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Vampire The Masquerade RPG Scene 08

By Young-Wolf
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Vampire The Masquerade RPG Scene 08

It's the group of Nosferatu vampires playing D&D game. Yup, you read it right.
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Don't pretend this doesn't happen in your setting, Story Tellers!
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Hehe, cool concept, like the scenario, good job.
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I love it, Nosferatu gamers.😄
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I have so much love for this. You have no idea how this pleases me. 
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Ahah, how witty.
Wonderful art. <3
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Love it. Best. Ever. Want. Actually if this were an ad to recruit Nosferatus, I'd sign up. 
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A most lovely concept.
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I think I know what they're playing, Human the Office based on World of Daylight universe XD

The happy one with the shirt was like: YAY!!! Rolled out 7, me I got the CEO bonus for mortgage!
The one on the right: Daaayyym! I'll have to roll for 2 or else its 4000 deductible for me :(
The one on the right wondering: But what if you get health care bonus package at wallmart if you roll 3?
The game master: Nope, we're playing pre-Obama edition, no healthcare bonuses. 
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*claps* brilliant. 
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Lol Wow talk about art imitating life. I can’t help but wonder what race and class each of them are playing as and what they’re alignments are too. I’m going to take a stab in the dark and say that the one on the far right is the party’s Thief, the one with his back facing us is the Ranger, the one leaning back in his chair is the Barbarian (I don’t know, just the smug look on his face says to me- “Yeah, that’s right. I just run head first into battle like a battering ram and slice noob bitches in half! Just like I do in my unlife- like a boss! ) and the one holding the book is the wizard. As for alignments I’ll let some else take a guess.
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Now I'd like to be among those o_0
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