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Young Artists Contest 2013

***RESULTS ANNOUNCED!!! See right. ***

NOTICE TO VISITORS -- This is a group where YAC is held. This is NOT a place to submit your contest announcements. If you would like to spread the word about your contest, simply post a brief info with a link as a comment to the lower right of this page.


Please note a change in age category this year. We have extended the upper limit to 18 from the previous 17. The new age categories are as follows. Category 1 = ages 13 & 14. Category 2 = ages 15 & 16. Category 3 = ages 17 & 18. Good luck to all!!

ELIGIBILITY: Deviants between the ages of 13 and 18. There will be three age categories in this contest: 13 & 14, 15 & 16, and 17 & 18. The age category is determined by your age as of August 15, 2013. Example: If you turn 19 on August 16, you are eligible to enter in the "17 & 18" category for this contest. *Please be fair to yourself and others by being honest about your age. Only a truly desperate would attempt to increase one's chance of winning by entering below his/her age category. Whatever the outcome, this is not something people would respect.

THEME: Any subject matter in any style is accepted, except for the following.

ADDITIONAL NOTE: Artists who submit photo-realistic portrait entries (animals included) are asked to provide link(s) to the reference photograph(s) used. Please state in your entry deviation's "artist's comment" that photograph used is EITHER your own OR that you're using a reference material/stock photos available for such purpose, in which case, make sure to provide all relevant links (Links need to point directly to the images and not a landing page/homepage of a site). If you cannot provide all relevant information as asked, please do not ask us to allow an exception to the rule. Just enter a different piece that you do have all the information for. Caricatures, heavily stylized or abstract pieces are exempt from these requirements.

MEDIA ACCEPTED: Drawings and paintings (2-D) done in TRADITIONAL media. (They are: charcoal, pencil, colored pencil, pen & ink, watercolor, acrylic, oil, tempera, pastel, oil pastel, crayon, markers, etc. on paper, board, or canvas as support. You may mix any number of media just so long as they're traditional media.) DIGITAL ART, PHOTOGRAPHY, PHOTO-MANIPULATION, 3-D CREATIONS, AND LITERATURE ARE CONSIDERED OUTSIDE OF THE SCOPE OF THIS CONTEST AND WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED.

Entries DO NOT have to be made specifically for this contest. You may enter deviations already in your gallery.

SUBMISSION LIMIT: Up to 2 entries per deviant. Your entry or entries must be in one single age category. Deviants who make submissions of 3 or more or into multiple age categories will be disqualified.

DEADLINE FOR SUBMISSION: Thursday, August 15th, 2013, at 11:59 pm EDT (Eastern Daylight-Saving Time is GMT minus 4 hours.). No late entry will be accepted. No deadline extension will be given.

The YAC 2013 submission folders will be open starting June 16th, 2013 to accept your entries.

HOW TO ENTER: Join this contest group. Then submit your entry/entries into the proper Age Category folder. PAY CLOSE ATTENTION TO THE AGE CATEGORIES WHEN YOU SUBMIT. If you submit your piece to a wrong age category and failed to send a note to aruarian-dancer about it before August 15, 2013, your piece will be judged in whichever category it is found.

* IMPORTANT: By submitting your entries to this contest, you are agreeing that you have read and agreed to the terms of this contest.


CRITERIA FOR JUDGING: Creativity/originality 40%, technique/skill 30%, composition/design 20%, presentation 10%. Technique/skill is judged based on how well you draw and how well you use your medium to best accomplish your inner vision. Presentation is overall appearance; We would like to discourage you from entering a drawing done on a lined notebook paper, for example. Also, if your piece is vertical (portrait) in orientation, but you do not rotate the photo when you submit it to the contest, this, too, will be a disadvantage. Uncropped photo showing anything other than the image of the artwork does not present well, either.

Note on Editing: Necessary adjustment for color saturation, lightness/darkness, etc. of the photographed or scanned entries via means of photo editing programs is ALLOWED. However, addition of elements such as effects, texture, repeated items via means of "brush"(i.e. butterflies, flower petals, etc.) frames, texts, etc. is NOT ALLOWED. Simply put, only editing done to make your digital file to look as close to the original artwork is allowed.

ANNOUNCEMENT OF RESULTS: On or around Saturday, September 14th, 2012. Here on this group and on aruarian-dancer's journal.

PRIZES: Many generous deviants are donating various prizes for this contest. (The following list indicates all the prizes donated as of June 15, 2013.)
:icongenimac::iconjeffzz111::iconimmy-is-thinking::iconaruarian-dancer::icon3lda: :iconpetrova: :iconravengaarafan::iconpsptubestop::iconmangsney::iconstefaniarusso::iconmayumiogihara: and anonymous donors

1 BEST OF SHOW (chosen from the 3 first place winners): 12-month dA subscription from jeffzz111

~~~Category 1: Ages 13 & 14~~~

1 FIRST PLACE: 3-month dA subscription from genimac, 3-month dA subscription from Immy-is-Thinking, 1-character sketch from 3lda

1 SECOND PLACE: 3-month dA subscription from aruarian-dancer, 1-month dA subscription from Mangsney

1 THIRD PLACE: 1-month dA subscription from StefaniaRusso

~~~Category 2: Ages 15 & 16~~~

1 FIRST PLACE: 3-month dA subscription from genimac, 3-month dA subscription from Immy-is-Thinking, 1-character sketch from 3lda

1 SECOND PLACE: 3-month dA subscription from aruarian-dancer, 1-month dA subscription from Mangsney

1 THIRD PLACE: 1-month dA subscription from aruarian-dancer

~~~Category 3: Ages 17 & 18~~~

1 FIRST PLACE: 3-month dA subscription from genimac, 3-month dA subscription from Immy-is-Thinking, 1-character color portrait from 3lda, and a digital art request from RavenGaarafan

1 SECOND PLACE: 3-month dA subscription from aruarian-dancer, 1-month subscription from Mangsney

1 THIRD PLACE: 1-month dA subscription from aruarian-dancer

*1600 dA points in total will be awarded (Amount may change.) to Honorable Mention honorees (all 3 categories).

*There will be 5 (five) Judges Choice Awards this year, chosen from all entries up to Honorable Mention honorees, for each judge's own reason, separate from the overall contest judging. This year, we will be giving away 1-month subscription to each of the seven JCA winners. (donated by PSPTubeStop)

*All winners, honorees, and awardees will receive award certificates customized with the title of the artwork and dA username from aruarian-dancer. All winners will also receive journal features from MayumiOgihara,petrova on their dA homepages.

Majority of the questions received via notes have been the kind that could have been easily answered if the entrants would have read the information thoroughly. ^^;

Q: Can I enter a deviation that's already in my gallery from a year ago?
A: Yes. Entries do not have to be made specifically for this contest. However, if you're entering the work you made when you were 13 and you're now 15, the category used for submission will be based on your current age (in this case, 15 & 16), NOT when the work was made.

Q: How many entries can I enter?
A: 1 or 2. Your choice. If you choose to enter 2, both pieces must be submitted into a single age category.

Q: I am 18 right now and I turn 19 on the August 10th. Can I submit an entry before that date for this contest?
A: Sorry, but no. The cut-off date for age classification and eligibility purposes for this contest is August 15th, 2013. If you turn 19 anytime before that date, you're considered over the upper age limit.

Q: Is it OK to adjust my color or brightness using a photo editing program? My scanner makes my original image look too light.
A: Editing an image of your entry for such purpose is often necessary and therefore allowed. But do not add enhancements, such as texture, frame, etc. Editing should only be done in order to make the scanned/photographed image to look as close to the original as possible.

Q: I drew a lineart in pencil on paper (traditional), and I want to color it on my computer. Is that OK?
A: Not for this contest. The work must be 100% traditionally done.

Q: Can I enter fan art?
A: No fan art, please.

Q: I have a portrait of my baby cousin. I used my own photo, but for privacy reasons, I don't want to post a link to the reference photo. Is that OK?
A: I'm sorry, but we cannot accept it. Please submit a different artwork if you cannot provide what we ask for in an accepted submission.

Q: What do you think my chances of winning are?
A: It is NEVER a good idea to ask contest judges or organizers such a question. This contest makes all the current submissions viewable to all. You can take a look at the entries and estimate it for yourself. Putting your time and effort into your creation will show in the quality of your work.

Q: Can I use markers to color my work for this contest?
A: Of course. Basically, if you have to draw or add color/texture/background using your computer, it's not accepted in this contest. But if you're drawing on paper, canvas, board, etc. with any medium that leaves lines or colors on it, it's accepted.

Q: If I wanted to enter a drawing that I did when I was 13, although I entered my first piece in the "15 & 16" category, do I submit to the "ages 13 & 14" category?
A: Each contestant has one age category to submit his/her artwork into. It is based on your actual age on August 15, 2013. It does not matter when you made the artwork.

Q: I've already entered 2 pieces in "15 & under" category. Can I enter more in other age categories?
A: No, each participant is limited to 2 submissions. And in one age category only. Submitting pieces into multiple age categories is a basis for disqualification and your pieces will be removed from the contest.

Q: I'm 12. Why isn't there an age category for me?
A: That's because the minimum age to open an account (and be in compliance of their terms of service) on deviantART is 13.

Q: Oops! I accidentally submitted my entry into the wrong age category folder. What should I do?
A: Just send a note :iconaruarian-dancer: with your artwork's title, which folder it was submitted to, and which folder it should go into. She will move it to the proper category.

***If you have any questions that are not answered on this contest information page, send aruarian-dancer a NOTE with a subject line "Contest Question".

Here are special blinkies for the contest participants and prize contributors. Right click to save and use on your contest-related deviations, journal posts, web sites, etc.

*Blinkies were kindly donated by :iconpsptubestop:.

Gallery Folders

Territorial by ChiakiNeko
Front Door Neighbors by ChiakiNeko
fractured reflections by Saffy-in-the-Clouds
City Aperture by TimTorres
2013 Category 1 FINALISTS
Heaven or Hell by zephy0
I Stand Alone In The Universe by bronzebug
Women of Jerusalesm by zephy0
A Jaguar's Curiosity by Jessica500
2013 Category 2 FINALISTS
Poison Apple by Lulucaa
Black Crows by hb-syik
The Bird that was a Typo! by ashlin422
2013 Category 3 FINALISTS
Territorial by ChiakiNeko
Front Door Neighbors by ChiakiNeko
matriarch by naydeity
1. Helicopter Parent by annsquare
2013 Category 1 - ages 13 and 14 - CLOSED
Heaven or Hell by zephy0
Misty Mountains- Full by bronzebug
I Stand Alone In The Universe by bronzebug
Color Sceneries by DarkerRoses
2013 Category 2 - ages 15 and 16 - CLOSED
Poison Apple by Lulucaa
Pencil drawing of an eye by ashlin422
Black Crows by hb-syik
The Bird that was a Typo! by ashlin422
2013 Category 3 - ages 17 and 18 - CLOSED
the day the astronauts invade by lizoftheinfinite
Hold Still by lizoftheinfinite
Territorial by ChiakiNeko
Front Door Neighbors by ChiakiNeko
2012 Category 1 Finalists
music bubbles by yahiroxyuki
Cat Kiss by zephy0
Dragon of Color by juhessica
My world by Maria-Neudorf
2012 Category 2 Finalists
Prideful Flare by Syphellium
Creator of Crystal Cave by AntheaDC
Dream! Dream! by NinaBay
Eyes Study3 by poojome
2012 Category 3 Finalists
Beach of solitude by dfjuanma15
Not so Lonely by ChiakiNeko
Turmoil of the Mind by flowerthatneverfades
Man is an animal by JemikaM
2012 Category 1 -CLOSED
music bubbles by yahiroxyuki
2012 Category 2 - CLOSED
make it pretty by Frenchy287
2012 Category 3 - CLOSED
Travel the Sprite Road by JinxWeaver
2011 Category 1 Finalists
random by liesygirl11
2011 Category 2 Finalists
Geisha by MoriMora
2011 Category 3 Finalists
Hope by phoenix132
2011 Category 1 - CLOSED
model by t2thea2them
2011 Category 2 - CLOSED
Tree at sunset by kampfly
2011 Category 3 - CLOSED
Enthusiasm by Lilith-Sahl
2010 Category 1 Finalists
inserts cool title here by deliciosaBerry
2010 Category 2 Finalists
Explorers by JinxWeaver
2010 Category 3 Finalists
floating road by jounetsunoakai
2010 Category 1 - CLOSED
inserts cool title here by deliciosaBerry
2010 Category 2 - CLOSED
Explorers by JinxWeaver
2010 Category 3 - CLOSED
Pray by chibi-esque


This collection does not have any deviations yet!

Newest Members

It is my honor and pleasure to present to you the results of the Fifth Annual Young Artists Contest (June 16, 2013 ~ August 15, 2013).††A total of 103 entries was submitted by artists aged 13 to 18.††Once again, we were pleasantly surprised by the outstanding skills, originality of the visions, and overall artistic maturity of many of the submissions.††Please give yourselves a round of applause for bravely taking a step to enter your work into this competitive event, and more importantly, for continuing to be an artist and expressing yourself through your art.

First, I'd like to extend my sincere thanks to my judges for volunteering to do the time-consuming and truly difficult task of judging this event.


The first three judges have been with me on this contest for many years, and I am most grateful for their reliable support and help each summer.††And I am most delighted to have the 'graduates' of the YAC, returning to serve as judges for the second year†-- the two wonderful young ladies at the end of the list above.
Thank you again for your commitment.††This year's event went smoothly, thanks to your timely actions all through the judging phases.

I'd also like to express my appreciation for the sponsors/prize donors of the contest.††I can never express enough just how much your generosity makes this contest fun and exciting.††This year's event was able to offer a wide variety of prizes.††Thank you all for your support of young artists through this event!


CATEGORY 1 (ages 13 & 14)

There were 25 pieces entered into this category.††7 pieces (28%) were selected to advance to the final round of judging for having earned the minimum of 2 judges' votes during the first round of judging.

Third Place
Heaven or Hell by zephy0 "Heaven or Hell" by :iconzephy0:

Second Place
Chloris by taufairy "Chloris" by :icontaufairy:

And the First Place was won by...
Women of Jerusalesm by zephy0 "Women of Jerusalem" by :iconzephy0:

We have one Honorable Mention.
Alexandra by taufairy "Alexandra" by :icontaufairy:

Congratulations to the winners and an honoree.

CATEGORY 2 (ages 15 & 16)

There were 20 pieces entered into this category.††7 pieces (35%) were selected to advance to the final round of judging for having earned the minimum of 2 judges' votes during the first round of judging.

Third Place
:thumb392635206: "Bears and Chairs" by :iconoliwil:

Second Place
Poison Apple by Lulucaa "Poison Apple" by :iconlulucaa:

And the winner of the First Place is...
:thumb393398122: "The Gift of Summer" by :iconoliwil:

We have one Honorable Mentions.
Black Crows by hb-syik "Black Crows" by :iconhb-syik:

Congratulations to the winners and an honoree!

CATEGORY 3 (ages 17 & 18)

Just like all previous years, we received the highest number of submissions into this category.††There was a total of 58 entries received.††18 pieces (31%) earned the minimum requirement of 2 judges' votes to advance to the final round.

Third Place
fractured reflections by Saffy-in-the-Clouds "fractured reflections" by :iconsaffy-in-the-clouds:

Second Place
Front Door Neighbors by ChiakiNeko "Front Door Neighbors" by :iconchiakineko:

And the First Place was won by...
Territorial by ChiakiNeko "Territorial" by :iconchiakineko:

We have two Honorable Mentions in this category.
City Aperture by TimTorres "City Aperture" by :icontimtorres:
:thumb327773248: "Ghost" by :iconshellentina:

Congratulations to all winners and honorees!

BEST OF SHOW YAC 2013, chosen from the three First Place winners of the contest, receiving 5 out of 5 judge's nods with the highest total points earned (44.10 out of 50.00 possible), is awarded to...

Territorial by ChiakiNeko"Territorial" by :iconchiakineko:

CONGRATULATIONS on your outstanding piece!††Well deserved!  For the record, she has done the amazing job of sweeping the highest honors with her entries.  This has never been seen in the five-year history of YAC.  Congratulations on your feat!!

Now we have the Judge's Choice Awards, selected by each of our judges for his/her own reasons.

Judge :iconjeffzz111: has selected Orange Communication by Shum-a for his JCA.
"You're truly an incarnation of the old masters, except you use colored pencils! "

Judge :iconpackstrap: has selected matriarch by naydeity for her JCA.
"A well-composed, well-designed image. The expression and body language of the character meld well with the colors chosen. Very serene, yet mysterious."

Judge :iconimmy-is-thinking: has selected Happy Eid by esayelemay for her JCA.
"I've a feeling I've chosen one of hands from previous years but I maintain they are a fiendishly difficult thing to draw. So my reasons are; great graphite skills and mastery of a difficult body area to draw."

Judge :icondezi-derezzed: has selected Moi by Baleineau for her JCA.

Judge :icon3lda: has selected 1. Helicopter Parent by annsquare for her JCA.
"This entry is from annsquare who also submitted this - . At first, these two entries confused me a bit. But then, I realized it was part of a series about "Nature Deficit Disorder". I thought it was an interresting and uncommon theme, and the artist wasn't afraid of painting uncommon scenes as well. For me, this project is very original and also, full of truth. I recommend you to check it out there -… ."

Congratulations awardees!††

I will be preparing personalized award certificates with their dA username, title of the award, and title of the artwork for all winners, honorees, and awardees.  You will have a choice of download link or e-mail to receive your certificates.  :iconaruarian-dancer: will be in touch via notes shortly.

Individual sponsors will be in touch with the winners regarding their prizes now through sometime next week.††Congratulations to all.††And thank you all for participating with wonderful entries!!

Disclaimer:††All the winners of YAC 2013 will be contacted by the administration and notified of their prizes within 24 hours of the announcement of results.††Prizes are considered UNCLAIMED AND EXPIRED after 30 days if no response is received to claim them via notes.††No further action is required of the sponsors/prize donors in such cases.
More Journal Entries


Here are the deviants who have agreed to volunteer for the 4th Annual Young Artists Contest 2012. Thank you for your support of young artists through this project.

Founder - Head of Adnimistration
Co-Founders - Judges
Contributors - Prize Donors & Sponsors









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Because I don't want to leave room for the potential for these smaller artists to get outshone by people with lots of experience, I have guidelines in place to protect that ♡Please do not enter this contest if: ♡ You have more than 5 years of drawing experience ♡ You have more than 500 watchers at the time of entry♡ You have a successful alternate social media account for your art with more than 500 followers (ex. Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr etc.)♡ You plan on unfollowing me/blocking me/reporting me/etc. if you donít win the contestPeople who should consider entering!:♡ Those who are new to art with less than 5 years of experience!♡ Those that are new to DeviantArt!♡ If you are a new artist looking to improve yourself! All ages are welcome! As you may have noticed, I added one very important detail to the do not enter if list; please do not enter this contest if you plan on unfollowing me, blocking me, reporting me, or harassing me if you do not win this contest. Because of the nature of this contest, as mentioned a few times in this post, it is highly recommended if you donít win one month to enter the next, as it highly increases your chances of winning every month you enter!Additionally, bullying or harassment of fellow competitors will not be tolerated to any degree and will result in your account potentially being reported for harassment/spam. You will also be disallowed from entering in the future.If you experience bullying from somebody as a result of being a competitor in this contest, please send me a note and I will resolve it as soon as possible.♡ Letís make this fun and light, ok? The last thing I want to do is hurt your feelings, I super promise! ♡♡What do I draw?Each contest will have a different goal, however there will always be the underlying theme of improving yourself! And, because of the nature of self-improvement, your odds of winning this contest will greatly increase every month you enter; I will be able to see how you have improved every month!♡ Disclaimer: In order for this contest to begin, there needs to be at least 5 people participating within the first week of the contest. If there are not enough people the contest will be cancelled, nobody will receive memberships, and we will wait for the next month to begin another contest ♡♡ Despite each contest being slightly different, these general rules will always apply (unless otherwise specified) ♡: ♡ I want to see your original work (no fanart please)! This might include drawings of animals, your OCís, pictures drawn from life, or anything else of the same nature! ♡ They can be drawn in whatever style you are most comfortable with (realistic, cartoon, anime, etc.)♡ Can be in colour or black and white using any traditional media available to you (including, but not limited to, Copic markers, pencil crayons, graphite, etc.) OR in any digital drawing program of your choosing (Photoshop, Paint Tool Sai, Paint, etc.)♡ The drawing does not have to be of a character, it can be of any object of thing you wish to draw as long as it relates to the theme of that month♡ Traditional drawings can be scanned or photographed; photos of traditional drawings must be taken clearly in natural or artificial light with no glare or else I canít fairly judge them!)♡ Please do not use characters from character building apps or websites (ex. Gacha Life) for your entry. Must be drawn by you! ♡ No tracing or bases please! I want to see where your skill level is at with just your own observational skills! As this contest is all ages, please do not draw work with the following: ♡ Sexually explicit imagery AND/OR images containing fetishied or perverse themes♡ Images depicting intense violence or abuse (some gore and sensitive themes are accepted, just please use your common sense; donít submit anything you wouldnít want your parents or a younger sibling to see : )♡ If you submit work containing any of these themes you will be disqualified and I donít wanna do that! Please use your discretion when submitting ♡♡In addition to the drawing, every month I will include a few simple questions for you to answer to help me better understand you and your art! (these questions will be listed with that monthís contest theme in the description of the post)♡What are the entry rules?So, how do you enter? Good question! Hereís a checklist of everything you need so you can compete!:✓ You must be watching me on DeviantArt ✓ Answer the required monthly questions in the description box of your contest upload✓ Have less than or equal to 500 watchers at the time of your upload✓ To not have a successful social media account with more than 500 followers at the time of entry✓ Submit one drawing up uploading it to DeviantArt, with the questions in the description, and link it to that month's contest announcement post (such as this one)Thatís all you need to enter and win!♡What kind of work is likely to win?This will vary depending on theme, but drawings with the following will be more noticeable and more likely to win this competition!: ♡ Drawings that are clear and easy to understand ♡ Drawings that demonstrate a basic understanding of, or at the very least an interest in learning, anatomy, perspective, and shading♡ Those who respond to the monthly questions as honestly and professionally as possible♡ Most importantly, drawings that demonstrate clearly how you have improved over timeIíve finished my drawing! Where do I upload my work?Just upload it to your DeviantArt page and put the link to it in the description of the monthly post! You are allowed to edit your work as many times as you wish within the timeframe of the contest. Please do not edit your work or change the deviation after the contest period has ended; there are very simple ways for me to check this in the actual data of the image, so please donít cheat!What could I win? I want to be able to support artists looking to grow their fanbase and improve themselves. Iím giving away three 1 month Core Memberships to help give them the tools they need on this website to do things like: ♡ Give their pages a more stylized or professional look! ♡ Give them statistical details about their work so they can produce more of the art their fans like the most!♡ Change a regrettable username to something more suited for their page!♡That sure was a lot of info! Thanks for reading! Please look in the description of this upload to see the deadline, theme, and questions for this monthís contest! Good luck to everyone, and thank you so much for your support! ♥ ♡ ♥ ♡ ♥ ♡ ♥...
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little star Contest ends June 22nd! Three winners will receive a core membership! little star 

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ImmanuellaLissa Featured By Owner May 4, 2020  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
ShadAmy Art Contest 2020 (Open until 1 July 2020)ShadAmy Art Contest Deadline: July 1st 2020 Announcing who's 1st - 5th places: July 5th 2020 Form (Notes):Your Name (Contestant):Which ShadAmy Cosplay you want to draw:Which Artwork styles (Traditional, Digital, etc.): Rules:You're free to use your own artwork styles and do your best.However, you're not allowed to draw any NFSW content. Your artwork MUST be SFW only. PERIOD. Don't forget to SUBMIT in "ShadAmy Art Contest 2020" folder when you're 100% done. Contestant Entries:1. KathrimeShadAmy Cosplay as Edward Scissorhands and Kim Boggs - Edward Scissorhands (1990)2. iiMidnightzStrollzShadAmy Cosplay as Christian and Satine - Moulin Rouge! (2001) 3. Prim-the-love4. KayceInkHi you-all ShadAmy shippers!I just wanted to say that ShadAmy Art Contest 2020 are officially opened!If you're interested, feel free to participate this contest anytime.For this contest I've choose 5 Classic and Best Movies, that you're going to draw for Shadow and Amy.ShadAmy Cosplay based on:Edward Scissorhands (1990) - Edward Scissorhands and Kim BoggsMoulin Rouge! (2001) - Christian and SatineThe King and I (1956) - King Mongkut of Siam and Anna LoenowensRomeo + Juliet (1996) - Romeo and JulietCrocodile Dundee (1986) - Michael J. Crocodile Dundee and Sue CharltonYou can choose which ShadAmy Cosplay you really like to draw.Judge: ImmanuellaLissa Prizes:1st - 362 points2nd - 130 points3rd - 88 points4th - 58 points5th - 14 pointsP.S. I will substitute the points with drawings made by your's truly (e.g 1st: 3 drawings of any character(s) of their choice), If I don't have enough points a prize for the winners of this competition. Big Thank You to one of DeviantArt Artists' Donation for the Prize Points: "Look Amy! Someone are willing to donate for the prize points and coming to save ImmanuellaLissa's art contest."Really Shadow.....Hip-hip-Hooray! Thank you so much everyone. I'm so happy!... 
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