asuka won for him in his hand tightly. Kohl flew back home once again to find his brother and sister arguing every day, as usual, walking directly upstairs to his room not uttering a word to anyone around him. He was so upset that he couldn't eat any dinner just thinking about what had transpired. Even though Kohl had siblings he still felt so alone at home because he couldn't relate to them not one bit mostly because they were in another age range. Having wealth and riches couldn't compare to having that one special friend. Asuka on the other hand went to the grocery store buying the items Mac requested. When she came back home she gave Mac and Jade the groceries into their hands. However, Jade notices Asuka is in a bad mood so she let her gon into her room to lay down on her bed still trying to hold back the tears. However, Zane was outside doing some repairs on the roof that was destroyed by the previous storms. Suddenly Roni came outside to see what Zane was working on and when he saw her he accidentally hammered his thumbs with his hammer. “Ouch, that hurts! oh, hey Roni is everything okay?” “Everything is fine Zane. You know you don't have to fix that roof.” “Oh it’s ok, I think I'm just about done. After this, I'll head back home before the storm hits.” “Well even if you leave now you will still get caught in that hurricane.” “Yeah, I know, but I don't wanna overstay my welcome. You all have busy lives to get back to so I believe it's wise for me to get back to mine as well.” Roni folds her arms. “I don’t think it would hurt if you stayed until the storm cleared up. Besides, the kids would like that very much.” “ W-Wow you mean it?” “Yeah dummy now get down from there before you get shot in the head. People tend to do that around here!” “Awesome!” Zane said jumping. As he jumped he fell through the roof into the storage room that he spent the last two days in. Roni quickly went inside to see if Zane was okay. When she arrived, he was on the floor rubbing his head from the impact of the fall. Roni instantly helped him up which surprised Zane and he smiled at her as she does it. Roni just chuckled lightly turning her head in the opposing direction of him. Mac and Jade made sure that they set up the table after preparing some lasagna and breadsticks for their parents. Mac came into the storage room wearing Joel’s old chef outfit and fake mustache. Both Zane and Roni looked at him in confusion trying to figure out what's going on. “Hello guests of honor, your dinner is ready. Please follow me so I can seat the both of you.” Mac said smiling. “Is this your doing Zane?” “Of course not Roni I had no idea about this.” When Roni and Zane follow Mac into the dining room no one was there. They only saw a small table with a red table cloth over it. On the table were a candle, flowers, breadsticks, baked chicken, and two plates of lasagna. The air smelled like freshly baked bread with the room being dimly lit. Roni knew exactly what was going on, but she just played along for the sake of the children. She was now placed in a highly uncomfortable position while Zane seemed to be amused by the entire setup. After the both of them sat, Jade poured glasses of water for the both of them giving that same grin as her father. “Well dinner is served, if you need anything just ring this bell and we will fly to you immediately. We will leave you two to have some alone time.” Roni sighs. “ Fine Jade, but I’m just putting out there that this isn’t a date Zane!” “Of course not,” Zane shouted. “Good just checking.” After Mac and Jade left they went into another room peeking through the door crack. Both Zane and Roni began to devour the food, but they were Surprised that their kids did a wonderful job on the meal making Roni feel some sense of pride because they could cook so well. As they continued to eat they both were interested in how each other’s lives were going and to break the silence Zane asked his question first. “So Roni, how’s life been going on you’re end?” “Why do you care?” “Well, I just want to know that’s all.” “You already know what I do Zane. I rob banks, beat up other bandits, and I run from the boys and girls in blue. I’ve been doing this same routine since I was four years old. When I want something I take it, plain and simple. “Heh even after all these years you still have that feisty personality in you.” “Listen, I was born this way, I’ll turn back to dust this way, I ain’t changing for no one!” Zane let out a small laugh. “Hey, I’m not here to force you to change, I just always admired that part of you.” “Yeah whatever, so how’s life on your end as a surgeon? Are you still cutting people open with those toy knives and scissors? “HAHAHAHA, Roni you are hilarious and yes I am actually. It seems like nowadays people are having a bigger need for surgery.” “Heh, maybe you should give some brain surgery to some of my minions. I swear they can be really dumb sometimes,” “What time do you want me to schedule an appointment I’m free on Wednesdays.” “Not for real silly,” Roni laughs a bit while still being on guard. “Hey I know, I just wanted to see that pretty simile of yours.” “Oh please don’t make me throw up” she turned her head slightly blushing trying to conceal her smile. Suddenly Agel comes out of the room playing the violin to create the mood. Since she was a child Roni always adored how well Agel played because she was very skilled at it, but at this moment it made Roni feel slightly embarrassed. Zane however, still appeared to be enjoying every moment of the entertainment along with the dinner. Roni and Zane slowly reached for the last breadstick putting both their hands on top of each other. Roni gradually whirled her head to Zane. Both of their eyes met and they began gazing at each other. For some reason, Roni was stunned for a brief moment, but then she remembered the past before moving her hand away. Mac and Jade, were a bit disappointed in their mother’s response because they both were waiting for the big moment and Roni got up away from the table. “Mac, Jade come out here,” Roni shouted. “Yes, mom?” both twins replied coming out of the room they stayed in. Agel stopped playing the violin to listen to Roni’s response. “I appreciate the wonderful dinner you have prepared for your father and me,” she said hugging both of them. “I want you both to head to bed now okay?” Zane smiled. “Yeah, Kids that was a delicious feast. You should listen to your mom and go to bed it's past your bedtime.” “Do we have to dad?” Jade frowned. “Yes, you do now go on.” “Ok, mom and dad come on Mac let's Go,” Jade said as they both left the room. “I think I'd better head to bed as well Zane, I feel a little tired.” “Yeah, I understand Roni. Look, I'm sorry that I made you feel uncomfortable like that.” “No um, it's fine you didn't do anything wrong. I'll talk to you in the morning, Good night Zane. After a week goes by the hurricane was beginning to leave while Asuka continued to remain in that depressed state. Mostly everyone was so focused on Zane and Roni that they didn't recognize Asuka’s radical change in behavior. She barely spoke to anyone or ate and she would always run into her room after returning from school. She avoided Kohl as much as possible because he was a constant reminder about the day of his departure. Joel, however, was not thrilled to see Zane back because he saw how much the breakup hurt Roni so he speak that much to Zane acting rather coldly to him. Mac and Jade tried their absolute hardest to get their parents back together and surprisingly their plans seemed to have operated very well noticing Roni and Zane have gotten a lot much closer with each other in just a short amount of time. Roni saw that he was truly genuine, not sensing an inch of deception within him. Her feelings for him began to grow stronger each day again just like a blossoming tree after the winter storm. Zane and Roni sat down on the beach under the tree in their backyard far away from everyone else so they can have privacy enjoying the vast beautiful scenery. “It’s a beautiful day isn't It Roni?” Zane says. “It sure is it looks like the storm had finally passed through.” “Yeah, and I have to admit that these last few days staying here with you all has been the most fun that I had in years. I got to see how well kids have grown up to be.” “You think so, Zane?” “Of course, being together with you again just filled my heart,” Zane said resting his hand on top of Roni’s. Roni for once gave a full smile at Zane after hearing him speak those words. He always had a way of always making her feel so special compared to everyone else around them. They suddenly began feeling strong emotions for each other, unhurriedly leaned their heads in closer until Zane’s lips pressed against Roni’s. She slowly departed her lips from Zane’s for a moment peering into his eyes then kissed him back gently putting her hands on his face letting her feelings influence her once again Roni soon realized what was happening moving away from Zane feeling ashamed of herself for letting this happen. “I-I’m sorry I didn't mean it,” Roni says anxiously.” “What is there to be sorry about? You did nothing wrong.” “I just kissed you, we are supposed to be separated from each other.” Zane softly held Roni’s hands. “I know that Roni, but we can always start over together. I promise that I will try my very hardest to become a better person, but I just want to hear from your lips that you want to try again. If you don't then I understand completely.” Roni took a moment trying to process everything that has happened so far. “Was it worth trying, just to get injured again? or was fear itself was the true injury? No one in her family would judge her for her choice. For once in her life, this was the hardest decision she ever had to make, yet she wanted it more than anything else in the entire world at this moment. Roni gazed up at Zane. “Fine, I'm willing to give this relationship another try.” “R-REALLY?” Zane perked up after hearing Roni’s unexpected answer. “Yes I will, but I will move at my own pace.” “S-Sure I get it, I'm just happy you said yes because I assumed you were going to knock me out cold. Roni laughs. “Well if you want I could give you a good punch to show you how much my skills have increased since last time.” “Well, I sensed you’re energy so you don't even have to tell me how much stronger you have become. I've been training myself you know.” “Yeah, It's visibly clear in your appearance. It seems like you were working more,” she said glaring at his toned muscles. “Yeah, I had to stay in shape you know. Well, I'd best better get going immediately before my boss has a fit.” “Oh yeah right, come on, let's head back inside so you can get your bag.“ Both of them went back inside to find Agel sitting at the table distressed. Roni being worried went over to her to figure out what was wrong with her. “You okay Agel? What's wrong?” “The money that Asuka and I took a week ago is all gone, Roni.” “WHAT DO YOU MEAN IT’S GONE HOW CAN THAT BE?!” “I don't know, but it just is. Someone must have stolen it when we weren't in sight.” “There is one way to solve this, EVERYONE GET IN HERE WITH YOU’RE BAGS!.” The entire family and Roni’s minions stood in a horizontal line holding out their bags to check for the cash. Roni searched through everyone's bags thoroughly, but then she arrived at Zane. Joel stood up from his chair. “Hey, Roni why don't you check Zane’s bag? Maybe he is the thief.” “Don't be silly Grandpa Zane would never steal from me.” “Oh really? Prove it to me!” “She doesn't have to prove anything to you,” Zane shouts. “Well if you have nothing to prove then show Roni you're bag.” Zane’s anger increases. “Come on this is ridiculous, I’m a doctor, why would I need to steal Joel?” “People can change from Angels to devils!” “ALRIGHT ENOUGH!” Roni slams her fist into the wall. “I'll check Your bag, Zane.” She finally opened Zane’s bag finding the bricks of cash. Roni was at loss for words, she couldn't believe that the man she began to fall in love with again only came just to steal from her. This selfish act stabbed her in the heart deeply. Another scar was carved on her heart, a scar of betrayal. “So you are the thief I can't believe you, Zane.” “ Roni I swear I didn't put this in my b-” “DON’T YOU DARE LIE TO ME!” “I’M NOT LYING I'M TELLING YOU THE TRUTH. I WOULD NEVER BETRAY YOU LIKE THIS!” “I DON’T BELIEVE YOU, THE ONLY REASON YOU CAME BACK HERE IS FOR MONEY. I KNEW IT HAD TO BE SOME KIND OF CATCH!” “THAT’S NOT TRUE I ONLY CAME FOR YOU AND THE KIDS!” “YOU KNOW WHAT JUST GET OUT! I’M FINISHED WITH YOU FOR GOOD ZANE!” Zane takes a step closer to Roni. “Please you have to believe me. I had no idea this was in my bag.” Roni smacks him in the face. “I SAID GET OUT NOW! I DON’T WANT TO EVER SEE YOU EVER AGAIN!” “Fine….. I’ll leave, but just know that I will always love you no matter what you may think about me Roni, Goodbye, everyone.” When Roni heard those she began shedding a few tears, speed walking to her room. Joel stood there staring and Asuka, Mac, and Jade went back to their rooms after witnessing that heartbreaking event. All of their hard work was for absolutely nothing. Joel went outside on the porch to sit down detaching himself from all the drama inside. The porch was sort of a place of restoration, a place of consolation and self-expression. Agel decided to let Roni stay by herself this time and she went outside to sit next to her grandfather. Something has changed within him, something is not the same, she thought. “You ok gramps?” Agel Asked. “Yeah, I'm ok kiddo.” “You could have fooled me you looked like you committed murder.” “I'm just stressed okay,” Joel sighed placing a hand on his head. “I still can't believe what happened though, for some reason I just don't believe that Zane would do something like that. We have all known him since high school and he was always respectful.” “People can change just like the position of stars in the sky. When people want something they just take it.” “Yeah but something still does not add up grandpa. If Zane truly wanted to steal all of that money, why would he willingly present his bag to Roni when she searched? Doesn't that seem rather odd to you?” “Uh y-yeah, that does seem odd.” Agel folds her arms glancing down. “Someone would have had to place the money in his bag. The only ones that were in here at the time were you, me, Zane, Roni, Asuka, Mac, and Jade.” I doubt Mac and Jade would place the money in the bag because they worked hard to make their father stay. Asuka went into her room to work on homework when Roni placed the money in the vase so she couldn't have known the location.” “That is t-true Agel.” “Then that means that the culprit is you, grandpa.” “ARE YOU SERIOUSLY ACCUSING ME OF THIS!” “Well, if you claim to be innocent why are you so defensive all of a sudden?” Joel stays silent directing his eyes towards the floor. His hands began to tremble rapidly. “So answer this, are you the one that planted the money in Zane’s bag? Agel asked looking directly into her grandfather’s eyes. “YES I DID ARE YOU HAPPY NOW?!” “SO YOU ADMIT IT! WHY WOULD YOU DO SOMETHING SO CRUEL LIKE THAT? DON’T YOU CARE ABOUT RONI?!” “OF COURSE I CARE ABOUT HER THAT’S WHY I DID IT AGEL!” “Explain Yourself.” Joel sighs heavily. “ look, both you and I know that Roni has been through a living hell already. As all of those years went by it broke my heart to see Roni growing up wondering where her parents were. Then when she met Zane her she was so happy until they separated and I just didn't want her to go back into that relationship to be hurt again.” “But you don't know how things would have turned out grandpa. Don't you realize that you are hurting her and the kids? They need their father in their life and you are interfering with that.” “So what are you going to do Agel? are you going to tell Roni?” “No, I'm not going to tell her because it's not my place. This is an error that you need to correct, but as of now, you lost my respect.” “Agel wai-” “Just leave me alone I'm going to check on the kids.” Agel walks back inside leaving Joel to think about what he has done. He is filled with so much remorse. Even if he tried to explain to Roni what he has committed she would never forgive him. This is a crime that truly crossed the boundary of trust and friendship. As the next week goes by, Asuka and the others wake up early to begin their day. Usually, their home was always filled with the sounds of laughter, but recently it's been silent, a silence of grief that was so silent that It became loud. Agel However did the best she can to lift everyone's spirits by cracking her somewhat lifting the mood. Unlike everyone else, Asuka didn't smile or eat normally for the last few days falling into a deep depression that seemed to be unbreakable. Later on, Asuka arrived at school late maintaining to keep her distance away from Kohl. He knew that it would break her heart but she took this much harder than he expected. Even in gym class which was the last class of the day, Asuka couldn't play at her best like she usually does. Mr. Snickers called a timeout he can talk to Asuka. “Hey, Asuka let me talk to you for a sec.” “I don't feel like talking Mr. Snickers.” “Come on Asuka it's best not to hold things in. I know you play better than this and this problem you are facing is affecting the te-” Asuka slams a first in the wall creating a hole. “ I SAID I DON’T WANT TO TALK SO JUST LEAVE ME ALONE!” Immediately the bell rang for them to go home and Asuka walked quickly outside. Everyone behind her was in fear because of her inhuman strength. Asuka sat down under a tree to clear her mind, but Kohl followed her because he didn’t want to leave without saying goodbye to her. “Hey, Asuka,” Kohl said giving a half-grin. “What do you want? Don't you have to leave now?” “I came to say goodbye to you before I left.” Asuka stands up. “Just go ok?” Kohl noticed small streams of tears running down Asuka’s face so he went over to hug her tightly. “I know you hate me for leaving but I just want you to know that I'll never forget you ok?” he said shedding a few tears himself. Asuka stood there not hugging her friend back. She continued to cry resting her forehead on his shoulder thinking about this harsh departure, pushing him away from the hug just uttering a small “goodbye” before flying off back to her home. When she came back home she came straight to her room jumping on her bed. Agel, Mac, Jade, and Joel saw her visibly upset so they both went into her room to try to encourage her. Filled with Rage Asuka pushed them all away telling them all to get out. “I don’t understand what’s wrong with her, she usually talks to me about anything,” Joel says concerned. “This has to be something serious.” “Maybe it’s a school bully,” Mac proposed. “Naw this is something deeper. The only person that could snap it out of her is Roni.” Agel said Joel glared. “We can’t go to Roni now she’s too upset Agel.” “Well geez, I wonder why that is you old fossil!” Joel lowered his head in shame looking to the floor. “I’m gonna talk to Roni, Mac, and Jade you two stay here.” “Ok Agel,” Mac and Jade replied. Agel slowly stepped to Roni’s room knocking on the door. She waited to hear an answer from her cousin after knocking a few times. Usually, Agel gets frightened of Roni when she is in this state of irritation, but she needed her strength in this time of sorrow.” “WHAT IS IT!” Roni shouts. “It's me Agel, I need to talk to you.” “GO AWAY!” “Please Roni it's important!” Roni let out a stressed sigh. “FINE MAKE IT QUICK!” Agel slowly opens the door entering the room to see Roni sitting on her bed. “Look Roni I hate to bother you but something is seriously wrong with Asuka.” “We all have problems Agel that's nothing new.” “But she won't talk to us about it.” “So what.” “HOW CAN YOU BE SO CASUAL ABOUT THIS? SHE IS YOUR DAUGHTER RONI DON'T YOU CARE ABOUT HER!?” “WHO DO YOU THINK YOU'RE YELLING AT LIKE THAT?! “I’M YELLING AT YOU RONI, YOU NEED TO REALIZE WHAT’S IMPORTANT HERE. “I DO REALIZE WHAT’S IMPORTANT.” “NO YOU DON’T, ASUKA HAS BEEN LIKE THIS FOR A FEW DAYS AND YOU DIDN’T EVEN NOTICE! CAN’T YOU HELP US?” “YOU DON’T NEED ME, JUST GO!” “YES, WE DO NEED YOU RONI! I NEED YOU!” Agel says tearing up. “I’ve been trying so hard to keep everyone and myself smiling, but I just can't do it anymore. This family is slowly falling apart. Roni’s heart ached when she saw her cousin in so much anguish. This entire time Agel was carrying such a massive burden within her that she couldn't carry it alone. It was time for Roni to come back into her position as the ruler of the bandits for the sake of her family so she had to overcome her grief by encountering the conflict head-on. Roni slowly got up from her bed walking to Asuka’s room. Everyone around was amazed to see her come out since it's been such a long time. When she reached the door she banged hard to see if Asuka would reply. “ASUKA, IT’S ME RONI OPEN UP THIS DOOR NOW!” “LEAVE ME ALONE!” With all of her might, Roni kicked down Asuka’s door which startled the young Saiyan. Asuka swerved her head away from the bandit leader trying to suppress her grief. “Asuka what is wrong with you?” “Nothing Roni,” Asuka mumbled. “GIRL STOP MUMBLING AN TURN YOUR HEAD TO FACE ME EYE TO EYE LIKE A WARRIOR. GET UP FROM THAT BED TO TALK TO ME!” Asuka gets up. “I did what you said now what do you want?” “I want you to tell me what’s bothering you kid. The family says that you have been depressed lately.” “I don't want to talk about it.” “Well tough cookies because I'm not leaving this room until you spit it out!” Roni says stepping closer to Asuka. “JUST LEAVE ME ALONE!,” She shouts shoving Roni. “NO!” Roni said hugging Asuka tightly. Asuka rapidly tried fighting out of the hug landing punches on Roni’s sides then suddenly grief overtook her again. She gradually stopped punching and began to cry as Roni had her arms around her. Asuka always hated crying in front of the bandit leader because she wanted to show her that she was strong enough to handle her problems. Asuka clung to Roni tightly letting out more tears than she ever has in her life. “It’s okay Asuka, just tell me what happened,” “M-My best friend Ko-Kohl is moving out of town today and I’m going to miss him so much.” “I know you do, believe me, I know,” Roni continued hugging rubbing Asuka’s back. “Being separated from a friend feels awful.” Asuka sniffled. “I don't know if It will ever be the same without him.” Roni wiped Asuka’s tears gently with her thumbs seeing the pain in her eyes that mirrored hers. She tenderly placed both hands on Asuka’s face. “Asuka I'm going to be real with you, sometimes in life people you love will leave you and when it happens it feels like a dagger to your heart. Sometimes this pain takes a week, months, or even years to go away and can even last for life. Just know that no matter what you are going through, you have to stay strong.” “Do you think I will ever get over this Roni?” Asuka sniffles again. “I believe you will Asuka, you are a resilient young warrior that overcame the impossible. Just remember that I made a promise that as long as I live I will always be here with you when you need me.” Asuka began hugging Roni. “Thanks for cheering me up.” “Hey, that's what families do Rebel.” “Can I ask you something, Roni?” “Sure kiddo.” “Will you be okay after what happened ?” “Yes, in time I will be, but since I have you and the rest here I'll be ok. This will be a long journey ahead and I believe that when the family is together we can accomplish whatever we set out minds to. For now, let's start off taking small steps ok Asuka?” “Sure thing.” Both Roni and Asuka experienced the pain of division and they will have to continue to depend on each other through this harsh road. Find out what happens next time on Dragon Ball Surge (AR)....
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COMMISSIONS OPEN!INDEXSlots / Places AvailableCommission TypesRequesting Commissions and payment methodsLimitationsTerms Of Service (TOS)Delivery / Production timeQuestions and answers (FAQ)1. Slots / Places AvailableCurrently, I can offer my services to 2 people. The first to arrive will be served first. I will be giving discounts for the first two.FREE: Put your name here (8% discount)FREE: Put your name here (5% discount)This topic will be kept up to date over time. Therefore, if you are interested in knowing when spaces will be available, feel free to note me or send an email to, or simply leave a comment here. As soon as a vacancy becomes available I will send you a notification.2. Commission TypesAs a 3D digital artist, I can offer different types of services to meet more specific or diverse needs. For example, like other artists, I can produce images of scenes with characters, but I can as well create 3D models to be used in games, for 3D printing, etc. You can customize your order, and get interesting discounts depending on your choice. The following table shows the services I offer, and their respective prices (I only work with US dollars).OBS 1: When I say Human, characters with any humanoid appearance are included.For the first service offered (ID 1), you will receive not only one, but many HD images (it can be 3, 5, 10, 15, but no more than 20) taken from different angles, and without adding anything to the final price. The final resolution of the image can have the desired aspect ratio (any width and height), but no greater than 4000 pixels in height or width.So, for example, if you want a scene to be created with a full-body human character, the price to be paid will only be $ 35, and you will receive several images (files) of the created scene. If you want to get the 3D files (obj, fbx, etc.) to open in a 3D program, then the amount will be added with another $ 35. In this case, you will get an 18% discount (see the discount table), and the final price will be $ 57.40 (35+35=70, 18% of 70=12.6, 70-12.6=57.40).If you want an image of a scene with some kind of background:Discounts types (for further clarification, see the Question and answers FAQ topic):If you want some kind of exclusivity when receiving the content produced by me. This type of feature is completely optional (that is, if you want me to not post anything publicly):3. Requesting Commissions and payment methodsThe process itself can be summarized in the following steps:Send me a Note, or email to with the desired commission information. Please try to leave the title with the name Commission.All the work that will be done by me will take into account what is written in the Note or email content, therefore, the present content must specify exactly what will be done, and which character will be created. Ideally (as this will make my job easier), the content should contain images of references that demonstrate the result expected by you, the customer. The more references, the easier and faster I can complete your project.With the request/order sent, I must give a reply saying whether or not I accept the job. If I accept, I'll immediately send you a payment link with a invoice. Payment will be mediated through the PayPal platform, but you can pay either with a PayPal account, or just with a credit/debit card (no need for a PayPal account if you don't want to or don't have one). Please do not send me a payment, instead I will be sending you an invoice. Every day I check my email and enter my DeviantArt page. I will work with commissions as I receive them, that is, commissions with older dates will have priority to be accepted first.If you have any questions, you can add a comment here, send an email to , or just send me a Note.4. LimitationsDue to current hardware limitations, I can only create scenes with a maximum of 3 to 4 creatures, or 2 to 3 full-body humans. Likewise, open world scenes, or very complex ones cannot be produced. I am planning to improve my workstation, aiming to produce better, faster, and bigger works. Also:Arts I do only for triple the price:NSFW / Sex / Porn / Nude / suggestive sexual, mature, lewd, fetish contentArts I do not do in any way:Mecha / MechRealismExtreme violenceOvercomplicated/Complex armorsOvercomplicated/Complex clothesAny idea of racial, religious, political offense or discrimination, or anything that disrespects an individual's citizenshipOBS: For items listed at triple the price (above), I will in NO way involve minors.5. Terms Of Service (TOS)Submitting a commission request means that you have read and agreed to the following:All prices listed are in USD and must be payed through PayPal. You do not necessarily need to have a PayPal account. Please do not send me payment directly, I'll send you an invoice.Full payment must be made before I start to work on your project.If you want to cancel your project after payment has been made, and before I start working on it, I can make you a 80% refund of the original amount agreed.If you want to cancel your project after payment has been made, and I have already started working on it, no refunds will be made.I undertake to exchange progress images of your project, so that you can keep track of the work being done, and that it remains as desired, described mainly in the commission request.Making changes, or adding new elements to your project that have not been requested in the original commission request, can be done with or without the need to pay an additional amount, something that will depend entirely on the complexity of what will be added / changed, as well as my schedule.I reserve the right to publicly post any artwork created by me on commission requests. Except only with the Payment for Exclusivity.I reserve the right to refuse any commission requests before they are accepted, but I undertake to provide justification.6. Delivery / Production timeThe average time for the production of any 3D model varies greatly between each case. Sometimes it may take less time, sometimes more. It does not usually take the maximum estimated time.For the values seen with the + sign in front, it will first be necessary to produce the model first, which will take the respective time to complete. Once ready, the days after the + sign will be added. For cases where a 3D model is already ready / finished / completed, and it is only required to obtain its files, this will certainly not take more than a day.7. Questions and answers (FAQ)01 - Do you only make Pokemons or Pokemon related art/commissions?No! I do any art commissions related to any anime, manga and/or cartoons (like Disney, for example). In the future I will be open to make art related to comics, like DC and Marvel and etc.For creatures, I make any type of creature, as long as it is not overly complex, just like in Pokemon series, for example.02 - Do I need to have a Paypal account to make the payment?No. Paypal is just the platform (vehicle / medium) used for money transfer. You can pay with a credit or a debit card. You can also pay with a Paypal account, if you have one, or know someone who does. It is up to you to decide.03 - Why NSFW arts, porn, etc. have triple the price? And why you do it? Look at my gallery for example, or my other social medias. The idea of my work is to produce something that can be seen by any type of person, and/or that brings joy to everyone's life. This type of content could not be displayed publicly in my gallery, and honestly, it is not something I like. However, if it returns some good financial value, I am willing to do it.04 - Why do you charge for exclusivity?Every art I post on the internet gives me some kind of feedback. To create a art and not showing it hinders my career development. As a way to compensate for this and allow exclusivity for anyone who wants to, I do charge an additional fee. I must remind you that this feature is optional, and should be of interest only to those who want to obtain some kind of exclusivity.05 - What is the difference between a simple creature and a creature?I consider simple creatures to be those who:Do not have many geometric shapesDo not have complex geometric shapesDo not have paintings, and if they do, they are not complexHave no hair, and if they do, they are very fewThis factor must be taken into account, as it creates a big difference when modeling and delivering the final result. Depending on the type of creature, I can complete it in a single day.Taking Pokemons as an example, here is a brief list of Pokemons that I consider to be simple creatures:Azurill, Oddish, Diglett, Poliwag, Bellsprout, Ditto, Igglybuff, Seedot, Trapinch, WeedleVoltorb, Luvdisc, Solosis,06 - Can I request a character with more than one outfit?Yes you can, but an additional amount will be charged, which will depend a lot on the clothes that will be made.07 - How many images will I get with the first service (ID 1), and what will each look like?In short, imagine that we create a scene, and we freeze it in time. With the scene frozen, we can take several pictures of it, and from different angles. Taking photos from different angles will not alter the value of the final price to be paid. This is one of the wonders of working with 3D art. In addition, the entire rendering process will be the same, that is, each rendering made will have the same final quality. You can request any desired number of images from the same scene, but with a limit of up to a maximum of 20.08 - If I ask for the production of a 3D background (ID 8), can I reuse it with other characters?Of course! You can reuse a 3D background in previous projects that I have done with you. In this case, I will not charge you any additional fees for using the 3D background. This type of option is very useful when you want to add more characters to the scene, or to change one that has already been present. This is another one of the wonders of the 3D world!Also, you can use 3D backgrounds from other commissions requested by other people, but in this case you will have to pay for the use of the 3D background, and the amount will remain the same.For additional questions, please leave a comment, send me a Note, or send an email to . As soon as I can I will be answering you.
Some good news and the next projectINTROHey guys! I hope you all had a great week! After 4 months using DeviantArt, I was able to see and meet amazing people here. People with fantastic talents in the most diverse areas. But beyond that, I was able to meet people who believe in my work and me. I can only thank you for how important you all have been in my life. Thank you! You know, every day I’m producing something to share with you. Like any other artist, I always try to challenge myself, expose my skills, and at the same time create things that are interesting. But more than that, my main goal is to be able to bring something that brings a moment of joy, peace or inspiration. My intention is to be able to add something good, positive to everyone.A NEW PROJECTAlthough I am often out of time due to work, I would like to be able to repay a little bit of the support I receive. I’m thinking of making a new scene (like any other project that I have already put in my gallery) based on your opinion/idea.The goal is to make a kind of popular vote so that the next project that I will do is chosen by you all. Everyone can collaborate by giving an idea. If you've always wanted to see a scene with a character or something, that's your moment! This is more than ideal space to do this.In order for it to work properly without ending up in a mess, and so that the voting lasts long enough for it to be fair, I will be defining some rules:I will be putting a featured comment on this post. In this comment you can give ideas for the next project that will be done. Ideas for the next project will be accepted only if given in this featured comment.If you liked the idea given by another user/person, please leave a like in the comment for the given idea.If you want to comment something that is not an idea, make your comment out of my featured comment. If you comment on anything other than an idea in the featured comment, your comment will be deleted. Please do not take this as a rude attitude, but only as a way of keeping everything well organized.You can give as many ideas as you want! Don't be afraid to express your creativity and add ideas, as this will not be seen as spam. However, please try not to give ideas that are too similar, okay? Before giving one, try to keep in mind exactly the scene you want to see.The voting will end when I reach 200 watchers.Don't be afraid to ask a friend to vote on your idea. I even encourage you to do that.At the end, the idea comment with the most likes will be chosen for the next project.THE FINAL RESULTRegarding what can or cannot be done for the next project, I will be able to create a scene with up to a maximum of 2 characters, and a 3D scenario if desired (it can also be just one character, or no 3D background, but that is up to you). Everything must be chosen and defined by you. The position of the characters, their faces, clothes, the background with their elements, etc., all of this should be chosen by you.When the next project is chosen, during its production I will be placing here in my gallery the WIP images for everyone to follow the development, as this will not be my project, but ours. In the end, I will produce maybe not one, but some high resolution images and at different angles of the created scene. You can use them as wallpaper on your computer, on your cell phone, or as and where you want. The images will belong to everyone. The only thing I will be doing is placing my signature, but it will be put in a way that does not hinder the vision of what has been done.The characters that will be created can come from any anime, cartoons, games, Original Characters (OC), characters fusions, and so on. They just need to exist (I need images as references to work).LIMITATIONSUnfortunately, I can't do everything, so there are certain limits. If your idea is something that goes beyond my abilities or my computer's ability to render polygons, I'm sorry, but I will not consider it, even if it is good and I think it is phenomenal, or that it ends up with many votes.Additionally, I will not be producing any NSFW, pornographic, nudity, fetish, extreme violence, mecha / mech work. Likewise, I will not be able to produce anything that goes out of my art style, for example, something super realistic.MORE GOOD NEWSAnyone who has known me for some time knows that, in addition to showing my work, I also offer courses, tutorials, and videos (on my Youtube channel and in my gallery), all for those who are curious or interested in working with 3D digital art. I not only expose my art, but I also show the step by step.A great news for anyone who wants to obtain any of my materials is that the prices of my online store on Gumroad are all being revised, and will drop dramatically, offering much more access. My 3D Fanart Production Course, for example, had its price cut in half (Misty's, remember?). Other previous contents has been removed to be redesigned with new prices, and will be re added shortly. In addition, my future projects will also be in my store following the same price line, always in a more accessible way.Another interesting news is that my Commissions Page has been updated. Now it is a little more organized and less bureaucratic, without 2 types of optional charges. In addition, the commission delivery estimate is also slightly faster, providing greater satisfaction for those who want to get their orders faster.Before today ends (22, August, 2020) or, at the latest tomorrow (23, August, 2020), I will be posting new content! You will find news here on my DeviantArt page, on my Instagram, on my Ko-fi, on my Gumroad page, and on my Youtube channel.I'm very happy to be able to bring you new and interesting content. I wish you all a great weekend, and may all the best happen in your life. Thank you!...
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