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Voici un objet que j'ai modélisé lorsque je travaillais pour Pointcube. J'ai créé le modèle, les textures et le rendu. Vous pouvez découvrir quelques variations en suivant ces liens :
Vide | Vide + Filaire | Plein | Plein + Filaire

Here is an object I done when I worked at Pointcube. I did modelling, mapping, and rendering. You can see some variations following these links :
Empty | Empty + Wireframe | Full | Full + Wireframe
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how u make the hole?
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Hello, you are talking about what hole ?
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hole on the bathtube
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I just model it in low definition and apply an turbosmooth after. I use 3DS Max.
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u make hole with boolean?
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I model it like this, I didn't made two objects for a boolean.

I model the hole as one object, without the curved triangular shape on the top.

Then, I count the number of vertices which compose the border (the ends) of the object.

Afterwards, I create a spline which has this "curved triangular shape", and I divide it in accordance with the number of vertices I previously counted. I turn this spline into a polymesh which has the shape and the number of vertices I need.

It's easy to determine what to do next.
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lol so complicated
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Not really you just have to try. The result is very clean. You make a boolean when the two meshes are complicated, but, if it's not the case, you just have to build the simple one around (or inside) the complex one.
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