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OH! talk to you later! I get it now. I'm thick as a brick sometimes. I'll submit my poetry once I get it checked out and refined. I,ve made a friend here allready.Name is Desertsprout. This place rocks. I'm glad you turned me on to it. Well I hope that your Thanksgiving is as beautiful as you are. Well (wait a minute, here it comes) TTYL. There, did I get it right? ha,ha,ha, luv ya ,bye
It's 4:00 in the am and, I can't sleep. This happens a lot lately. Anyhow "cause I most likely wont get to talk to you tomorrow, (I know you and Stewart will be together and, I don't want to bother you two) I want to wish you a HAPPY THANKSGIVING, I know I have a lot to be thankful for , especially since Hell House. Tell Stewart I say "Hey" and I hope he is doing well. I better go and get ready for work. Talk to you later, luv ya.
I had trouble getting up this morning, I didn't want to get up. Happy Thanksgiving! Stuart wont be coming over on Thanksgiving, he's going to his grandparents' on Thursday. I have a lot to be thankful for too. This past year has been wonderful. Lots of spiritual battles, then lots more blessings. It's been awesome. This year has been WOW! I can't express it. TTYL.

TTYL= Talk to you later. It's net talk. Well, don't be scared of submitting your poetry. Remember poetry is your feelings written down. I don't think they'll be bad. Go ahead and submit them. I was kind of scared to let people read my poetry.
I know what you mean. WOW does not even come close. I'm thinking of submit some poetry. I'm a little scared that it might not be all that good. It's a little dark too. I'll try in a few days. And I hope this doesn't sound too stupid but, (sheepish) what does TTYL stand fur ? (hillbilly english)
I'm sorry that you can't spend Thanksgiving with Stewart but you'll be in my thoughts. Luv ya.......
Yea, I remember that one, you have got to show me how to post stuff like that, so that I can contribute instead of just "lurking" I made somthing in paint but, it's just plain awful. Also I have something to place as an avatar, but I have to shrink it somehow. We'll talk about it later. luv ya......
In paint you go to Image>Stretch/Screw. And there you can shrink an image. I may not look like what you may want it because you shrunk it. Can't wait to see your new avatar.