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Please read these rules!

This Group is about YOUR best art, not the best art of deviant art. Here you can and you should show stuff you are proud of. Every artists starts with a little skill and some are more talented than others but this says nothing about the artist's heart of art.

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You can submit one deviation per day, automatically accepted, as long as you use the monthly folder. On all other folders submissions are subject to vote.

On the folder FEATURE ME you now can submit 1 deviation per week. Here we make quality control, and maybe your deviation will be declined. If that happens, feel free to resubmit your work to the monthly folder. Every month we make a journal feature with 10 of those deviations that were submitted to that folder. Artworks with too big watermarks will not be featured, sorry. If there are more than 10 entries, we will choose 10.

Please make sure that you do not submit any unfinished or crapy work. We will decline it!

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folder says that i've already submitted 1 in 365 days