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Welcome to YoungButInspired!
Please do enjoy your stay. :aww:
It would be highly appreciated if you read these guidelines before you decide to join

:star: Before you submit a request to join:
Please state your age or grade in your request! If you do not, you will be declined. The age range is 13-25.
Do you fit the criteria? If so, simply click the 'join' button. Afterwards, check our our 'Blog' section for policies, rules, news, and affiliate related stuff to get to know the group better!

:star: Submission rules:
The limit of submitting is once a month per folder. We will not accept things that seem to be made at the last minute, please submit work that you have put effort in. If you have any questions about a specific folder, ask one of the gallery moderators, if you have any questions about the group itself, ask our lovely boss, Keyade And please put them in the folder that corresponds with your art.

  • Featured
    Please do not submit anything here! This folder is for moderators to pick out what we think reflects outstanding artistic merit.

  • Manga and Anime Style
    Anything that resembles manga/anime style should be submitted here, no matter what medium. Please do not submit fanart of an anime/manga here
    Gallery Moderators: iLupinus
    Read more information on Manga and Anime submissions here and here

  • Digital art
    Any sort of digital art goes here, whether it be airbrush, photomanipulations, fractal art, pixel, etc.
    Gallery Moderators: bloodify akikue MsColorsplash
    Read more information on Digital Art submissions here.

  • Literature
    From poems to full length chapters, anything featuring any sort of writing goes here.
    Gallery Moderators: PandaKatie teensyturtle Ero-Kage
    Read more information on Literature submissions here.

  • Paintings
    Watercolour, acrylics, oils, etc. Any sort of traditional painting goes here.
    Gallery Moderators: Joyose Hailann
    Read more information on Paintings submissions here.

  • Resources and Tutorials
    Guides that showcase any helpful informations for others go here.
    Gallery Moderators: Joyose NAOWM
    Additional information is not available.

  • Animation
    Whether it be 2D or 3D, any sort of animation goes here.
    Gallery Moderators: xxPunkinHeadxx Gruef
    Additional information is not available.

  • Crafts
    Papercrafts, sculptures, plushies, etc. Any sort of craft goes here.
    Gallery Moderators: AliceHigurashi
    Read more information on Craft submissions here.

  • Photography
    Modelling, photos of scenery, etc. goes here.
    Gallery Moderators: Frenchy287 Chowderlady ogseme
    Read more information on Photography submissions here.

  • Fan Art
    Anything that features artwork of your fandom goes here. This includes fan-characters, fanfiction and cosplay. However, if the drawing is not something that you are a fan of, and is instead a commission, request, etc. then please state that fact clearly somewhere in the description.
    Gallery Moderators: Everyone. Any medium is accepted.
    Additional information is not available.

  • Drawings
    Art traditional pieces made of coloured pencils, pastels, etc. goes here.
    Gallery Moderators: Joyose Phasellus Hailann
    Read more information on Drawings submissions here.

If you have an art piece that features more than one of these mediums, please submit them into the folder that that it has the most of.


These are the super awesome cool people that make the group run.








Greetings, my pretty May Flowers <3

Special story for you guys this month..
I hope the weather has been fantastic for you guys as well, but where I am it's been absolutely glorious. So, I was out walking my dog around the pond before work the other day, and stopped at a picnic table to soak up some sun. I was shortly joined by a small child, maybe between one and two years old, and with the cutest blonde hair. His mother did not say much to me and I did not understand the language they spoke in, but we enjoyed each others company. I assume they were at the table before and had gone for a little walk, because there was a collection of dandelions already sitting on the table that the boy was immediately interested in. He climbed onto the table and gave one to me. I was surprised (why are such beautiful, small acts of kindness only found in children these days?) and took it graciously. Eventually he took it away, to be scolded by his mother, but then I knew what he wanted. He gave me a different one and demonstrated smelling it dramatically, so I smelled it. Have you ever smelled a dandelion? They actually smell better than many flowers! I gave that one back and he handed me another one, and he let me smell each dandelion from the collection. Eventually I really had to leave for work, so I thanked them both and went on my way. Remember, enjoy the little things, even when you think they're just weeds. Everything has a sweet side.

Original Traditional

Cold whisper by Camelia-07 Robert Downey Jr signed by Robert Downey Jr by SungjunKim Blake Lively and Leighton Meester by BibianosArt

Original Digital

SniperMan Veteran by Unreal-Forever :thumb367051161: Enjoy the music by Dodonius


Eagle Owl by KrisVlad Blue Skies by LyraWhite Inspired by Bakisto


:thumb355078819: :thumb368053973: gold and coalBecause he is golden. 
Because he is brilliant and he is soft
 and he is beautiful and he is bright
and all who see him are allured, 
because they dream of him
and yet he remains free of corrosion.
 And I fear to touch him,
I fear to stand too close because, 
my hands are as black as the bed I was born in.
Because he is gold, and I am coal.
I am compressed, I am burned, I am used. 
Nothing in me is refined. 
And yet I too dream of gold. 
I dream my rough hands will feel the soft touch
I dream I could be worthy of such luster
I am coal, dark and misshapen
he is gold, brilliant and bright
but my misshapen mold
 will be a diamond some day. 
I cannot shine for him, but I will refract
no light was born in me, but I will find it
not for him, but for me
so I can feel worthy of something golden


05-13 The City of Grey [Flash Comic] by Rayame Eco-Cube icon by fuzz-butt


April is Child Abuse Prevention Month [2013] by BritLawrence Guardian by Figren OctopusPlate by Sadmonster

Resources and Tutorials

Bathroom Tile Tutorial by RuuRuu-Chan eye_tutorial. by Lady2

Hot damn, you guys were on fire this month!
Remember to send your comments to the artists, I'm sure they'd appreciate it <3
Passed the Admin 's journal count! Hehehe!
Also, let's take this moment to think about the fact that a couple months ago, we celebrated the one year anniversary of this feature journal <3 That's a lot of specialness shared! (Too bad I didn't realize it sooner!) Thank you guys so very much for being so kind and receptive.

Best of luck in your artistic endeavors,
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